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The following listing of web pages is divided into five sections in an effort to make the information easier to find. Questions about the information on these pages should be addressed to Craig Brougher.

Rebuilding Overview
My "Secrets"
How Long Will It Last
The Player Rebuilding Principle
Proper Restorations
The Truth About Reproducing Player Pianos
Estimating Rebuild Costs
Orchestrion Builder's Manual
What A 'Reproducing Piano' Should Be!!!

Glues and Techniques
How Elmer's Glue got its Name (According to Me)
Glues and Sealants
Using Hide Glue
Gluing Versus Gooing (Attaching Pneumatics with RTV)
Using Gorilla Glue
Brougher Gluing
Gluing Instruction
Hide Glue at Player-Care
Preparing and Using Hide Glue
RTV Silicone in Players

Servicing the Original Electric Piano Motor (PDF Format)
Servicing the Electric Motor

Specific Rebuilding Subjects
The Ampico Model B- an Important New Development in 1929 (PDF Format)
Improving the Ampico Model B Tracking System (PDF Format)
Pouching Valves (PDF Format)
Pouches and Sealing
Pouch Sealants
Covering Rotary Pump Bellows With Leather
Recovering Feeder Bellows
Duo-Art Expression Box Adjustment
Duo-Art Cross Valves, Again? Objections Welcomed
Duo-Art Cross Valves, Again?
Purpose of Ampico A Slow Crescendo Spring
Duo-Art Voicing
Importance of Valves
The Weakly-Playing Duo-Art
Soundboards, and Old Wives' Tales
The Welte Recording System
Humidity and Pianos
Rebuilding AMPICO Block Valves
Ampico A Stack Installation
Adjusting Pneumatic Finger Trackers
Hammer Lift Rail
Regulating Dampers
Tuning Pin Tighteners
Ampico A Expression Components
Rebuilding the Ampico Rotary Vacuum Pump
Sealing Pouches
The Correct Method of Rebuilding The AMPICO Rotary Vacuum Pump
Installing & Regulating The AMPICO-AMPHION Action
Rebuilding Metal-Stemmed Valves

General Pneumatic Player Articles
The Ampico Crescendo System
Comparison of the Ampico A and B in Concert Grands
Why Ampico B's May Not Play Ampico A Rolls Well
Player Pianos Whose Keys Don't Move
Why Ship A Piano?
Longevity of Pneumatic Verses Solenoid Players
Ampico A/B Comparison
The Value of a Pneumatic Player Piano
Future of Mechanical Music
Declining Interest in Mechanical Music?
How to Sell a PLayer Piano
Players and the Next Generation
Keystone Music Roll Co.
WAR - and Player Pianos?
The E-Roll Electronic Interface
Originality vs E-Rolls
2007 Model E-Roll Player Review
Roll Scanning: Everybody Profits
Coinola AX
Gutted Player Pianos
Caring for Music Rolls
Player Pianos and The 'Purist'
The Hanta Virus
Player Piano Supplies
Steinway D/A Concert CD
Walworth Player with Schulz Player Action
Spirit of Independence Orchestrion (SofI)
Rachmaninoff on Ampico rolls
The Virtual Roll Player Interface
The Brougher Orchestrion Video

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