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Craig no longer does rebuilding work

We also specialize in very reasonably priced repairs and partial work. Often, we will get calls asking us to do just the pump, or just the stack, and end up doing everything, once they see how nicely things have all worked out.

We think you will enjoy talking to us and making plans to get certain things restored which you don't have confidence in doing yourself. Remember, we guarantee workmanship and performance of every part which we are asked to restore, for one year. Frankly, if you haven't had trouble within a year's time, the chances are you won't ever have any trouble. Pneumatics are about the most reliable mechanisms ever built, but even they can have problems. If you ever have a problem, your extra shipping expenses are absorbed by us both ways.

We typically receive boxes of block valves, like for Ampicos and Amphions, and rebuild them all completely. We do not restore pot metal valves if the metal is cracking or crumbling. Sorry. But, we might be able to find you a satisfactory replacement. We'll work with you, don't worry. We want you to be comfortable with us and feel like you have a friend here who is primarily interested in a great rebuilding job, just like you are. With our shop, any future problem you may have with a component will be a 'brand new' problem, and not one left there from the factory.

Speaking of things with pot metal. We usually have to locate a replacement for it, since they often will not hold up. Sometimes there is no choice but to try to repair what you have, and hope it will last. Sorry, that's just the nature of things in a few cases. But we do it in a very good way, and have never heard of any complaints in our over 30 years of operation. So you never know' it may last another 30 or more years for you, too.

Parts which are sent to us incomplete, broken, warped, or modified in some way often have to be remade. This too is possible. Doesn't bother us at all. So just tell us what you want, or we'll get back in touch with you by phone and we'll talk about what we can do for it. For every problem, there's a solution, so don't worry too much. We like taking care of stuff that nobody else can figure out how to fix. We wrote a book about it. (see below)

Underneath a 1915 Ampico Grand Piano
Orchestrion Builder's Manual
and Pneumatics Handbook
Adjusting the Dampers

Instructional Videos from Craig Brougher
Installing and Regulating the early Amphion Ampico in a Grand Piano
Correct Method of Rebuilding the AMPICO Vacuum Pump

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This version of 'Rose Marie' was arranged by Craig Brougher.
The original file was created by Spencer Chase who scanned an original Duo-Art roll.

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