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This webpage is made available to you through the courtesy of Player-Care.com.
Universal, Baldwin, Wurlitzer, and Story & Clark Player Pianos
Parts & Technical Support
Comprehensive Information about the Universal Player Piano

For a number of years, Universal made upright player pianos in California. Their player system eventually became the property of QRS. QRS also made and sold similar player systems under the names Story & Clark, Baldwin, and Wurlitzer. Later, QRS introduced the Pianomation system, a completely digital player system. Technical support for these systems has been hard for most owners and technicians to find, until now.

Parts and Technical Support are now available to the general public and player piano technicians from email: John Omiatek, who was the head engineer at Story & Clark, in Seneca, PA for decades. John can also be reached by phone at 814-671-5607. Due to the highly technical nature of these electronic player systems, John charges a very reasonable fee for his services.

Click Here to send John Omiatek an email.
Or view the diagrams at: https://www.player-care.com/diagrams.html

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