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We do all our own finishes because so few refinishers today really know how to put on a true piano finish like pianos used to have. We call it a 'Classic piano finish.' We can also hand rub finishes to a high gloss. This is NOT the plastic finish you find on pianos today with widely rounded corners that look as though they've first been dipped and hung up to drip dry. This is a real, hand-rubbed satin semi-gloss, or gloss finish. And, it's far less expensive than most good finishes available.

Satin finishes are usually the most popular. Our satins come in a variety of sheens, depending on the case and overall appearance, including the color. We do not put out the typical 'steel-wooled look' for a true satin finish. Ours has a clarity, fill, and smoothness that could be polished up to full gloss, if wanted. (The steel-wool look has a 'greyish cast' to it, and except for ebony finishes, we do not think that is the best looking satin we can make. However, if you want that, we can do it.) We will finish your piano the way you want it if you have special requests. Authentic shaded cases are no problem.

You may not think you want a well-finished piano until you see one. Part of a good finish, of course, is the staining. We use only permanent acid-based dye stains which are light fast. These stains are also selected for the brand and type piano. Our 'Golden Oak' is world-famous, having a proprietary coloration which gives it a depth and inner glow that few if any other instruments seem to have. I call it 'Saffron-golden oak'. Of course, all the other oak colors are readily available, too, including limed oak and mission oak. Our top finishes are professional quality nitro-cellulose lacquer.

Our casework repairs are limited to touch-up, carving, missing molding pieces, and missing trim. Our major veneering is usually reserved for custom work. Pianos which have gone through fire and water damage often need more casework than we are willing to provide. However, we have many times built piano bottoms, legs, fancy carved trim, and pieces to fit into the existing decor. So if you have one of those, call me first, and maybe send a picture. We'll work something out, usually.

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