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Articles written by John A Tuttle
for the Mechanical Music Digest

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 Digest Number Subject

 2020.03.21.01 Passing of Roger Dayton, Restorer and Collector

 2020.02.06.03 Google Patent Search

 2019.09.22.05 Using Hide Glue On Synthetic Rubberized Cloth

 2019.09.21.04 Attaching Synthetic Cloth With Plastic Glue

 2019.09.21.03 Attaching Synthetic Cloth With Hide Glue

 2019.09.20.07 Using Hide Glue On Synthetic Rubberized Cloth

 2019.08.24.04 Welte-Mignon (Licensee) Recording Process

 2019.08.15.02 Forming the Contour of a Valve Pouch

 2019.06.17.01 Seek Player Piano Technician in Arizona

 2019.06.14.01 "How to Sell a Player Piano"

 2019.03.29.01 Passing of Barry Casper, Orchestrion Builder

 2018.12.29.04 Glue for Urethane Coated Nylon Pneumatic Cloth

 2018.12.05.01 Thin Rubberized Cloth For Pneumatics

 2018.11.01.02 Roo Glue and Other New Adhesives

 2018.10.08.04 Seek Player Piano Technicians in Arizona

 2018.08.15.05 Hardman & Peck Autotone Soloelle Player System

 2018.08.14.09 Seek Philipps Pianella Valve Plates & Guides

 2018.08.13.03 Hardman & Peck Autotone Soloelle Player System

 2018.08.10.06 Adjusting Aeolian Two-Ear Roll Tracking System

 2018.05.29.03 Autopiano Reostyle Expression System

 2018.05.06.01 Player Pianos vs. Live Performances

 2018.04.26.08 Making a 26 Point Sprocket

 2018.04.18.03 Contour of a Pouch

 2018.03.02.01 Valve Terminology

 2018.03.01.03 Rebuilding Pratt-Read 6-point Wind Motor

 2018.02.26.02 Valve Terminology

 2018.02.15.03 Material For Valve Facings

 2018.02.14.05 FS Free: Aeolian Player & Rolls in New Jersey

 2018.01.29.01 Removing PVC-E Glue

 2018.01.26.03 Removing PVC-E Glue

 2018.01.23.04 Removing PVC-E Glue

 2018.01.17.12 Rack & Pinion Tempo Control

 2018.01.13.04 Punching Valve Facings

 2018.01.13.03 Rack & Pinion Tempo Control

 2017.12.04.04 Paper Gaskets Under Pneumatics

 2017.11.30.05 Craig Brougher Articles On The Ampico 'B' System

 2017.11.22.06 Schiller Player Action

 2017.11.09.06 Unknown Player Action in Schiller Piano

 2017.11.02.05 Seek Autopiano Air Motor

 2017.10.29.02 Why The Ampico B May Not Play Ampico A Rolls Well

 2017.10.25.01 Why The Ampico B May Not Play Ampico A Rolls Well

 2017.09.25.08 Autotypist Vacuum Pump Photos

 2017.09.20.09 Lead Tubing Is Crushed Behind the Spool Box

 2017.07.21.02 Seek Kimball E/F Transmission

 2017.06.22.02 FS: New Aluminum Ampico A Transmission Frames

 2017.06.01.03 Politically Incorrect Music Media

 2017.05.03.02 Seek Early Baldwin Manualo Transmission

 2017.04.21.07 Device to Play Ampico "A" Rolls on "B" Pianos

 2017.04.21.06 SLS vs. CNC for Manufacturing Complex Parts

 2017.03.20.04 Seek Modern Aeolian Player Repair in New York City

 2017.03.16.06 Sealing Pouches

 2017.02.28.07 Rebuilding the Universal Player Piano

 2017.02.12.01  Extra Holes in Ampico B Tracker Bar

 2017.02.10.05  Ampico 'A' Function Switches

 2017.02.07.06  Extra Holes in Ampico B Tracker Bar

 2017.01.30.03  Player Piano Parts by CNC or 3D Printing

 2017.01.30.02  John Tuttle's Player Piano Service Closed

 2017.01.09.05  Source of Replica Decals

 2017.01.07.04  Air Motor For Modern Aeolian Player Piano

 2017.01.04.04  Seek Air Motor For Modern Aeolian Player Piano

 2016.12.10.02  Seek Nickelodeon Repair Tech Near Strasburg, PA

 2016.12.09.02  Seek Ampico B Note Compensation Roll

 2016.12.03.03  Testing Pouch Sealants

 2016.11.11.03  Aging Impacts Mechanical Music Maintenance Field

 2016.09.14.01  Testing Pouch Sealants

 2016.09.09.03  Applying Pouch Sealants

 2016.08.26.08  Unknown Specialty Clamp

 2016.08.26.07  Seek ArtEcho Test Roll

 2016.06.27.04  Choosing and Testing Pouch Leather Sealants

 2016.06.23.06  Fluoroelastomer Sealant for Leather

 2016.06.13.02  Sealing Leather Pouches

 2016.05.13.03  Seek 1914 Kimball Upper Player Action

 2016.05.04.06  Rotary Pump Makes the Grand Piano Shimmy

 2016.05.02.06  Seek Autopiano Pot Metal Transmission Frames

 2016.04.27.04  Web Page for Used Player Piano Parts

 2016.04.13.03  FS: New Ampico B Transmission Brake Drums

 2016.03.22.02  FS Free: Player Piano and Rolls in Maryland

 2016.03.08.05  New Ampico B Transmission Brake Drums

 2016.03.04.04  Lead Tubing in Player Pianos

 2016.02.24.03  Player Piano WebRing

 2016.02.17.08  FS: Kawai Coin-Operated Player Piano

 2016.02.11.06  Threaded Discussion Groups for Mechanical Music

 2016.02.02.02  Seek Kimball Model E or F Transmission

 2016.01.28.03  Seek Machinists to Make Player Piano Parts

 2015.11.14.07  Material for Standard Valve Guides

 2015.11.13.06  Material for Standard Valve Guides

 2015.11.06.02  Seek Custom Player Roll of "Alaska's Flag" Song

 2015.10.30.02  Unknown Brass Tool Photos

 2015.10.24.12  Unknown Brass Tool

 2015.10.21.04  Unknown Brass Tool

 2015.10.13.07  Unknown Tapered Pin Made by Bob Streicher

 2015.10.10.04  Seek Kimball Model E or F Transmission

 2015.10.09.03  Unknown Tapered Pin Made by Bob Streicher

 2015.10.04.07  Seek Kimball Model E or F Transmission

 2015.09.15.06  The Ampico Crescendo System

 2015.09.12.05  Seek "O" Roll #O-108, "Christmas Favorites"

 2015.09.09.03  Ampico "A" Air Motor Governor Tempo Slide

 2015.09.02.06  Ampico Air Motor Tempo Aperture Plate Drawing

 2015.09.02.04  I'm Not a Fan of Solenoid Player Pianos

 2015.08.29.06  Ampico Air Motor Tempo Aperture Plate Drawing

 2015.08.29.05  Ampico "A" Air Motor Governor Tempo Slide

 2015.08.26.04  Ampico "A" Air Motor Governor Tempo Slide

 2015.08.21.05  FS: Small Pneumatic Jig

 2015.08.18.01  The Future of the Mechanical Music Digest

 2015.07.14.02  Lauter Piano Serial Numbers & Manufacture Dates

 2015.07.01.06  Lauter Piano Serial Numbers & Manufacture Dates

 2015.06.30.04  Seek Lauter Piano Company Serial Number Data

 2015.06.17.04  Fixture for Small Pneumatic Bellows

 2015.06.12.04  Covering an Exhauster Bellows

 2015.06.11.02  Covering an Exhauster Bellows

 2015.06.10.05  Seek Plastic Sliding Valves for Aeolian Air Motor

 2015.05.21.05  FS: 24 Wooden Violin Pipes

 2015.05.03.05  Unknown Rotary Vacuum Pump Is Early Ampico

 2015.04.29.04  Unknown Rotary Vacuum Pump

 2015.04.09.04  Player Piano Tubing Sizes and Lengths

 2015.04.07.06  Locating Nuisance Noises in Player Pianos

 2015.04.06.02  Marshall & Rose (London) Angelus Player Piano

 2015.03.17.01  Restored Ampico Upright Plays "The Ice Skaters"

 2015.03.07.04  Solenoids in Circa 1970s Player Pianos

 2015.03.04.03  Aeolian Duo-Art Valve Plates

 2015.02.20.04  Sponge Neoprene for Valves

 2015.01.27.06  Seek Eye Screw for Red Welte Player System

 2015.01.12.08  Seek Teflon Bushings for Ampico A Take-up Spool

 2014.12.08.04  Seek Tracking Cam for Standard Spool Frame

 2014.12.02.03  Jensen Player Piano Co., Eau Claire, Wisconsin

 2014.11.30.06  Replacing "Perflex" Pouches in Universal Players

 2014.11.25.08  FS: Brass Force-fit Collars for Player Valves

 2014.11.06.08  FS: Parts & Supplies at Player-Care

 2014.11.06.06  Regulating the Duo-Art Expression System

 2014.11.06.05  How Elmer's Glue Got Its Name

 2014.10.06.06  FS: Force-Fit Collars for Standard Player Valves

 2014.10.02.07  Angled Edges in Large Bellows

 2014.09.30.07  Duo-Art Test Roll and Tubing Requirements

 2014.09.30.06  New Player Piano Repair Parts at Player-Care

 2014.09.30.05  MDF Versus Plywood

 2014.09.25.03  Seek Test Roll for Oreste Orchestrion

 2014.09.24.01  Seek Tracker Bar Scale for Oreste Orchestrion

 2014.09.13.01  Artecho Player System in Packard Grand Piano

 2014.09.12.05  Replacing Duo-Art Valve Seats

 2014.09.11.07  Unknown Player System in Packard Grand Piano

 2014.09.05.07  Making Brass Tubing Elbows

 2014.09.03.04  FS: Ampico B Unit Valve Block Springs

 2014.09.03.03  Making Brass Tubing Elbows

 2014.08.14.07  Ampico B Unit Valve Block Springs

 2014.08.14.06  Comparison of Ampico A and B in Concert Grands

 2014.08.07.05  Drawing Library of 3D Printable Parts

 2014.08.07.03  Ampico B Unit Valve Block Springs

 2014.08.03.04  Aspidistra Piano Stool Advert in PPCo Catalog

 2014.07.17.03  Bob Streicher, Machinist

 2014.07.02.07  Behr Bros. Player Piano Near San Diego

 2014.06.26.01  Replacing Pouch Rings in Universal Player Action

 2014.06.25.11  Behr Bros. Player Piano Near San Diego

 2014.06.24.03  "The Great Ampico Myth" Article by Craig Brougher

 2014.06.18.07  Repairing On/Off Switch for Modern Aeolian Player

 2014.06.17.05  Making Pouch Rings for Universal Player Action

 2014.06.05.06  Removing Piano Action from Modern Aeolian Player

 2014.05.30.04  Player Piano Techs Listed at Player-Care Web Site

 2014.05.29.06  Replacing Strings in 1970s Aeolian Player Piano

 2014.04.16.02  The "Buzzer" Valve Tester

 2014.03.18.01  Articles by Craig Brougher

 2014.02.19.01  Seek Take-up Spool for Amphion Action

 2014.01.14.05  "Pouching Valves" Article by Craig Brougher

 2014.01.12.03  Otto Higel and Odeola Similarities

 2014.01.11.04  Broken Part in Odd Rotary Vacuum Pump

 2013.12.30.03  Gerhard Heintzman Player Piano

 2013.12.26.04  Silicone Grease for Treating Pouches

 2013.11.27.01  "H.M.C. Web Roll" Wooden Box

 2013.11.23.05  FS: Duo-Art Test Roll #4

 2013.11.01.09  The Half Duo-Art Player System

 2013.09.29.03  FS: Ampico 'A' Test Rolls

 2013.09.12.03  Player Piano Motor Case Temperature

 2013.09.06.01  Automotive Rubber Tubing Isn't For Player Pianos

 2013.08.29.01  Seek Player Piano Techs for Stack Restoration

 2013.08.06.07  Electric Switch for 1970's "Duo Art" Player

 2013.06.12.01  October Duo-Art Bulletin Piano Roll No. S-3226

 2013.06.11.04  Hobart M. Cable Player Problem

 2013.05.31.08  Wind Motor Runs Rough

 2013.05.31.07  Sting II Plays Weakly

 2013.05.27.05  "How Does It Work?"

 2013.05.26.05  Player Piano Valve Design Parameters

 2013.05.24.04  "How Does It Work?"

 2013.05.20.05  Rebuilding a Lauter-Humana Air Motor

 2013.05.20.04  Building a Transparent Player Piano Action Model

 2013.05.08.01  Seek 88/65 Roll Chuck Adapter Measurements

 2013.03.26.03  Take-up Spool End Pins

 2013.03.24.02  Aeolian Pedal Latch

 2013.03.21.02  Seek Aeolian Pedal Latch

 2013.03.06.02  Seek Roll Motor for Upright Welte-Mignon T-100

 2013.02.27.03  Using Oil or Grease on Airmotor Valves

 2013.02.27.02  Importance of Clean Bleeds

 2013.02.17.04  PVC-E Adhesive and Bellows Cloth

 2013.02.08.04  Duo-Art Motors and Motor Mounts

 2013.02.01.08  Fabricating Swaged Pins for Music Roll Spools

 2013.01.31.07  Seek Duo-Art Electric Motor and Motor Mount

 2013.01.30.01  Cecilian 13-1/4" Music Rolls by Farrand

 2013.01.12.05  Servicing Electric Player Piano Motors

 2012.12.26.02  Piano Rolls Are Damaged During Rewind

 2012.10.29.02  Lost Persons, Forgotten Names - Victor Searle

 2012.10.28.02  Lost Persons, Forgotten Names: Vic Searl

 2012.10.19.04  Replacing Player Piano Casters

 2012.10.11.04  Information on Piano and Player Mechanism

 2012.09.25.02  Request a Sample of Rubberized Cloth

 2012.09.21.06  Thin Tosh Rubberized Cloth

 2012.09.21.05  Pianola Problem in Tasmania Museum

 2012.09.19.01  Player Piano Boat

 2012.09.17.04  Unknown Player System in Schrapel Player Piano

 2012.09.13.09  Leakage in 1970s Duo/Art Player by Aeolian

 2012.08.06.05  Rebuilding the Aeolian Wind Motor

 2012.07.31.04  "Around the Action" Duo-Art Grand Tubing Diagram

 2012.07.20.04  Hobart M Cable Player Piano Problems

 2012.06.28.04  Modern Duo-Art Player Won't Play Duo-Art Rolls

 2012.06.26.04  Universal Player Piano Control Problem

 2012.06.15.06  Seek Pulley for Duo-Art Steamboat Pump

 2012.06.14.06  Seek Pulley for Duo-Art Steamboat Pump

 2012.05.26.07  Animated Keys of an Upright Pianola

 2012.04.20.06  Metal for Piano Plates

 2012.04.19.06  Ball Bleeds in Ampico B Unit Valves

 2012.04.16.03  Cracked Plate in Aeolian Sting II Pianola

 2012.04.11.04  Cracked Plate in Aeolian Sting II Pianola

 2012.04.04.04  Performance of Air Motor Governor

 2012.04.02.06  Nickelodeon Roll Tracking

 2012.04.01.04  Calibrating a Player Piano Tempo Indicator

 2012.03.21.06  Operation of Story & Clark Classic Console Play

 2012.03.18.09  Operation of Story & Clark Classic Console Player

 2012.03.18.08  Seek Service Manual for Wertheim Player Piano

 2012.03.16.07  Player Piano Service Manuals at Player-Care.com

 2012.03.12.05  Don't Pound the Player Piano Keys

 2012.03.08.04  Tuning a Player Piano

 2012.03.05.05  Vacuum Reservoirs Are Different Sizes

 2012.03.05.04  Tuning a Player Piano

 2012.03.01.09  Tuning a Player Piano

 2012.02.24.03  History of the Player and Reproducing Piano

 2012.02.16.11  Modernizing the Ampico Reproducing Piano

 2012.02.15.06  Requested Piano Rolls Located

 2012.02.01.04  Seek Piano Rolls by Cole Porter & Cat Stevens

 2012.01.30.06  Testing a Key Striking Pneumatic

 2012.01.29.06  Testing a Key Striking Pneumatic

 2012.01.17.08  Status of Player Piano Parts, Inc.

 2012.01.13.02  Testing a Key Striking Pneumatic

 2012.01.08.04  Wurlitzer 1203 Player Piano Power Problem

 2011.12.12.03  Unknown Typeface on Reed Organ Stops

 2011.12.05.07  Piano Roll Label Maker Software Program

 2011.12.02.06  Ampico Motor Mounts Needed

 2011.12.02.03  Player-Care Ceases Selling for QRS

 2011.11.01.05  Seek Universal Piano Electronic Circuit Board

 2011.10.30.09  Motor Mount in Top-loading Ampico Reduces Noise

 2011.10.30.08  Seek Motor & Motor Mount from Ampico Grand

 2011.10.28.02  Seek Pump Motor and Mount for Upright Ampico A

 2011.10.18.07  Seek Annular Ring Gaskets of Blotter Paper

 2011.10.04.04  Unknown Player Action in Auburn Player

 2011.09.15.08  How to Tune a Player Piano Out of Tune

 2011.09.14.03  Electrified vs. Foot-Pumped Player Piano

 2011.09.12.04  Welte Player Organ Rolls

 2011.09.07.04  Electronic Tuning Devices for Piano Tuning

 2011.08.31.03  Aeolian 1533 "Flitterin'" by Clyde Ridge

 2011.08.30.10  MIDI-Operated Pneumatic Player Piano

 2011.08.27.03  Seek Aeolian 1533 "Flitterin'" by Clyde Ridge

 2011.08.18.04  VirtualRoll Player System

 2011.07.27.08  "Gulbransen" Fishing-Pole Tracking Mechanism

 2011.07.23.10  Gulbransen "Fishing Pole" Tracking Mechanism

 2011.07.21.09  Gulbransen "Fishing Pole" Tracking Mechanism

 2011.07.18.06  Florida Player Piano Needing Restoration

 2011.05.17.04  Seek QRS 8685 "Bushel and a Peck"

 2011.05.10.05  Seek QRS Roll 10520 "Hooked On A Feeling"

 2011.04.17.02  Odd 88-note Music Roll With 1-1/4" End Flanges

 2011.03.10.07  Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA or PVAc) Polymer

 2011.03.05.02  QRS C134-A "Moonlight Sonata" Found

 2011.03.04.01  Seek QRS C134-A "Moonlight Sonata" 1st Movement

 2011.03.01.03  Duo-Art Won't Play Chords Softly

 2011.02.18.03  Diagram of Universal Nickelodeon

 2011.02.17.03  Piano-Lodeons

 2011.02.09.04  Piano-Lodeons

 2011.02.04.04  "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee" Music Roll

 2011.02.03.03  Music Roll of "Baby Bumble Bee" Song

 2011.01.20.03  FS: Steck Duo-Art in Indiana

 2010.12.15.06  QRS Piano Roll Availability

 2010.11.28.04  Player Pianos Getting Scarce?

 2010.11.09.07  Gluing the Piano Roll Left Spool Flange

 2010.11.07.05  Versions Of "Ching Chong"

 2010.10.20.02  The Player Piano Trade Today

 2010.10.15.03  Player Piano Disposal Cost

 2010.10.05.03  Music Rolls and Australians

 2010.09.28.07  Craigslist Free Player Pianos Across the Country

 2010.09.28.02  Decoupage With Music Rolls

 2010.09.27.07  "Take It Away Or It Goes To The Dump"

 2010.09.23.05  Market Value of Mechanical Music Instruments

 2010.09.21.06  Market Value of Mechanical Music Instruments

 2010.08.24.06  Free Piano Rolls in Michigan

 2010.08.23.07  FS Free: Piano Rolls in Michigan

 2010.08.21.04  Player Piano Company Sign

 2010.08.17.09  Unknown Player Action in Stuyvesant Piano

 2010.08.16.06  Audio Recordings of Mechanical Music

 2010.08.13.09  PPCo Roll Frame Motor Speed is Unstable

 2010.08.13.08  Wurlitzer Solenoid Player Vacuum Pump Problem

 2010.08.13.02  Musical Staircase

 2010.08.12.06  PPCo Roll Frame Motor Speed is Unstable

 2010.07.12.06  Player Piano Rewinds Too Fast

 2010.07.09.04  Schafer & Sons Player Action

 2010.07.07.06  Motor Player Company Pump Reduces Noise

 2010.07.05.05  Reducing Turbine Suction Pump Noise

 2010.05.18.03  Piano Roll "In the Baggage Coach Ahead" Located

 2010.05.15.06  Stems Dresden "Combinola" Piano Player

 2010.05.15.04  Seek "In The Baggage Coach Ahead" QRS 2574

 2010.05.12.03  Seek Firm to Duplicate Old Piano Rolls

 2010.05.10.05  Sealing Porous Bellows Cloth

 2010.05.05.12  Vacuuming the Player Piano Tracker Bar

 2010.04.28.08  Seek Recordo Rolls

 2010.04.22.02  Custom Roll Needed

 2010.04.14.12  Duo-Art Upright Suffers Bobbling Hammers

 2010.03.31.05  FS: A & G Rolls from Dave Miner Collection

 2010.02.15.08  Regulating the Piano and Player Action

 2010.02.12.01  1917 Kimball Player With Pushbutton Controls

 2010.02.05.12  Unusual Player Piano

 2010.02.01.02  Player-Care.com Changed Servers Successfully

 2010.01.31.02  Player-Care.com Changing Servers

 2010.01.25.06  Securing Your Player Piano Adjustments

 2010.01.21.08  Adjusting the Player Stack - Lost Motion

 2010.01.15.04  Scholze Georgswalde DUCA Reproducing Piano

 2010.01.11.07  Servicing Aeolian Spinet Player Piano

 2010.01.02.04  QRS & The Music Roll Business

 2009.12.15.09  Tempo Lever Won't Adjust the Tempo

 2009.11.16.07  Fixing a Weak Modern Aeolian Player Piano

 2009.11.16.06  Suction Box in Modern Aeolian Player Piano

 2009.11.13.10  Suction Boxes for Modern Aeolian Players

 2009.11.13.07  Perflex and Tuftane Pouch Materials

 2009.11.09.01  Repairing Pneumatics in Modern Universal Player

 2009.11.06.07  Troubleshooting Pouches in Modern Universal Player

 2009.11.04.04  Modern Universal Piano Co. Serial Numbers

 2009.10.31.05  Welte-Mignon Recording Technique

 2009.10.31.03  Talking Piano Music?

 2009.10.06.02  Player Piano Parts Makers List at Player-Care

 2009.09.25.03  Canada Piano Co. Player Piano Action

 2009.09.18.02  Player Piano Parts Makers List at Player-Care

 2009.09.17.05  Paper Roll vs. Computer Disk Player Pianos

 2009.09.15.01  Player Piano Parts & Service Available Direct

 2009.08.27.04  Meaning of QRS (Q.R.S.)

 2009.08.17.01  Servicing Kimball & Other Modern Player Pianos

 2009.07.24.06  1970s Aeolian Player Piano is Leaking

 2009.07.23.05  1970s Aeolian Player Piano is Leaking

 2009.07.23.03  How Does the Ampico Rate as a Reproducing Piano

 2009.06.25.04  QRS Resumes Piano Roll Production

 2009.06.19.08  How To Make Sensitive Pouches

 2009.06.16.05  How To Make Sensitive Pouches

 2009.06.14.06  Wurlitzer Die-cast 4-in-1 Unit Valve Blocks

 2009.06.11.02  The Future of Player Pianos

 2009.04.23.09  FS: Lauter-Humana, Free in New Jersey

 2009.04.13.08  QRS Music Roll Catalog at Player-Care

 2009.04.13.06  Player Piano Co. is Taking Orders

 2009.04.08.09  FS: The Orchestrion Builder's Manual

 2009.03.21.06  Simplex Valve Blocks

 2009.03.20.03  Music Rolls with Words - An American Industry

 2009.03.17.03  Player Piano Company Will Remain Open

 2009.03.16.02  Player Piano Company Will Remain Open

 2009.03.16.01  Player Piano Company Building Inventoried

 2009.03.15.03  Seek Simplex Valve Blocks

 2009.02.23.07  Autopiano Take-Up Spool Found In Roll Box

 2009.02.21.03  Autopiano Take-Up Spool Wanted

 2009.02.21.02  Player Piano Technicians

 2009.02.12.03  Good Vacuum Sources

 2009.01.05.09  QRS Will Move Roll Production to Pennsylvania

 2009.01.05.08  A New Day for QRS Music Rolls

 2008.12.16.03  Cost of Transcribing Music Roll to MIDI File

 2008.11.15.05  USPS Mail & Parcel Services

 2008.11.07.05  Learning Proper Restoration Skills

 2008.09.28.04  Technical Training DVDs by Craig Brougher

 2008.09.24.04  New Solenoid Player System in Old Piano

 2008.09.08.08  FS: Technical Training DVDs by Craig Brougher

 2008.09.08.06  Seek Amphion Recordo Patent Numbers

 2008.08.21.03  Cable Co. Solo Carola Inner Player

 2008.08.12.07  Seek Duo-Art Linkage Screws

 2008.08.11.05  Strange Cable Tracker Bar

 2008.08.09.06  Strange Cable Tracker Bar

 2008.08.07.02  Cleaning the Tracker Bar with a Vacuum Cleaner

 2008.07.30.13  Rebuilding Duo-Art Graduated Pneumatics

 2008.07.28.08  Rebuilding Duo-Art Graduated Pneumatics

 2008.07.08.06  Universal Piano Company Nickelodeon Manual

 2008.06.03.02  Pedal Duo-Art (Half Duo-Art) Tubing Diagram

 2008.05.30.06  Pedal Duo-Art (Half Duo-Art) Tubing Diagram

 2008.05.28.06  Late Aeolian Automatic Shutoff After Rewind

 2008.05.28.04  Pedal Duo-Art (Half Duo-Art) Tubing Diagram

 2008.05.23.09  Moving a Wide Piano Through a Narrow Door

 2008.05.15.05  Seek Ornate Upright Piano With Ampico Player

 2008.05.09.08  Small Suction Box for Player Piano

 2008.04.05.05  Missing Recordo Drawer Parts

 2008.03.29.02  On-Off Switch for Modern Aeolian Player Piano

 2008.03.25.02  Information and Supplies for Rebuilding

 2008.03.23.02  Information and Supplies for Rebuilding

 2008.03.18.04  Seek Plastic Valve for Modern Aeolian Air Motor

 2008.03.14.06  Climate Control for the Player Piano

 2008.03.06.05  QRS Minimum Purchase Requirement

 2008.02.23.03  Duo-Art Motor Running Continuously

 2008.02.23.02  USPS Media Mail

 2008.02.09.07  Effect of Tracker Bar Hose Length on Repetition

 2008.01.31.11  Duo-Art vs. Ampico vs. Welte-Mignon

 2008.01.29.06  Rebuilding Aeolian Air Motor Governor

 2008.01.03.03  Smashing a Piano

 2008.01.03.01  M-bag International Media Mail for Piano Rolls

 2007.12.20.05  Normal Suction at Player Piano Reservoir

 2007.12.03.03  Value of Old Player Pianos

 2007.12.01.05  Promoting Non-Mechanical Music

 2007.11.27.02  Preserving & Promoting Mechanical Music

 2007.11.21.05  Amphion Valves Wanted

 2007.11.10.01  Room Acoustics for Mechanical Music

 2007.11.06.09  Removing Piano Action from Duo-Art Grand Piano

 2007.10.26.01  2007 Model E-Roll Player Review

 2007.10.18.04  Seek Ampico & Duo-Art Rubber Motor Mounts

 2007.10.16.05  1970s Aeolian Player Piano with Plastic Valves

 2007.10.16.03  Value of Old Player Pianos

 2007.10.02.07  1970s Aeolian Player Piano with Plastic Valves

 2007.08.14.04  Current Value of Unfinished Player Restoration

 2007.08.03.08  Wonderful Player Piano Stories

 2007.07.13.01  Artzsche DVD "History of Mechanical Music"

 2007.06.27.07  Limit of Liability When Customer Can't Be Found

 2007.06.26.02  Limit of Liability When Customer Can't Be Found

 2007.06.24.02  Packing Piano Rolls for Shipment

 2007.06.22.03  Pratt-Read Player Piano Actions

 2007.06.12.04  Player Piano Frame Breaks During Restoration

 2007.05.22.02  Repairing Ivory Keytops

 2007.05.18.08  Repairing Ivory Keytops

 2007.05.17.08  Aluminum, Brass & Cast Iron Foundry in Minnesota

 2007.05.08.05  Straube Player Piano Mechanism

 2007.05.06.06  Source of Santoprene Thermoplastic Rubber Tubing

 2007.04.23.02  Player Piano Bench

 2007.04.03.05  Unknown Player Action in David Moore Piano

 2007.03.25.07  Unknown Player Action in David Moore Piano

 2007.03.16.12  Unknown Player Action in Heintzman Piano

 2007.03.15.10  Hot Hide Glue Headache

 2007.03.10.05  History of Animal Hide Glue

 2007.03.09.01  Service Charges and Traveling Expenses

 2007.03.04.07  Service Charges and Traveling Expenses

 2007.02.26.03  Seek Original Kimball Electromatic Service Manuals

 2007.02.22.06  Rebuilding Parts Damaged by Hot Melt Glue

 2007.02.21.02  50 Years of MBSI Articles On-line

 2007.02.19.07  Hot Melt Adhesives

 2007.02.16.06  Hot Melt Adhesives

 2007.02.14.03  Rebuilding Parts Damaged by Hot Melt Glue

 2007.02.09.11  1923 Kimball Player Action

 2007.02.07.07  1923 Kimball Player Action

 2007.02.06.04  Repairing a Broken Tracker Bar

 2007.01.28.05  Removing Top Action of Late Duo-Art Grand Piano

 2007.01.25.04  Quality of Materials & Testing Pneumatic Cloth

 2007.01.23.08  Attaching Pneumatics with RTV Silicone Adhesive

 2007.01.23.06  Quality of Materials & Testing Pneumatic Cloth

 2007.01.21.05  Quality of Materials & Testing Pneumatic Cloth

 2007.01.21.04  Synthetic Glues and Sealants

 2007.01.20.03  Attaching Pneumatics with RTV Silicone Adhesive

 2007.01.17.02  Mechanical Music Wiki

 2007.01.13.04  Duplicate the Original When Rebuilding

 2006.12.28.04  Duo-Art Plays Weakly

 2006.12.22.03  Know Your Customer and What He Wants

 2006.12.19.08  Stripped Screw Holes in Wood

 2006.12.03.02  My New Email Address

 2006.12.02.04  Lauter Humana Data at Player-Care Site

 2006.11.28.05  Testing Exhausters & Reservoirs

 2006.10.27.10  Unusual Aeolian-Weber Themodist Upright

 2006.10.25.13  Attaching Pneumatics With Internal Spring

 2006.10.25.09  Unusual Aeolian-Weber Themodist Upright

 2006.10.25.08  Unusual 1919 Aeolian-Weber Themodist Upright

 2006.10.24.04  Unusual 1919 Aeolian-Weber Themodist Upright

 2006.10.22.01  Discontinued QRS Rolls & Price Increase

 2006.10.14.06  Servicing a Baldwin Manualo Regulator

 2006.09.07.02  Testing Your Player Piano

 2006.08.21.07  Wurlitzer Electro Pneumatic Player, Model 1402

 2006.08.15.01  Poor Quality Workmanship

 2006.08.11.03  Free Want-Ads at Player-Care

 2006.08.03.03  AMICA Reprint of Standard Pneumatic Manual

 2006.07.30.06  Seek Player Tech in Pensacola Tallahassee Area

 2006.07.25.07  Elepian Player Piano

 2006.07.16.03  Offering Large Files at a Web Site

 2006.07.14.04  Elepian Player Piano

 2006.07.12.04  Elepian Player Piano

 2006.07.10.08  Music Roll Scanning - Everybody Profits

 2006.06.25.04  Unknown Player System is Steger or Artemis

 2006.06.23.04  Unknown Player System

 2006.06.15.08  Seek Steck Grand Fallboard Spring

 2006.06.14.03  Sizing Wood for Bellows

 2006.06.08.05  1912 Weber Themodist Might Be Duo-Art

 2006.05.31.08  Seek QRS XMAS1996 Collector's Roll

 2006.05.29.04  Seek QRS XMAS Collector's Rolls

 2006.05.25.03  Player Mechanism in Lessing Player Piano

 2006.05.24.05  Painting a Piano

 2006.05.20.06  Replacing Leathers with Artificial Materials

 2006.05.20.04  Vinyl Pouches & Longevity

 2006.05.03.04  Transcribing Piano Rolls to Sheet Music

 2006.04.24.06  U.S. Postal Service M-Bag Service for Music Rolls

 2006.04.23.04  Adjusting the Lauter-Humana Air Motor

 2006.04.23.03  Installing New Tubing In a Player Piano

 2006.04.13.06  Music at Web Site - MIDI vs. MP3

 2006.04.04.04  "Pianola", a Poem by Michelle Spalding

 2006.03.15.06  "Gorilla" Glue

 2006.03.13.01  QRS Piano Roll Auction

 2006.03.08.07  Use Leather for Duo-Art Accordion Pneumatics

 2006.03.07.09  Replicating Duo-Art Accordion Pneumatics

 2006.02.25.03  Amphion & Aeolian & Simplex Air Motors

 2006.02.24.09  Amphion & Aeolian Air Motors

 2006.02.23.10  Rebuilding the Lauter-Humana Air Motor

 2006.02.23.07  Piano Warranties & Environmental Conditions

 2006.02.21.05  Oversize Drive Chuck in Modern Aeolian Players

 2006.02.20.10  Rebuilding the Bush & Lane Metal Cecilian Action

 2006.02.20.05  Testing Air Motor Leakage

 2006.02.17.04  Satisfy the Customer with Minimal Repairs

 2006.02.15.11  Repairing Air Motor Leakage

 2006.02.15.08  Phenoseal and PVC-E Glue

 2006.02.13.05  Advantages of Phenoseal

 2006.02.08.05  Standard Player Action Database at Player-Care

 2006.02.07.03  Player Piano Company (PPCo) Online Catalogue

 2006.02.03.04  Source of Parts for Modern Kimball Player Pianos

 2006.01.26.03  Seek "Hazel's Boogie Woogie" as Piano Roll

 2006.01.22.05  "Kill A Watt" Power Meter

 2006.01.12.04  Starting Current of Player Piano Motor

 2006.01.05.06  Welte-Mignon Recording Technology

 2006.01.04.07  Seek Sliding Valves for Modern Aeolian Air Motor

 2005.12.28.11  Starting Current of Player Piano Motors

 2005.12.25.03  Source of Used Ampico & QRS Piano Rolls

 2005.12.17.10  Rebuilding a Player Piano Keyboard

 2005.12.13.02  QRS Roll Sales Soar

 2005.12.05.04  Mechanical Music for the Masses

 2005.11.30.01  Hallmark Cards Christmas "Piano Snowman"

 2005.11.22.02  Piano Roll Dealers in Canada & Abroad

 2005.11.14.07  Seek Diagram for Welte-Mignon T98 (Green) System

 2005.11.14.06  On-Off Switch for Modern Aeolian Player Piano

 2005.11.11.02  Player Piano Motor Runs Backward

 2005.11.02.01  Shipping Big Boxes Via DHL

 2005.10.31.09  Seek On-Off Switch for Modern Aeolian Player Piano

 2005.10.25.12  Tubing Connections on Ampico Transmission Frame

 2005.10.19.08  Sending Money Abroad

 2005.10.18.02  Sending Money from USA to Europe

 2005.10.01.04  Player Piano Rebuilders in this Economy

 2005.09.28.05  Hydrophane Leather Dressing

 2005.09.22.16  Player Piano Won't Hold Tuning

 2005.09.22.02  Player Piano Information from the Past

 2005.09.19.02  USPS Media Mail and Player Piano Rolls

 2005.09.10.02  Player Piano Information from the Past

 2005.09.07.02  Player Piano Information from the Past

 2005.08.29.04  Player Piano Performance at High Altitude

 2005.08.13.04  Player Piano Terms & Names of Components

 2005.08.11.03  Cost of Shipping via DHL, UPS & FedEx

 2005.08.10.08  Inaccurate Descriptions of Player Pianos

 2005.08.04.04  Running Cakewalk Pro 2.0 Under Windows XP

 2005.08.04.02  "SharpEye" Sheet Music OCR Program

 2005.07.31.08  "Orchestrion Builder's Manual" by Craig Brougher

 2005.07.29.06  Piano Sound Synthesizers for Playing MIDI Files

 2005.07.27.13  Colby Player Piano Mechanism

 2005.07.23.11  Player Piano Keys Don't Move

 2005.07.23.10  Colby Player Piano Mechanism

 2005.07.22.06  Player Piano Keys Don't Move

 2005.07.21.06  Tubing Diagrams for Player Pianos

 2005.07.18.10  Player Piano Keys Don't Move

 2005.07.13.10  Player Piano Keys Don't Move

 2005.07.13.02  Declining Interest in Mechanical Music

 2005.07.10.06  Tilting Player Piano Bench

 2005.07.06.07  Eastonola Player Action

 2005.07.02.03  Oiling Felt Brake Pads

 2005.06.30.14  Pouch Leather As Duo-Art Gasket Material

 2005.06.29.04  Adjusting Music Roll Spool Friction Brakes

 2005.06.27.10  Roll Transport Problem With Long Rolls

 2005.06.22.04  Modern 64-note Player Piano

 2005.06.14.11  Player Piano Technician List At Player-Care

 2005.06.08.07  Leg Screws Needed No Longer

 2005.06.07.08  Leg Screws Needed

 2005.06.06.03  Old Music Roll Arrangements Still Popular

 2005.06.03.03  Name That Tune

 2005.06.01.02  Unknown Player Mechanism

 2005.05.31.06  Seeburg L Auction Price And Declining Values

 2005.05.27.02  Gulbransen Instruction Roll

 2005.05.26.08  SOBO Glue

 2005.05.26.06  Vacuum Pump Kit For Player Piano

 2005.05.22.04  Dealing With Other Technicians' Work

 2005.05.21.03  Dealing With Other Technicians' Work

 2005.05.03.08  Duo-Art Cross Valves

 2005.05.01.02  Drop Testing a Piano

 2005.04.30.02  Seek Thomas Jansen

 2005.04.29.07  Duo-Art Cross Valves

 2005.04.28.08  Causes of Air Leaks in Player Action Stack

 2005.04.26.07  Duo-Art Valve Flow Measurements

 2005.04.18.02  Support of MMD

 2005.04.15.06  Player Piano Company and Computers

 2005.04.14.01  Player Piano Company is Alive and Well

 2005.04.10.03  Player Piano Butchers, Hackers and Thieves

 2005.04.09.04  Bellows Folding Patterns

 2005.04.07.05  Beeswax Contamination in Player Piano

 2005.04.07.03  Relative Humidity and the Player Piano

 2005.03.26.11  Pratt-Read Model "A" Player Piano Action

 2005.03.23.09  Removing PVC-E Glue

 2005.03.19.04  Adding Pipes to "O" Roll Orchestrion

 2005.03.18.09  Adding Pipes to "O" Roll Orchestrion

 2005.03.14.03  Incomplete Piano Brand Name

 2005.03.13.03  Protecting Instrument Against Humidity Extremes

 2005.03.05.02  More Player Piano Mechanisms at Player-Care

 2005.03.03.08  How To Recognize a Fraud

 2005.03.02.03  Other Uses for Old Music Rolls

 2005.02.25.07  Internet Auction Fraud

 2005.02.25.02  Seek Baldwin Manualo Booklets

 2005.02.22.07  Internet Auction Fraud

 2005.02.20.04  TallStick Audio-to-MIDI Computer Program

 2005.02.19.07  Player Piano Plays During Rewind

 2005.02.17.10  Wurlitzer Automatic Roll Changer

 2005.02.16.07  Seek Tech Data on Wurlitzer Automatic Roll Changer

 2005.02.06.03  Lauter-Humana Roll Tracking System

 2005.02.06.02  43 Player Piano Actions Described at Web Site

 2005.02.04.08  Tempo Control Problem on Cable Euphona Player

 2005.02.02.03  Archiving Data of Specialty Web Sites

 2005.02.01.07  43 Player Piano Actions Described at Web Site

 2005.02.01.03  International Shipping Costs

 2005.01.27.07  Bremar Player Piano & Presto Buyer's Guide

 2005.01.26.08  Sealing Bellows Leaks

 2005.01.15.05  Examine Bellows Cloth Before Using It

 2004.12.29.05  Estimating Tracker Bar Tubing Needed

 2004.12.26.04  Unknown Player Action in Chassaigne Freres Piano

 2004.12.25.01  Estimating the Cost of Tracker Bar Tubing

 2004.12.23.01  The Spirit of Giving, Year After Year

 2004.12.21.17  Estimating Tracker Bar Tubing Needed

 2004.12.21.10  Duo-Art Won't Play 88-Note Rolls

 2004.12.18.03  Estimating Tracker Bar Tubing Needed

 2004.12.17.04  Duo-Art Won't Play 88-Note Rolls

 2004.11.23.13  Primary Valves Bypassed in Double Valve Player

 2004.11.22.06  Player Piano Failed After Moving

 2004.11.19.06  Rebuilding Player Action Valves

 2004.11.17.09  Player Action In Spector Piano

 2004.11.14.02  Hank & Jere's Collection of Marvelous Music Machines

 2004.11.02.04  Player Piano Needs Fast Pumping

 2004.10.31.07  Mounting Kimball Plastic Unit Valves

 2004.10.31.05  Playing 88-Note Rolls on Ampico Player Piano

 2004.10.20.01  Player Piano Systems to Play MIDI Files

 2004.10.17.01  MBSI DVD "Marvels of Mechanical Music" - Review

 2004.10.11.07  Expression When Recording 88-Note Piano Rolls

 2004.10.08.03  Real Pianos Make Real Sounds

 2004.10.05.04  Craig Brougher Email Address

 2004.10.03.05  Music Roll Spool Shaft Squeaks During Rewind

 2004.09.29.03  Installing Spencer Chase E-Roll Player System

 2004.08.29.04  Piano Rolls Returned to QRS

 2004.08.27.02  Shipping Piano Rolls in Plastic Wrap

 2004.08.26.03  Shipping Piano Rolls in Plastic Wrap

 2004.08.01.02  Player Piano Makers List at Player-Care Web Site

 2004.07.26.06  FS: Odd Percussion Instruments for Orchestrion

 2004.07.21.03  Workbench Ergonomics

 2004.07.20.02  Player-Care Web Page for Piano Roll Producers

 2004.07.12.14  Spector Piano Co.

 2004.07.11.09  Key Lock Device in Upright Player Pianos

 2004.07.11.08  Schafer & Sons & Colton Piano Company

 2004.07.09.11  Schafer & Sons Player Piano

 2004.07.09.04  Correspondence Courtesy

 2004.07.05.13  Amphion Automatic Tracker System & Clogged Bleeds

 2004.07.03.06  Value of Steinway OR Duo-Art Grand

 2004.07.02.17  Removing Old Rubber From Tracker Bar

 2004.07.02.09  Value of Steinway OR Duo-Art Grand

 2004.06.30.02  The Future of Mechanical Music

 2004.06.25.05  Automatic Shutoff in Late Aeolian Player Pianos

 2004.06.10.03  Supporting and Tipping a Piano While Moving

 2004.05.25.06  Casters for Player Pianos

 2004.05.21.14  Unknown Player Action in Haddorff Piano

 2004.05.21.05  Tempo Marked on Piano Rolls

 2004.05.19.06  Seek Punch for Perforating a 65-note Music Roll

 2004.05.05.01  Stripped Screw Holes & Plastic Cable Ties

 2004.05.01.12  Stripped Screw Holes in Wood

 2004.05.01.04  Volume Indicator for Player Piano

 2004.04.28.07  Vacuum Transducer for Motor Speed Control

 2004.04.16.04  Reverting to Pedals for a Player Piano

 2004.04.14.04  Lauter Humana Player Pianos

 2004.04.14.02  The Future of Mechanical Music - Fun!

 2004.04.13.05  Reverting to Pedals for a Player Piano

 2004.04.12.08  Reverting to Pedals for a Player Piano

 2004.04.09.04  Weight of Steinway Pianos

 2004.04.09.03  The "Cement" Lauter

 2004.04.09.02  Restoration Costs vs. Restored Value

 2004.04.01.10  C. Kurtzmann & Co. Pianos

 2004.04.01.06  Piano Roll Compatibility & Roll Types

 2004.04.01.03  Is It Still an Antique?

 2004.03.29.09  Ironing Bellows Cloth

 2004.03.28.02  Future of the Mechanical Music: Postage Stamps

 2004.03.25.08  Modern Aeolian Player Piano - Beginner's Questions

 2004.03.16.15  Ampico A Air Motor Governor

 2004.03.14.05  Seek Ampico 'A' Airmotor Governor for Knabe Grand

 2004.03.10.05  Ironing Bellows Cloth

 2004.03.08.04  Recovering Player Piano Bellows

 2004.03.08.01  The Future of Mechanical Music - Player Pianos

 2004.03.02.05  The Future of Mechanical Music

 2004.02.25.09  FS Free: Sterling Player Piano in Connecticut

 2004.02.23.10  Pianomation Recording Capability

 2004.02.16.10  MMD Spam Solution

 2004.02.14.02  Lauter-Humana "Duplex Pumper"

 2004.01.31.06  "Easy-to-Pump" Player Pianos

 2004.01.14.05  Player Piano Keys That Stay Down

 2004.01.05.05  Moving Pianos Aside for Cleaning

 2004.01.01.06  PPCo and Schaff 'Wine' Motor Cloth

 2003.12.28.03  FS: Upper Section for 1920s Story & Clark Player

 2003.12.12.04  Apparent Frequency Change With Intensity

 2003.12.12.02  Wurlitzer "Casino" Player Piano

 2003.12.09.05  Contact Bob Streicher, Machinist

 2003.12.07.04  Seek Bob Streicher, Machinist

 2003.12.06.03  Seek Player Piano Rebuilder in Northern Italy

 2003.11.12.06  Welte-Mignon Recording Technology

 2003.11.10.03  Anti-spam Software Programs and Filters

 2003.11.08.02  Seek Rolls for Aeolian 20-note Organette

 2003.11.07.09  FS: Ampico 'A' Grand Reproducing System, Complete

 2003.11.07.06  Converting Instruments to Play Different Media

 2003.10.30.06  "I'm Just Wild About Harry" on Piano Rolls

 2003.10.29.02  Rebuilding a Player Piano in the Customer's Home

 2003.10.22.06  Seek Audio CD of Piano Roll Collection

 2003.10.21.07  Seek QRS Educator Series for Recutting

 2003.10.21.06  Seek Audio CD of Piano Roll Collection

 2003.10.08.02  Seek Musical Box Repair in Philadelphia Area

 2003.09.17.05  Why People Enjoy The Player Piano

 2003.09.15.10  Humidity and Pianos

 2003.09.14.04  Humidity and Pianos

 2003.09.07.06  Kimball Electramatic Player Piano in Patagonia

 2003.09.05.09  Player Action in Canadian Player is Odeola

 2003.09.05.04  Are Mechanical Music Instruments "Robots"?

 2003.09.04.14  Unknown Player Action in Canadian Piano

 2003.09.03.05  Leaks in Air Motor System

 2003.08.18.06  PPCo Vacuum Pump Speed Controller Diagram

 2003.08.13.13  Technical Information at Player-Care.com

 2003.08.13.05  Apprentice Player Tech Seeks Employment

 2003.08.04.05  Leather for Bellows

 2003.07.31.08  Rubberized Cloth for Player Piano Pump

 2003.07.25.16  Ampico Crescendo & Spring Pneumatics Operation

 2003.07.11.02  Seek Angelus 'Melodant' Technical Information

 2003.07.01.08  Player Piano with Bad Breath

 2003.06.28.07  Source of Piano Roll Storage Cabinets

 2003.06.28.06  Piano Roll Storage Cabinets

 2003.06.25.13  Repairing Simplex Player Action

 2003.06.23.09  Seek Reproducing Piano Test Rolls With Printed Words

 2003.06.16.06  Foreign Player Piano Makes & Player Actions

 2003.06.13.10  Repairing Universal Player Piano Pouches

 2003.06.08.08  Electronic Tuning Devices

 2003.06.07.09  Player-Care "850+ Player Piano Makes & Makers"

 2003.05.23.05  Standard Player Monthly "Questions and Answers"

 2003.05.21.07  Standard Player Monthly "Questions and Answers"

 2003.05.20.09  FS: Collection of 8000 Piano Rolls

 2003.05.20.07  Storing Leather

 2003.05.18.09  MMD E-Mail Problems

 2003.05.15.16  Gluing Bellows Cloth

 2003.05.15.13  Source of Nickelodeon "O" Rolls

 2003.05.15.11  Player Technicians Listing

 2003.05.15.07  Junk E-mail Problem

 2003.05.14.09  "Player Piano Servicing and Rebuilding" by Reblitz

 2003.05.14.06  Junk E-mail Problem

 2003.05.09.08  MIDI Music Lapses

 2003.04.29.13  George Bogatko Songs Preserved on Paper Music Rolls

 2003.04.03.01  Player Piano Service and Repair Work

 2003.03.30.03  Sales Decline As the War Continues

 2003.03.30.02  Seek Barrel for Capra Barrel Piano

 2003.03.24.09  Longevity of Bellows Cloth and Rubber Tubing

 2003.03.20.03  PVC Glue Versus Hot Hide Glue

 2003.03.17.03  Leather Supply House & Marilyn McLeland

 2003.03.11.15  Gluing Tabs to Plastic Pneumatics

 2003.02.21.06  Purpose of Ampico A Slow Crescendo Spring

 2003.01.26.04  Keystone Music Roll Company Status

 2003.01.06.11  QRS Story & Clark Self-Tuning Piano System

 2003.01.05.12  QRS Story & Clark Self-Tuning Piano System

 2003.01.05.05  Dismantling an Upright Piano

 2003.01.03.08  QRS Story & Clark Self-Tuning Piano System

 2002.12.23.07  Leaking Exhauster Valves

 2002.12.15.04  Player Pianos Are Alive and Well in 2002

 2002.12.12.06  Simplex Player Action & Testing Action Leakage

 2002.12.07.12  1966 Pianola Pedalling Problem

 2002.12.01.11  FS: QRS 186 "Ching-Chong"

 2002.12.01.03  Player Pianos in the USA

 2002.11.24.09  Longevity of Pneumatic vs. Solenoid Players

 2002.11.21.10  Pneumatic vs. Solenoid Pianos

 2002.11.20.09  Tubing Schematic for Ebersole Player Piano

 2002.11.18.09  Source of Marantz Pianocorder Cassette Tapes

 2002.11.07.04  Judging Piano Quality

 2002.11.01.07  PayPal Privacy

 2002.10.30.03  Check Your E-Mail Daily

 2002.10.24.10  Brand Co. "Transmission Tracker" in Pratt-Reed Player

 2002.10.23.04  Mexican Postal Service

 2002.10.22.01  Mechanical Music Instruments Price Guide

 2002.10.19.15  Mold on Hide Glue

 2002.10.19.06  Music Roll End Tabs

 2002.10.11.03  Weight of Old Upright Player Pianos

 2002.10.02.11  Turbine Blower Noise

 2002.10.02.09  Piano Without a Player Action Is More Valuable

 2002.09.19.11  Player Piano Benches

 2002.09.12.02  Pedal Pumpers and Children

 2002.09.07.07  Seek Simplex Flange Finger Wires

 2002.08.31.03  Audio-to-MIDI Conversion

 2002.08.27.06  Audio-to-MIDI Conversion

 2002.08.07.04  American Piano Supply Company (APSCO) Is Closed

 2002.07.29.06  The Smell of Ozone

 2002.07.25.08  The Smell of Ozone

 2002.07.10.05  Hammer Return Springs

 2002.07.02.07  Steck Tracker Bar With Extra Slots

 2002.05.31.01  Technically Dead? I Guess Not!

 2002.05.29.03  Technically Dead!

 2002.05.18.02  Universal Player Piano Tubing Problems

 2002.05.09.04  Ethnic Music on American Piano Rolls

 2002.05.06.11  Paper Music Media vs. Magnetic Music Media

 2002.05.03.11  Universal Player Piano Sustain & Pump Problems

 2002.05.03.07  Demonstrating the Reproducing Piano

 2002.04.25.06  Cut Music Rolls With Laser Beam

 2002.04.23.05  Keystone Music Roll Company

 2002.03.28.10  Quieting a Piano - Try the Knuckles

 2002.03.25.09  Stringing an Upright Player Piano

 2002.03.23.05  Why People Enjoy Music

 2002.03.18.02  "SOFI Spirit of Independence" Orchestrion Site

 2002.03.14.01  "SOFI Spirit of Independence" Orchestrion Site

 2002.03.06.05  Source of Cloth Covered Tubing

 2002.03.04.12  Removing Corroded Parts

 2002.03.01.10  Converting MIDI to WAV

 2002.02.25.02  Player Piano Technicians Listed by State

 2002.02.17.08  Octave Coupling

 2002.02.12.16  "All In The Family" Theme Music

 2002.02.08.05  Building a New Piano Case

 2002.02.07.01  Player-Care Player Piano Technicians Listing

 2002.02.05.04  Other Uses for Player Pianos

 2002.02.03.06  Ampico Air Motor Parts Found

 2002.02.02.07  Seek Ampico Air Motor Parts

 2002.01.28.05  Seek Player Technician in Townes County, Georgia

 2002.01.23.03  Story & Clark Web Site

 2002.01.15.04  Is Automated Music a Dinosaur ?

 2001.12.30.06  Should a Restoration Look Like New?

 2001.12.25.04  Adjusting Baldwin Manualo Valve Travel

 2001.12.25.03  Gulbransen "Fishing Pole" Tracking Mechanism

 2001.12.17.10  Piano Top Is Not For Knick-Knacks Either

 2001.12.13.04  Piano Top Is Not For Roll Storage

 2001.12.04.11  Stretching Pouch Leather

 2001.11.26.10  Ampico Won't Play Immediately

 2001.11.22.07  Duo-Art Accordion Nipples

 2001.11.21.09  Player Piano Repair Rates

 2001.11.19.07  Piano Moving Horror Story

 2001.11.15.09  Removing a Broken Screw

 2001.11.13.08  Removing a Bent or Broken Screw

 2001.11.01.12  Seek Aeolian Electric Vacuum Pump

 2001.10.29.15  Source of Ampico Take-Up Spool

 2001.10.29.11  Piano Cabinet Restoration

 2001.10.26.01  Value of the MMD

 2001.10.25.02  The Gulbransen Shop Chart

 2001.10.23.04  Modern Music on QRS Rolls

 2001.10.22.07  Smith & Barnes Piano

 2001.10.11.01  Gulbransen Shop Chart/Drawing

 2001.10.05.05  Tipping a Grand Piano on the Pedal Lyre

 2001.10.05.02  Duffy Coin-Op Player Piano

 2001.10.03.07  Splicing Music Rolls Together

 2001.10.03.03  Moving Player Grand Pianos

 2001.10.02.07  Seek Player Technician in Utah

 2001.09.28.04  Player Piano Tracking Mechanisms

 2001.09.20.06  Copper Tubing in a Lauter-Humana Player Piano

 2001.09.20.05  Transcribing Piano Rolls to MIDI

 2001.09.06.05  Piano Heaters & Electric Blankets

 2001.09.06.04  Piano Heaters & Electric Blanket

 2001.09.06.03  Piano Heaters & Relative Humidity

 2001.09.04.03  Piano Heaters

 2001.08.30.05  QRS Has Fast Service

 2001.08.27.07  Tubing Layout - Standard Action

 2001.08.24.09  Environment Control for Musical Instruments

 2001.08.17.03  History and Development of the Player Piano

 2001.08.13.04  Lauter Built-In Tracker Bar Cleaning Device

 2001.08.13.01  Memories and Possessions

 2001.08.11.03  Collecting State Sales Tax on E-Commerce

 2001.08.11.02  Coin-Operated Barrel Orchestrion by Romano

 2001.08.11.01  Memories, Not Possessions, Are the Treasures

 2001.08.10.08  Lauter Tubing Diagram and Tracker Device

 2001.08.06.05  Truths of Periodic Maintenance

 2001.08.06.03  Coin-Operated Barrel Orchestrion by Romano

 2001.08.04.04  Player Piano Technician Needed in Philadelphia

 2001.07.31.01  Coin-Operated Barrel Orchestrion by Romano

 2001.07.30.04  Wurlitzer Piano Could Be Disassembled for Shipment

 2001.07.23.06  Using The Standard QRS Test Roll

 2001.07.21.06  Seek Ampico 'A' Trackerbar

 2001.07.17.16  Player Piano Failed After Tuning

 2001.07.17.10  How to Become a Piano Tuner

 2001.07.14.06  Electric Drive Motors in Kimball Player Piano

 2001.07.13.01  Total Surviving Roll-Playing Pianos

 2001.07.11.15  FS Free: Broken Beckwith

 2001.07.07.18  Adjusting the Pneumatic Bellows Correctly

 2001.07.06.13  Converting WAV-to-MIDI

 2001.07.06.04  Total Production of Player Pianos

 2001.07.04.06  Schafer Bros. Piano Movers, Carson CA

 2001.07.04.05  Modern Piano Moving Co., Sullivan MO

 2001.07.04.04  Adjusting the Player Action - Baldwin Manualo

 2001.06.27.05  Waltham AMG Player Piano

 2001.06.07.09  Accuracy of Recut Music Rolls

 2001.05.23.07  Lauter-Humana Manufacture Date

 2001.05.18.02  Rates & Charges for Skilled Labor

 2001.05.10.07  "That Honky-Tonk Sound"

 2001.05.07.07  Leather for Ampico Pump Is Not Preferred

 2001.05.07.05  Leather for Ampico Pump

 2001.05.05.08  Leather for Ampico Pump Is Not Preferred

 2001.04.27.06  Tuning the Piano for "That Honky-Tonk Sound"

 2001.04.26.03  Tuning the Piano for "That Honky-Tonk Sound"

 2001.04.23.10  Spool Motor of Wurlitzer Model 1203 Player Piano

 2001.04.15.07  Choral" Player Piano Made For Meiklejohn Co.

 2001.04.15.05  Player Piano Technicians

 2001.04.12.07  Locating and Repairing Noises in the Piano

 2001.04.11.02  The Customer Is Always Right

 2001.04.09.14  Sticking Tuning Pins

 2001.04.09.10  Craig Brougher's Restoration 'Secrets' at Web Site

 2001.04.05.09  Quick Repairs to Valve Pouches

 2001.04.05.08  Repairing Loose Key Pins

 2001.04.05.01  Who Is Reading Mechanical Music Digest

 2001.04.04.05  Demise of the Player Piano

 2001.04.04.04  Credit Card Fees Paid To Merchant Banks

 2001.04.02.03  Player Piano For Cardiovascular Exercise

 2001.04.02.02  Player Tech in France

 2001.04.01.06  Small Electric Motor for Music Roll Drive

 2001.03.30.01  MMDigest is Alive and Well

 2001.03.27.01  Who Is Reading Mechanical Music Digest?

 2001.03.26.01  French Customs Duties & Value Added Tax

 2001.03.18.01  Old Piano Rolls Are Like People

 2001.03.11.02  Credit Card Regulations

 2001.03.09.04  Federal Laws on Credit Card Prices

 2001.03.09.03  Player Piano Co. Closed Friday & Weekends

 2001.03.05.04  Voicing the Piano for the Duo-Art

 2001.03.04.03  Demise of the Player Piano

 2001.03.03.05  Player Piano in Sci-Fi Movie

 2001.03.03.01  Annual Player Piano Production Overseas

 2001.03.02.04  Value of Haines Bros. Grand with Pianocorder

 2001.02.24.01  Credit Cards for Foreign Payments

 2001.02.22.08  Wurlitzer Player Piano Models 1202 & 1203

 2001.02.20.03  Piano Tuning Fee

 2001.02.19.05  Charging for Email Home Delivery of MMD

 2001.02.12.01  Charging Fees for Mechanical Music Digest

 2001.02.09.03  MMD Email Publication Suspended Temporarily

 2001.02.08.01  Richard J. Howe Collection at Univ. of Maryland

 2001.02.04.02  Kimball Electromatic Models C & D

 2001.02.02.07  The Correct Way to Pump the Player Piano Pedals

 2001.01.25.08  Cutting Compliant Pneumatic Cloth

 2001.01.25.02  UK Customs & Excise Duties

 2001.01.23.01  French Odeola Player Piano Action

 2001.01.22.06  Vorsetzer Made By GE

 2001.01.22.02  Parcels & UK Customs Examination

 2001.01.20.06  Gluing Ivory

 2001.01.18.06  Gluing Ivory Keytops

 2001.01.16.08  Relative Humidity and the Piano

 2001.01.14.03  Shipping Rate Comparisons, UPS vs. USPS

 2001.01.07.06  Pianocorder Cassettes & 8-Track Tapes at QRS

 2000.12.24.04  QRS Increases Piano Roll Prices

 2000.12.14.10  Piano Key Touch Weight & Player Repetition Rate

 2000.12.14.01  Preserving Technical Information

 2000.12.06.04  Duo-Art Reproducing Piano Service Manual

 2000.11.29.03  Player Piano Technicians Web Page at Player-Care

 2000.11.28.04  Identifying 1970s Kimball Player Actions

 2000.11.28.03  The Truth About Reproducing Player Pianos

 2000.11.25.03  Player Piano Technicians Web Page at Player-Care

 2000.11.21.12  Adjusting Air Motor Valve Timing

 2000.11.14.11  Handling Lead Safely

 2000.11.08.04  Replacing Lead Tubing - Safety

 2000.11.07.04  Kudos to MMD

 2000.11.07.03  Schaff Piano Supply Co. Buys APSCO

 2000.11.06.03  Tutorial "How to Operate a Player Piano"

 2000.10.30.07  Replacing Lead Tubing

 2000.10.24.06  Gathering Player Pianos for Possible Resale

 2000.10.12.02  Credit Card Survey Results

 2000.10.02.02  Player Piano Horror Story

 2000.10.01.02  Aeolian Pianola Player Adjustments

 2000.09.27.15  Rebuilding Duo-Art Steamboat Pump

 2000.09.27.11  88-Note Tracker Bar Assignments

 2000.09.25.05  Credit Card Orders

 2000.09.22.06  Virus Trashes My 'In' Box

 2000.09.20.04  Credit Card / Internet Survey

 2000.09.20.03  Gear Drive Tracker / Steinbach Player

 2000.09.20.02  Player Technicians Listing

 2000.09.15.04  Quality Archives and Much More!

 2000.09.11.02  Credit Card Orders

 2000.09.08.08  Wurlitzer Mandolin Rail Photos

 2000.08.30.03  Century Collection and Roll Sets from QRS

 2000.08.26.12  Hot Hide Glue vs. Casein (White) Glue

 2000.08.26.09  Music Roll Acceleration and Compensation

 2000.08.26.06  Preparing a Duo-Art Grand for Moving

 2000.08.22.04  Need Recent Email Addresses

 2000.08.17.08  Player Piano and Player System Manufacturers

 2000.08.16.13  Player Manufacturers and Player Actions Installed

 2000.08.16.12  Lauter-Humana Air Motor Pouch Rebuilding Tools

 2000.08.16.10  Lauter-Humana Quality & Manufacture Dates

 2000.08.14.03  1916 Cable Euphona Tracker Bar Scale Design

 2000.08.05.08  Cleaning the Soundboard

 2000.08.03.09  Glues and Sealants

 2000.07.13.05  QRS Music Rolls & Discount Rate at Player-Care

 2000.07.12.07  Player-Care Increases QRS Discount Rate

 2000.07.10.14  Source of Knabe Soundboard Decal

 2000.07.05.09  Sponge Silicone Unit Valves from PPCo

 2000.07.05.02  Player Piano Reference Books

 2000.06.14.09  Aeolian Block Valve Molds

 2000.05.25.02  "Soundboards, and Old Wives' Tales"

 2000.05.20.09  Shellac for the Soundboard, Varnish for the Case

 2000.05.20.07  Video "Rebuilding the Ampico Vacuum Pump"

 2000.05.19.10  Molds for Aeolian Plastic Valve Blocks

 2000.05.12.04  Dealing with American Piano Supply Company

 2000.05.10.03  Dealing with American Piano Supply Company

 2000.05.07.04  Reed Organ Bellows Cloth

 2000.04.08.11  New Ampico 'A' Unit Valve Blocks

 2000.04.08.10  Why Ship A Piano

 2000.04.08.07  Rating Music Roll Suppliers

 2000.04.04.04  MMD Archives on CD-ROM

 2000.04.02.11  Seek Player Tech in Gautier, Mississippi

 2000.04.01.09  Changes at Player-Care and Brougher Restorations

 2000.03.21.07  What is a Recording? What is a Record?

 2000.03.20.07  Player Connection Diagrams

 2000.03.12.05  Names of Pianoforte Pedals

 2000.03.07.13  Player Piano Rebuilding Instruction Manuals

 2000.03.05.04  Pneumatic Cloth from Player Piano Co.

 2000.03.02.06  Pneumatic Cloth Stretching & Expected Life

 2000.02.29.04  George Bogatko CD "Something Old, Something New"

 2000.02.22.10  MIDI'fying an 1890's Reed Organ

 2000.02.17.11  Wurlitzer 1203 Player Piano Power Problem

 2000.02.15.08  Hex Core Strings in Schimmel Pianos

 2000.02.10.08  Wurlitzer 1203 Tech Notes & Power Problem

 2000.02.09.08  Humidity Control for the Piano Tech

 2000.02.05.07  Piano Serial Numbers & Manufacture Date

 2000.02.01.08  Regulating the Striker Pneumatics

 2000.01.24.13  Damper Placement in Piano Treble Section

 2000.01.21.16  Soundboard Impedance & Piano Dampers

 2000.01.19.15  Tri-Chord Piano Dampers

 2000.01.15.08  Making a Wire Knot in a Piano String

 2000.01.14.07  Making Wound Bass Strings for the Piano

 2000.01.10.08  Hex Core Universal Bass Strings

 2000.01.09.04  Terms: Restored, Rebuilt, Reconditioned

 1999.12.29.12  Aeolian Pedal Latch Spring

 1999.12.29.09  Flexible Joints in Gulbransen Player Action

 1999.12.29.05  Cut Music Rolls With Laser Beam

 1999.12.20.08  Dealing with Overseas Customers & Customs

 1999.12.13.06  Seek Player Tech in Springfield IL

 1999.12.08.06  Player Piano and Family Reunited

 1999.11.29.10  QRS XMAS 1999 Limited Edition Piano Roll

 1999.11.28.02  Fast Roll Shipment to Australia

 1999.11.09.08  FS: Player Piano in New Jersey

 1999.11.02.12  Piano Repair & Restoration Checklist

 1999.11.02.10  Educate the Public About Restorations

 1999.11.02.08  64-Note Aeolian Pianola With Short Keyboard

 1999.10.14.14  Tubing for Player Pianos, Orchestrions, Etc

 1999.10.09.01  Universal Player Piano Drawings at Story & Clark

 1999.10.08.05  Universal Player Piano Drawings at Story & Clark

 1999.10.02.04  Frequently Asked Questions & Free Advice

 1999.09.30.17  Glad Wrap Pouches & Universal Type Block Valve

 1999.09.26.01  Frequently Asked Questions

 1999.09.19.12  'Brougher Restorations' Web Site

 1999.09.18.01  Tracker Bar Tubing - Undoing the Unnecessary

 1999.08.29.02  Remove Hard Tracker Tubing With Heat Gun

 1999.08.06.07  Pedal Pumping Rates

 1999.08.03.07  Music Rolls With Seals Intact

 1999.08.01.09  Transposing Tracker Bar

 1999.07.31.05  Transposing Tracker Bars

 1999.07.27.10  Transferring Wire Recording to Audio Cassette

 1999.07.25.06  Swivel Stool Mechanism

 1999.07.24.04  Wire Recordings

 1999.07.23.10  New and Old Reproducing Pianos

 1999.07.20.07  Beckwith Player Piano

 1999.07.13.11  Dry Transfer Decals

 1999.07.09.04  Piano Tuning and the Consumer Price Index

 1999.07.09.03  Story & Clark Trivia

 1999.07.08.10  Player Piano Ring & Life After 50 :-)

 1999.07.03.11  Simplex, Standard, Amphion and Pratt-Reed Actions

 1999.07.03.10  Air Motor Problem

 1999.07.01.08  Decorative Piece for Reed Organ Foot Pedal

 1999.07.01.07  Aeolian Musette Repaired Via the 'Net

 1999.07.01.06  Smithsonian Institution Preservation Services

 1999.06.30.09  Correct Torque for Piano Plate Screws

 1999.06.24.08  Kimball Model F Problems Resolved

 1999.06.23.10  Physical Properties of Hide Glue and White Glue

 1999.06.20.15  Glue and Adhesives - For the Future

 1999.06.18.09  Cast Iron Organ Piece

 1999.06.18.06  Polishing Old Ivory Keys

 1999.06.16.21  Bogs & Voight Player Piano

 1999.06.16.20  Decorative Piece for Reed Organ Foot Pedal

 1999.06.08.04  Vendors of "O" Rolls

 1999.06.04.03  Kimball Model F Power Supply

 1999.05.31.07  "Dishing" the Pouch

 1999.05.24.04  Player Piano Ring

 1999.05.13.06  Player Mechanism Types in George Steck Pianos

 1999.05.11.04  G. Capra & Co. Barrel Piano

 1999.05.08.09  H. G. Bay Player ?

 1999.05.07.12  Seek Kimball Model 'F' Service Manual

 1999.05.07.05  Player-Care Technicians Listing

 1999.04.23.06  Seek Decorative Railings for Cabaret Player

 1999.04.19.04  Value of 1929 Knabe Ampico A Louis XV Case

 1999.04.15.06  Pianola Drawing by a 4-year-old

 1999.04.13.11  Kohler & Campbell 44-note Player

 1999.04.09.05  Schaff Piano Supply

 1999.04.07.04  Seek Estimates for Soundboard Etc. Replacement

 1999.03.31.03  Reroll Problem With Automatic Kit

 1999.03.30.04  Hardman 'Duo' Player Action

 1999.03.27.03  Need Decal for Lord & Company Piano

 1999.03.24.12  Gulbransen Air Motor Assembly

 1999.03.24.04  Player Technicians Listing at Player-Care

 1999.03.17.12  Source of Pianocorder Cassettes Is QRS

 1999.03.16.09  Seek Pianocorder Music Cassettes

 1999.03.12.06  Kimball Electramatic Spool Drive

 1999.03.05.07  John Roache's Passing

 1999.02.26.08  1968 Wurlitzer Solenoids

 1999.02.26.07  1968 Wurlitzer Solenoid Operated Player Piano

 1999.02.23.07  Foot Pedal Pin

 1999.02.22.11  Foot Pedal Bolt for Standard Player Action

 1999.02.09.15  Vacuum Cleaner vs. Tracker Bar Pump

 1999.02.09.08  QRS Joins Player Piano Ring

 1999.02.08.04  Piano Prices in Germany

 1999.02.02.07  Buying Piano Rolls via the Internet

 1999.01.30.12  Gluing Problem in Story & Clark Player

 1999.01.28.09  Schaff Piano Supply

 1999.01.20.07  Player Tech in Ft. Lauderdale FL

 1999.01.15.11  Player-Care Sales & Listing of Technicians

 1999.01.15.10  Good Musicians Rarely Meet Good Pianos

 1999.01.15.07  Boats And Player Pianos Are Luxury Items

 1999.01.14.10  Service Manual for 1970s Wurlitzer Player

 1999.01.13.15  Tonal Quality & The Piano Industry

 1998.12.29.09  Replacing Wind Motor Bushings

 1998.12.27.07  Database of Used Player Piano Parts

 1998.12.23.16  Unknown Origin of Used Player Piano Parts

 1998.12.22.19  Pouch Problems in 1970s Universal Player

 1998.12.21.06  Database of Used Player Piano Parts

 1998.12.20.08  Database of Used Player Piano Parts

 1998.12.12.08  Craig Brougher's Ding-A-Ling Orchestrion

 1998.11.24.05  Stability of Piano Tuning

 1998.11.21.08  Severely Cracked Pin Block

 1998.11.19.12  Determining the Finish - Varnish or Lacquer?

 1998.11.19.11  Severely Cracked Pin Block in Aeolian Grand

 1998.11.19.06  Pianomation '1' Is Working Again

 1998.11.18.07  Craig Brougher's Ding-A-Ling Orchestrion

 1998.11.18.04  Player Piano FAQ at Player-Care

 1998.11.07.12  A New Orchestrion is Born

 1998.11.07.03  Rachmaninoff Ampico CD as Victor Orthophonic 78

 1998.11.05.09  Pianomation Update

 1998.11.04.10  Intermittent QRS Pianomation One System

 1998.10.31.10  Rachmaninoff the Artist -- A Common-Sense Look

 1998.10.30.04  APSCO Cable for Mandolin Rail Control

 1998.10.28.12  Bicycle Cable for Mandolin Rail Control

 1998.10.24.10  Installing Heater Bar in Upright Player Piano

 1998.10.24.04  Indexed Search Engines

 1998.10.23.03  Rachmaninoff Ampico CD In Billboard's Top 10

 1998.10.14.08  Gluing Feeder Inserts

 1998.10.08.12  Player-Care/More Changes

 1998.10.05.28  PianoMation '1' Problem

 1998.10.05.20  Lauter-Humana/w MasterTouch Action

 1998.09.25.11  Gulbransen Glued Stack

 1998.09.24.08  The Player Piano Ring Update

 1998.09.24.05  Possessed Player Piano

 1998.09.18.12  Conn Strobotuner Repair and Calibration

 1998.09.13.10  The Player Piano Ring

 1998.09.13.02  Mechanical Music Terminology

 1998.09.10.03  The Player Piano Ring

 1998.09.07.05  Anniversary at Player-Care

 1998.08.28.14  Bamboo Needles for Victrolas

 1998.08.18.20  Marvel Mystery Oil for Rebuilt Air Motor

 1998.08.16.02  Dealer Margins

 1998.08.14.03  Valuating Items & Dealer Mark-up

 1998.08.02.03  H. C. Bay Piano

 1998.07.31.13  Replacement Parts for Reproducing Pianos

 1998.07.31.04  Search Within Domain

 1998.07.24.17  The Original QRS Roll of 'Ching Chong'

 1998.07.21.06  An Old Adage

 1998.07.20.07  Exciting the Children

 1998.07.19.14  Data Storage for PowerRoll

 1998.07.17.05  Ampico Reproducers and Solenoid Players

 1998.07.16.13  Duo-Art Air Motor Governor

 1998.07.16.09  PianoDisc PDS-128 Correction Noted

 1998.07.15.14  PianoDisc PDS 128 Problem

 1998.07.14.15  Seek Duo-Art Roll 7287-4, "Arpeggios" Etude

 1998.07.13.14  PianoDisc Problem

 1998.07.12.02  Mechanical Musical Ornaments

 1998.07.08.11  Schaff Piano Supply On-line

 1998.07.05.04  Verdi & Rossini

 1998.06.21.09  Duo-Art Accordion Pneumatics

 1998.06.11.12  Seek Welte Rolls

 1998.06.11.09  MIDI-to-MIDI on the Net

 1998.06.10.22  Seek Ampico 'A' Control Levers

 1998.06.09.14  MIDI-to-MIDI via the 'Net

 1998.05.25.17  Freedom for MMD Information

 1998.05.25.15  Freedom for MMD Information

 1998.05.25.13  Freedom for MMD Information - Frames

 1998.05.25.11  Freedom for MMD Information

 1998.05.24.05  Contacting QRS

 1998.05.22.08  Permission to Republish: Musty Smells

 1998.05.21.15  Temperature and Humidity for Pianos

 1998.05.21.09  Freedom for MMD Information

 1998.05.19.05  Informacion

 1998.05.17.09  Flaming in the MMD ; Was "What is Original ?"

 1998.05.17.05  White Metal, Hoyt Metal, Pot Metal

 1998.05.14.06  Switch Arcing - Thanks

 1998.05.13.08  Switch Arcing in Player Piano

 1998.05.12.14  Switch Arcing in Player Piano

 1998.05.08.09  Florida Piano Business for Sale

 1998.05.06.17  Ridding Musty Smells

 1998.05.06.14  Hammer Acceleration and Velocity

 1998.05.04.16  Solenoids vs. Pneumatics

 1998.05.02.08  Adjusting the Air-Motor Governor

 1998.05.02.06  That Old Musty Smell

 1998.05.01.15  Money Found In Piano

 1998.04.30.10  More Changes at Player-Care

 1998.04.19.01  CBS "Sunday Morning" Generates Catalog Requests

 1998.04.09.19  Player Pianos Do Wear Out

 1998.04.09.17  What a Reproducing Piano Should Be

 1998.04.09.09  Player-Care Technicians Page

 1998.04.08.17  Piano Network

 1998.04.05.17  Rebuild vs. Repair

 1998.04.05.06  Very Old Sheet Music

 1998.04.03.06  Found Inside a Piano

 1998.03.31.18  Dangers of the Piano Trade

 1998.03.31.12  Presto Buyers Guide of 1926

 1998.03.29.14  Embarrassing Piano Stories - Rocking the Piano

 1998.03.27.01  Hazards While Working Alone

 1998.03.26.04  Original or Reproduction

 1998.03.25.15  Ampico A & B Comparisons

 1998.03.24.08  Free Advice Page at Player-Care.com

 1998.03.22.20  Reproducing Piano Principles

 1998.03.18.18  Composition of Delrin

 1998.03.17.12  What is Delrin (Used in Solenoid Pianos)

 1998.03.16.12  Wurlitzer Solenoid Players

 1998.03.15.15  Wurlitzer Solenoid Players

 1998.03.12.04  Bob Berkman's Comments on QRS Celebrity Rolls

 1998.03.10.10  Piano Tuning by Ear

 1998.03.03.12  Mystery Leakage in Air-Motor

 1998.02.21.12  Prop for Player Bench

 1998.02.21.11  Piano Testing Tips at Player-Care

 1998.02.21.09  Controls on Aeolian "Sting" Pianola

 1998.02.17.08  Henry F. Miller Player Action

 1998.02.17.07  Time-to-Overhaul of New Players

 1998.02.17.05  Player Pianos For Rent

 1998.02.12.14  New Survey at Player-Care

 1998.02.08.08  Kudos to George Bogatko

 1998.02.06.12  Info for Larry Rubenstein

 1998.02.04.22  Arch Punches & Rotary Punch

 1998.02.04.20  Pouch Tool

 1998.02.01.08  Glue Edge Cuts the Pouches

 1998.01.31.18  Rebuilding the AMPICO Rotary Pump (Video)

 1998.01.31.16  Player-Care Opinion Poll (Free For All)

 1998.01.31.15  Featured Website for February 1998

 1998.01.31.14  Player Technicians in Alaska and Arizona Needed

 1998.01.28.11  Still Looking for Player Technicians

 1998.01.26.17  The Hammer Lift Rail in Reproducing Grands

 1998.01.18.08  Facts about Hot Hide Glue

 1998.01.15.09  Belly Cloth Bottom Cover for Player Grands

 1998.01.09.15  Value of Universal Player Company Piano

 1998.01.08.17  Regulating Upright Dampers

 1998.01.08.11  Gulbransen Recording Piano

 1998.01.05.20  Hammer Strike Point

 1998.01.05.13  Musical Prowess vs. Pumping Technique

 1998.01.03.09  Beginner's Player Piano Tutorial

 1998.01.01.18  Disassembling & Restoring Ampico Valve Blocks

 1998.01.01.07  QRS Educator Series Rolls

 1998.01.01.05  PlayerCare Opinion Poll

 1997.12.26.26  Useless Information in MMD

 1997.12.26.07  MMD Awards

 1997.12.25.12  Quick Bellows Repair

 1997.12.20.14  Dark Finishes in the 1920's

 1997.12.20.02  Hawaiian Songs in the 1920's

 1997.12.17.19  Rejuvenating Bellows Cloth

 1997.12.17.17  Pianocorder Info

 1997.12.17.14  Player Technician Directory

 1997.12.15.17  Problem with Pedal & Electric Player

 1997.12.14.19  1960s Aeolian Auto Shut-Off Pneumatic

 1997.12.14.14  Shiny Tracker Bars

 1997.12.14.10  Meaning of QRS

 1997.12.11.09  Neoprene Valve Facings Collect Dust

 1997.12.11.04  Holiday Decorations at PlayerCare

 1997.12.10.13  Action for Marshall & Wendell Piano

 1997.12.10.07  Playing Expression Rolls on a Pumper

 1997.12.02.13  Older Electric Kimball Player Piano

 1997.11.26.10  Player Pianos as a Business

 1997.11.26.03  Vestal Press' New Owner

 1997.11.19.09  Creating Demand

 1997.11.18.12  Ragtime Automated Music (RAM)

 1997.11.15.11  Phillips & Crew Piano Company

 1997.11.15.08  Manual vs. Auto Sustain #2

 1997.11.15.07  Manual vs. Auto Sustain

 1997.11.07.13  Upright Dampers/Nodal Ringing

 1997.10.26.03  Request for Financial Support

 1997.10.25.04  Audio to MIDI via Pianomation System ????

 1997.10.21.10  Player Piano Restoration Prices

 1997.10.19.14  Seek Player Tech in Wisconsin

 1997.10.19.07  Roger Waring's Prices

 1997.10.17.12  Pricing Guide

 1997.10.17.10  Universal Player Circuit Boards

 1997.10.16.13  Gulbransen Sustain Problem

 1997.10.16.03  Pricing Guide for MM Instruments

 1997.10.14.15  Welte Turbine Vacuum Pump

 1997.10.14.11  Performance of Solenoid Pianos

 1997.10.14.06  Music in TV Shows

 1997.10.08.17  Analyzing Web Site Activity

 1997.10.08.11  Replacing Ivory Keytops

 1997.10.04.12  Explanation of PlayerCare's Opinion Poll

 1997.10.03.08  Selling Mechanical Musical Instruments

 1997.10.02.07  Scott Currier's Solenoid Piano Survey

 1997.08.22.14  Player Technician Needed in Conneticut

 1997.08.18.05  Miscellaneous Visitors to MMD Web Site

 1997.08.14.11  Ivory Repair

 1997.08.13.06  PlayerCare Web Site Statistics

 1997.08.02.13  Needed: Player Technician in Colorado

 1997.08.02.12  Overseas Shipment of QRS Piano Rolls

 1997.07.28.15  Broken Screw

 1997.07.27.08  MIDI Sounds vs. Piano Sounds

 1997.07.27.05  The Canada Piano Chat Room

 1997.07.27.04  Used Roll Page

 1997.07.24.03  "Trackerbar Stomp"

 1997.07.23.02  Roll Exchange Advert Service

 1997.07.21.07  Teleconferencing with World Group Manager

 1997.07.21.05  My Faith in QRS

 1997.07.19.02  Overseas Air Mail Rates and Sticker Shock

 1997.07.19.01  Seek Stop Dictionary for Cottage Reed Organ

 1997.07.18.12  Using Telnet for Teleconferencing

 1997.07.17.15  Using Telnet

 1997.07.14.12  Aeolian Block Valves

 1997.07.14.02  Surface mail Overseas

 1997.07.10.05  Spider-web Damage to Electronic Circuits

 1997.07.04.05  MIDI Jukebox Feature

 1997.07.03.02  Installing Midi files into Web Pages

 1997.07.02.06  More New Features at Web Site

 1997.06.29.08  Help Identify Lingard Player

 1997.06.27.04  Old Roll Values

 1997.06.26.13  PlayerCare's Want Ads and For Sale Page

 1997.06.25.06  Electrical Safety

 1997.06.25.02  Diagnosis of Moth Infestation

 1997.06.23.07  Lauter Humana Tubing Drawings

 1997.06.21.04  Air-Motors and Idleness

 1997.06.13.11  Drawing of Lauter Humana

 1997.06.12.13  FS: Old "Pneumatic Symphony" Organ Rolls

 1997.06.12.09  Rhapsody in Blue

 1997.06.07.02  Player Pianos in Western Movies

 1997.06.05.10  Valves Leaking at Low Vacuum

 1997.06.05.07  Source of Music Roll Boxes

 1997.06.01.07  Universal Parts

 1997.05.30.02  Universal problems

 1997.05.26.08  Aluminium-Foiled Again!

 1997.05.25.12  Not Worth It!!!

 1997.05.20.04  Web Site Updated

 1997.05.13.19  Have Your [Financial] Cake and Eat It Too

 1997.05.13.08  Interesting Website

 1997.05.11.16  Membership Fee

 1997.05.11.05  Knabe Soundboard Decal

 1997.05.08.17  Gutted Players/the Bright Side

 1997.05.08.07  The Lauter Air Motor

 1997.05.05.06  Lauter

 1997.04.28.17  Trimming Plastic Keytops

 1997.04.21.15  Hardman Duo

 1997.04.18.10  Transcribing Music Box to Midi

 1997.04.17.12  Pianocorder Parts

 1997.04.09.07  QRS Music Website

 1997.04.06.11  60's Vintage Aeolians and Auto-Sustain

 1997.04.06.01  National Book Network

 1997.03.30.12  Replacing Lead Tubing

 1997.03.30.09  Player Technicians Listing

 1997.03.17.07  Encyclopedia Error

 1997.03.05.15  Solenoid Players

 1997.03.03.21  Hammer Suppliers

 1997.03.03.16  Solenoid Players

 1997.03.02.12  Loose Tuning Pins

 1997.02.28.17  Story and Clark Pump Assembly

 1997.02.26.21  Testing With Incense Stick

 1997.02.26.18  Standard Action Valves

 1997.02.26.16  Valve Travel

 1997.02.26.04  www.PlayerCare.com is On-line

 1997.02.23.08  Broken 1926 Stroud in Hawaii

 1997.02.21.10  Types of Standard Player Action

 1997.02.19.08  Estimating Player Repair Costs

 1997.02.15.24  Crude Oil for Piano Finishes

 1997.02.11.10  Crude Oil for Piano Finishes

 1997.02.09.23  Regulating Lesson

 1997.02.09.19  MMD Editorial Practices

 1997.02.09.13  MMD Editorial Practices

 1997.02.08.07  Communicating Expertise and Critical Adjustments

 1997.02.08.06  MMD Editorial Practices

 1997.02.08.05  Re: Mechanical Music for the Masses

 1997.02.03.07  Quoting Error

 1997.02.01.02  E-mail Invoice "E-nvoice"

 1997.01.31.06  Business Via Internet

 1997.01.30.12  Piano Refinishing Horror Story

 1997.01.30.03  My New Map Page for Player Technicians

 1997.01.27.14  Key Recovering Service

 1997.01.27.13  Grinding Ivory Keytops

 1997.01.27.09  Switched-off Keys

 1997.01.22.10  Re: Underside Cover for Reproducing Grand

 1997.01.22.09  PPCo's Attitude?

 1997.01.19.05  Re: Fees for Services

 1997.01.17.13  Pouches for Universal Piano

 1997.01.05.05  Re: Web Page Lists Player Techs

 1997.01.02.04  Signature Block Style

 1997.01.01.03  Re: Signature Block

 1997.01.01.02  Re: Web Page Lists Player Techs

 1997.01.01.01  Info needed for MBSI Web Page

 1996.12.31.01  Web Page Lists Player Techs

 1996.12.30.05  My New Website Pages

 1996.12.30.03  Re: Microsoft Automobiles

 1996.12.26.01  Need Pump Organ Repaired in West Palm Beach

 1996.12.24.12  Re: Australian Stewart Piano

 1996.12.24.09  Short Story and Holiday Greeting

 1996.12.16.13  Forming Bundled Tubing

 1996.12.15.11  Re: Electrified Pumpers

 1996.12.15.10  Re: Replacing the Piano Hammers

 1996.12.15.05  "May I Tune the Piano For You?"

 1996.12.14.06  Re: Removing Old Tracker Bar Tubing

 1996.12.14.05  Need Player Tech in Maine

 1996.12.10.06  Re: Do-it-yourself Piano Repair

 1996.12.04.07  Disklaviers in 2068?

 1996.11.14.13  Player Technician Needed/Redwood City, CA

 1996.11.05.15  Cents, Cycles, Tuning

 1996.11.05.05  Re: Pianocorder Cassette Repair

 1996.11.03.05  The Chase-Hackley Player

 1996.11.02.08  Chase Player

 1996.11.02.04  MIDI Composing in Record Time!

 1996.10.31.09  The MIDI Music Creation Process

 1996.10.30.05  Pneumatic Cloth

 1996.10.25.11  Gulbransen Unit Pneumatics

 1996.09.26.11  Two Notes for the Price of One

 1996.09.11.13  Re: Plastic "In Pianos"

 1996.09.10.10  Re: Converting MIDI to .WAV

 1996.09.10.04  Acronym for the Digest

 1996.09.09.04  Tuftane Pouches

 1996.09.09.03  Re: Pouches

 1996.09.07.06  Synthetic Pouches

 1996.09.07.05  Dust filters

 1996.09.05.04  Universal/ R22A

 1996.09.04.06  Converting MIDI to .WAV

 1996.09.02.06  Re: Disk vs. Disc

 1996.09.01.05  Universal Player Piano Schematic

 1996.08.30.02  Slowing the Motor

 1996.08.29.05  Loudness vs. Pleasure

 1996.08.29.03  Nodal Ringing

 1996.08.18.05  Pianocorder Repair Parts Source

 1996.08.18.04  Re: Veneer Sources

 1996.08.17.09  Value of Old Piano Rolls

 1996.08.17.01  Re: Safety: I'm truly impressed !

 1996.08.12.01  Warped Keybed

 1996.08.09.02  Neoprene Tubing/ Fire !!

 1996.08.01.04  QRS Catalog

 1996.07.25.01  My Unnecessarily Rude Behavior

 1996.07.24.03  I Don't Think So !! Pratt-Reed Problem

 1996.07.23.05  Pratt-Reed Player Regulation

 1996.07.22.04  Converting .WAV to MIDI

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