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Baldwin Player Piano Patents

Original document found in a Baldwin Manualo player piano.

Issue DatePatent NumberDescription (Title on Patent)
NOV 13, 1900 US661860Pump for Automatic Instruments
DEC 27, 1904 US778365Mechanical Musical Instrument Player
APR 25, 1905 US788472Pneumatic Motor for Musical Instruments
MAY 2, 1905 US789029Pneumatic Musical Instrument Player
MAY 23, 1905 US790575Mechanical Musical Instrument Player
DEC 5, 1905 US806148Automatic Piano
DEC 5, 1905 US806149Automatic Musical Instrument
JAN 9, 1906 US809919Pneumatic Motor
JAN 16, 1906 US810057Mechanical Musical Instrument Player
MAR 27, 1906 US816169Pneumatic Motor Governor
MAY 29, 1906 US822111Music Sheet and Spool for Self Playing Musical Apparatus
JUNE 23, 1908 US891685Musical Device Wind Inducing Apparatus
JUNE 23, 1908 US891801Musical Device Pneumatic Apparatus
JULY 14, 1908 US893579Musical Device Pneumatic Apparatus
JULY 30, 1912 US1033885Musical Instrument Control Handle
JULY 30, 1912 US1034098Musical Instrument Bellows
MAR 11, 1913 US1055394Piano Autoplaying Connection
MAR 18, 1913 US1056093Musical Instrument Bellows
MAR 18, 1913 US1056182Musical Instrument Control Handle
MAR 25, 1913 US1056984Piano Playing Controlling Device
MAR 25, 1913 US1056985Piano Playing Pumping Pedals
APR 29, 1913 US1059987Piano Playing Expression Device
JUNE 24, 1913 US1065602Musical Instrument Roll Parts
APR 14, 1914 US1093046Web Guiding Device
APR 14, 1914 US1093179Web Guilding Detector Device
JUNE 23, 1914 US1101173Piano Playing Pneumatic Action
JUNE 30, 1914 US1101626Musical Instrument Tempo Controller
JUNE 30, 1914 US1101691Music Player Chests and Tubes
JUNE 30, 1914 US1101842Music Roll Propelling System
JUNE 30, 1914 US1101919Pneumatic and Self Playing Musical Apparatus
JUNE 30, 1914 US1102216Piano Playing Air System
JULY 14, 1914 US1103138Musical Instrument Roll Adjuster
JULY 14, 1914 US1103193Piano Case Slide Door Device
JULY 14, 1914 US1103753Piano Pedal Support
JULY 14, 1914 US1103754Air Valve
JULY 14, 1914 US1103871Musical Instrument Roll Gearing Shift and Brake
JULY 14, 1914 US1103872Musical Instrument Pumper Connection
JULY 21, 1914 US1104729Piano Playing Control System
JULY 28, 1914US1105071Music Player Valve
AUG 4, 1914 US1106040Music Player Valve Action
AUG 4, 1914 US1106041Doors In Multiple With Control
AUG 4, 1914 US1106297Music Roll Winding and Rewinding Apparatus
AUG 11, 1914 US1106820Player Piano Pneumatic Bellows
AUG 18, 1914 US1108071Music Player and Other Tracker Bar
SEPT 1, 1914 US1109573Centering Means For Feed Guides
SEPT 29, 1914 US1112061Web Guilding Device
SEPT 7, 1915 US1153056Music Player Valve
JUNE 20, 1916 US1188102Musical Instrument Fall Board
JULY 17, 1917 US1233864Musical Instrument Bellows
JULY 24, 1917 US1234864Patent Not Available
JAN 1, 1918 US1252273Patent Not Available
JAN 8, 1918 US1253110Musical Instrument Air Governor Check
JAN 29, 1918 US1255190Valve
FEB 12, 1918 US1256010Electric Motor Suspension Means
FEB 12, 1918 US1256467Music Player Action Pianissimo Device
FEB 12, 1918 US1256468Air Control Governor
FEB 26, 1918 US1257296Musical Instrument Expression Controller
FEB 26, 1918 US1257697Music Sheet With Expression Perforations
MAR 5, 1918 US1258105Air Pumper Or Motors Circulation Check
MAR 5, 1918 US1258555Music Player Foot And Power Exchange
MAR 12, 1918 US1259010Music Player Action
APR 2, 1918 US1261115Pitman
APR 9, 1918 US1262610Music Roll Gearing
APR 23, 1918 US1263878Music Player Winding And Electric Shifter
MAY 7, 1918 US1265319Pneumatic Diaphran Follower
JULY 9, 1918 US1271562Air Pump Check
JUL 9, 1918 US1272249Pitman And Spreader
DEC 10, 1918 US1287283Electric Switch
MAR 29, 1921 US1373154Music Roll Gearing Shifter
DEC 20, 1921 US1400921Mechanical Musical Instrument
FEB 20, 1923 US1445807Piano Playing Pneumatic Action

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