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1. We do not buy and sell instruments as part of our business income. The reason for this is time and overhead. We must keep prices low on restorations, to allow the customer a good reason to spend money shipping his instrument back and forth, and still get the finest restoration at the best price. Therefore, we specialize strictly in restorations and repairs of your instrument, and our time is not divided by buying, selling, and brokering instruments. We are not a store. The only instruments or parts we might sell have been our own personal instruments.

2. We do not run a tuning business. Tuning requires daily practice and regular clientele. Professional tuners must tune regularly to keep proficient and to keep their customer base. We hire tuning done here, so that we can specialize in rebuilding. Your projects will not be delayed by our tuning customer base, because we don't do that!

3. We do not do cut-rate work for other shops on a regular basis. Again, this is so that we can devote ourselves, full-time, to our chosen profession; restoring YOUR player. It also keeps us sharp, because by not hiring on with other rebuilding shops, our techniques remain first-class to our own set of standards; not theirs, which means our work remains well-tested because we intend to stand personally answerable for it to you, the customer.

4. We never farm work out to other shops. We do all our own work, and that is exactly why we are able to guarantee performance to you, personally. (Few rebuilders will actually put this in writing, you will find.)

5. We do not sell rolls and supplies. Again, this takes time from personal, one-on-one restorations. You want a personal relationship with your rebuilder. Someone you can talk to, and someone who will talk to you straight. Someone whom you can call any time, ask anything of, and isn't going to charge you every time you have a question or request. We want you to feel comfortable and exclusive, and very appreciated for the one thing we do; rebuilding for you, personally. (Not to criticize those who do manage a store, of course).

6. We do not bill you "For Work Done." We believe in honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility. That is why we give you a written itemized estimate with each item priced out. From an itemized list, you are able to remove items not wanted, or add items needed, as you wish. This way, we can be held accountable, which is what we want!

7. We do not store your instruments awaiting restoration. When you sign a contract with us, we ask for a small earnest deposit to assure both sides of our earnest intent. If for some reason we would default before the piano were shipped, we would owe you twice the earnest money back. At the same time, we do not ask that the piano be shipped until we are close to being ready for it. This lowers your costs of restoration, by the way, since the more instruments we are responsible for, the more everything is going to cost.

We think you will appreciate our straightforward, clear-speaking ways of doing business, and even more, our superior ways of restoring your instruments. We think that once you have contacted us for the receipt of your instrument, you will appreciate the direct approach and the fun of dealing confidently with an internationally reputable shop, known for its low prices and superb instruments.

Spirit of Independence Orchestrion

Old Fashion technology married with the finest craftsmanship, parts and materials money could buy, the Spirit of Independence Orchestrion is a 'One-of-a-Kind' instrument that must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated. Click Here to visit the site dedicated to this marvelous musical masterpiece named 'SOFI'. This instrument is now for sale!

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