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Testing the Player Piano

Here are the links to the webpages that deal with understanding and testing the player mechanism. For future reference, you might want to Bookmark this page right now! To identify the various parts that make up a regular player piano, click here! Also, check out the excellent series of Technical Articles from the Tuners' Journal (circa 1927) - click here! Without exception, the most valuable tool you can use to test a player piano is a Test Roll.

Build a Vacuum Gauge

Testing Your Player Piano

Testing the Air Motor

Testing the Lower Section

Testing the Play/ReRoll Lever

Notes That Stay "ON"

Using a Trackerbar Pump

Adjusting the brakes

Testing Internal Flap Valves

Checking/Testing a Block Valve

Testing Various Devices

Testing the Stack

Testing the Air Motor Governor

Air Motor Timing

Testing the Tracking Device

The Transmission

Testing the Tracking System

Adjusting a Finger Tracking System

Adjusting Lauter Air Motors

Good and Bad Roll Tracking

Aligning the Take-Up Spool

Checking for Vacuum Leaks

Testing the Basic Controls

Basic Rules of Piano/Player Care

Basic Principle of Operation

Basic Tubing Diagram

Another Tubing Diagram

Evaluating the Piano

Evaluating the System

Test for General Stack Leakage

Test for Kimball Valve Block

Understanding the Standard Tracker

Below is a video that shows how you can use your lungs to check various devices in a player piano.

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