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Builder's Manual
and Pneumatics

Written by Craig Brougher
17 Signed and Numbered Copies Available (Mar 28, 2018)

A must for anyone who is serious about pneumatic devices, The Orchestrion Builder's Manual and Pneumatics Handbook, by Craig Brougher (professional rebuilder, master craftsman and noted author), is now available exclusively from Player-Care for $78.00 plus $8.45 USPS Priority shipping. This great reference is full of ideas as well as lots of practical tips! Sixteen Chapters, 11 Appendices, fully indexed, 256 large, clear illustrations and 163 drawings, 238 pages, hardbound. To purchase this excellent reference, just Click Here!

    Philosophy of Orchestrion Building
    Case and Piano Modifications & Preparation
    Modifying or Building a Player Stack
    Coin Mechanisms and Electrical Systems
    Pumps, Regulators and Reservoirs
    Deciding on a Spool-Frame
    Valves & Pouch Cutouts
    Designing Expression Regulators
    Lock and Cancel Systems
    Designing & Building Percussion Instruments
    Building a Xylophone
    Automating an Accordion
    Pipe Chests
    Building Mandolin Rails

    Sealing Wood and Leather
    Curing & Stabilizing Wood
    Tips on using Hide Glue
    Selecting Leather
    The Piano Lid Orchestrion
    Testing Components
    Timesaving Suggestions
    Xylophone Scales
    Dual Pouch Regulator
    Trackerbar Scales

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