Brougher Restorations
Craig Brougher, Author of:
Orchestrion Builder's Manual and Pneumatics Handbook
3500 S Claremont Ave.
 Independence, MO 64052

As of July 13, 2018, Mr. Brougher is no longer accepting any new work. His web pages will remain here so that you can read about how he conducted business, what he offered his customers, and see/hear the results of his world renowned craftsmanship.

Complete Piano facilities

Reproducer Specialist
Grands, Orchestrions
Player Pianos, Custom Work
Veneer and  Case Repair
 Finishes and Art Cases
 Concert Regulator & Voicer
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We do both! Complete restorations or selective repairs on antique pneumatic players and their parts. (Orchestrions and Band Organs are limited in height to standard ceilings, however.)

Most of our customers are out of state, and prefer to ship their instruments to us. We receive and ship instruments around the world.

Our pricing, reputation, and guarantee has always assured our customer friends that not only will they get what they paid for, but more than they expected.

We have enjoyed benefitting people this way in the wonderful field of automatic music, and have made many lifelong friends because of it! I think because people who love these instruments are by nature really fine people, in general.

We would like to get to know you, too, and want you to know us. You should have complete confidence in anyone before you ship a valuable instrument. That is why we post this guarantee on our home page:

"I have always guaranteed our workmanship to be the highest caliber available. Others do this as well, but I also guarantee the performance of both the instrument or the parts we have restored for a period of 1 year from the date we finished. That means, we take full responsibility for problems in that instrument caused or overlooked by our rebuilding. It may be an antique musical instrument, but it should never have problems due to old age when you have it restored. From that point on, it should play like it did when it was new, or better than new. This is possible because we detail your instrument note by note, unlike most factories that produced them."
Signed: Craig Brougher


Old Fashion technology married with the finest craftsmanship, parts and materials money could buy, the Spirit of Independence Orchestrion, handmade by Craig Brougher, is a 'One-of-a-Kind' wonder that must be seen AND heard to be fully appreciated. To visit the site dedicated to this marvelous musical masterpiece - Click Here . There are now Five New Audio CDs Available!! - Click Here!


A complete manual about the Don'ts and Do's of Pneumatic Devices. From the design considerations to materials, final construction, or repair techniques, every aspect of this book is written from the viewpoint of a skeptic who tests everything. The appendix on "testing" seems especially helpful to everyone. - Click Here .

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