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Technical Articles and Information

4-Hole Tracker System
Advantages of Phenoseal
Aeolian Block Valves -New
Aeolian Stack Rebuilding
All about Valves
Amphion Block Valves (Pix)
Amphion Vent Block Prob.
Ampico Function Switches
Ampico Block Valves
Ampico A/B Comparison
Ampico A -Early Problems
Angelus/Amphion Action
Articles at MMDigest
Articles by Craig Brougher
Articles by John A Tuttle
Articles from Tuners' Journal
Auto Shut-Off Device
Basic Operating Principle
Building a Vacuum Gauge
Bush & Lane Players
Checking Block Valves
Coinola Pictures
Coinola X Explained
Diagram (Lauter-Humana)
Different Player Systems
"Dishing" the Pouches
Double-Valve Action
Duo-Art Models
Duo-Art Service Manual
Electrone Player Device
Evaluate the Piano First
Facts about Bellows Cloth
Facts about Hide Glue
Facts about Pin Tighteners
Facts about Shellac
Finding the Serial Number
Four Popular Actions
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequent Questions (Pt 2)
General Leakage Test
Glossary of Terms
Half Duo-Art
Hanta Virus Alert
History Of The Player
Hot Hide Glue Q&A
How to Operate a Player
How Vacuum Works
Humidity and Pianos
Installing a Heating Bar
Installing A/M Bushings
Kranich-Bach Player Sys.
Lauter-Humana Block Valve
Lauter-Humana Information
Lauter-Humana Roll Tracker
Lead Poisoning & Players
Leaking Aeolian Air Motors
Leather Nut Tool
List of Piano Makers
List of Player Technicians
Listing of Major Pages
Lock and Cancel Valves
Lock and Cancel Valves 1
Making New Pneumatics
Metal Stemmed Valves
Modern Player Pianos
More Tracker Bar Info
Moth Damage in Pianos
Musty Odors in Pianos
Nickelodeon Information
Notable Player Pianos
Old "65-Note" Aeolian
Piano Key Balance
PinTite Frames Page
Player Actions Described
Player Piano Makers
Player Piano Technicians
Player Serial Numbers
Play/ReRoll Lever
Preface: "I Love a Player"
Questions & Answers
Ragtime Automated Music
Rebuilding Principles
Regulating Dampers
Regulating Lauter Stack
Regulating the Ampico
Removing Block Valve
Removing the Player Stack
Removing A/M Rods
Reproducing Pianos
Restoration Materials
Re-Tubing a Trackerbar
Re-Wiring a Player
Roll Tracking Problems
Rules of Player Piano Care
Search Player-Care
Searching for Patents
Setting Valve Travel
Solenoid Player Pianos
Some Rebuilding Tips
Tech. Manuals & Reprints
Technical Articles List
Technicians Input Form
Testing the Air-Motor
Testing the Stack
Testing the Stack (more)
Testing the Player Piano
The Air-Motor Governor
The Hammer Lift Rail
The Lower Section
The Pianola (Themodist)
The Player Transmission
The Standard Tracker
The 'Sting' from Aeolian
Tips and Tricks
Trackerbar Pix (re-tubing)
Tracking Problems
Tuners' Journal Articles
Universal Player Parts
Value of Old Players
Welte Recording System
What is a Themodist
Wurlitzer 1203 Tech Notes
Wurlitzer Roll Changer

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