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65-note Aeolian Player Action (Old)
Pictures and Information

Hey John,

As luck would have it, I have some photos from a "normal" Aeolian Stuyvesant player piano. I went to look at it down in Corvallis, and unfortunately the instrument was too far gone to be repaired (had been stored in an abandoned house for 15 years). The bridge caps were separated, sound board cracked, pinblock was cracked, swollen keys, the whole bit. The player action was a bit interesting to me. 65-note only player and the player controls were behind a false fallboard in a secret compartment. The current owner didn't even know it had controls there. The upper part of the piano included the tempo gov and regulator on the left, mounted in a weird way, different than later Aeolians. Unfortunately when I tried to request the player action to salvage they didn't want to part it out, no matter how hard I tried to tell them the piano was a basket case.

Jeffrey Wood responded to your question in MMD. I'm in consensus with him, this instrument looks like a lot of different player mechanisms hodge podged together. It certainly appears a tinkerer has been in there "fixing" hoses, numbering wind motor pneumatics, etc, so that might explain the different mismatched components. I hope you get it figured out. In the off chance that you decide it might be better to replace the player action rather than restore what is there, I might still have the contact number for the lady with the Stuyvesant I saw :) Not the type of gal I'd think to throw it out, because she wanted it to get fixed up by someone.

Attached some photos for you. Maybe they'll help?

Take care,
Erik York - Newberg, OR

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