There are at least four critical adjustments between the Play/ReRoll 
lever and the transmission. Since there are 50+ player systems, 
there are also 50+ different sets of adjustments. 

In general, three things must happen when switching from ReRoll to 

1) The sliding pinion gear in the trasmission must come in contact 
with the main drive gear, which is attached to the take-up spool.

2) The Cut-Out valve must be deactivated (this might be tricky). 
Since there are two basic ways in which this can be accomplished 
depending on the type of mechanism (pneumatic or mechanical), 
anything I might say could be misleading. However, the function 
of the cut-off valve is to open and close the air channel leading 
from the lower section to the upper section. The main vacuum supply 
tube is typically on the left side of the lower section and passes 
through the keybed. There is typically a control box where the large 
supply tube is attached. By opening that box, you can see the valve 
and watch it's operation as you shift positions. Make sure the 
valve covers the hole leading to the upper section when the unit 
is in ReRoll, and opens the hole 100% when in Play.

3) The Fast Reroll Port must be open in ReRoll and closed when 
in Play. The control box containing the port and valve is 
typically on the far right of the lower section. Here again, 
opening the control box will expose the valve. Don't be alarmed 
when you see two sliding valves in the control box. One is for 
the Tempo control, the other is the Fast ReRoll Valve. Moving 
each lever will identify which one is which. Insure that the 
valve closes the vacuum port leading to the air motor when the 
unit is in the Play position.

Sometimes, the activating lever inside of the transmission 
can slip out of the groove in the sliding pinion gear. This 
sometimes happens if the Play/ReRoll lever is activated too 
forcefully or too quickly, but if that is the case, then the 
transmission is in need of some service. 

If your unit uses pneumatic valves instead of mechanical sliding 
valves, the information above will be of little use in correcting 
the problem. However, the principals of operation are identical 
in both systems. 

In a nut shell, the vacuum hose leading to the upper section or 
windchest (stack) must be turned off during ReRoll and open during 
Play. The fast-reroll valve must be closed during Play. The pinion 
gear must be in full contact with the main drive gear, which is 
connected to the take-up spool when the unit is in Play.

Hope this helps. 


John A. Tuttle

At 12:03 AM 6/23/99 -0500, you wrote:
>    John,  A friend of mine has a player piano that is  electrified, his
>grandson has done something to it . The piano goes forward in  the re-roll
>mode.I can not get it to change from re-roll to play, it is jammed.  I
>think if you tell me what to do I can fix it, or if you know where I can
>get  the info on how to fix it, I would love to see his piano playing again
>as I know  he misses it very much. Thank you for your time. Pam

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