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Globe: We live in the tiny dot, NJ

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Standard Player Action Tubing (Major)
(This page was created in 2002)

After thirty in the business, it surprised me to find that no one had ever taken the time to make a diagram of the basic tubing layout of a Standard Player Action. While it is indeed the most common of all player actions, this particular aspect of the mechanism seems to have fallen between the cracks. The picture below is not fancy, but there is an explanation of the various vacuum lines (below) that should suffice. Also, placing your mouse over each of the parts will give a very brief explanation of that part (works best with Firefox browser) and clicking your mouse on most of the parts will take you to a web page that has information about that part of the player system. To read more about How the Player Piano Works -Click Here.

Tracking Device - Keeps the holes in the music roll aligned with the holes in the TrackerBar The Transmission - Controls the direction of the music roll, either forward or reverse (Play or Reroll) The Air-Motor - Converts vacuum into rotary mechanical motion to drive the transmission The Stack or Wind Chest - Houses the valves, pouches and bellows that play the piano The Push Buttons - Used to control the expression of the music. Left-to-right: Sustain (or Loud), Bass Soft, Treble Soft The Bass Soft Device - Used to reduce the volume in the bass register The Treble Soft Device - Used to reduce the volume in the treble register The Action Cut-Out Device - Controls the vacuum to the Wind Chest -Like an On-Off Switch The Tempo Control Box - Used to vary the speed of the air-motor The Automatic Sustain Device - Operates the Sustain Pedal (or Loud Pedal) The Foot Treadles (or Pedals) - Depressing the pedals provides the energy to operate the Exhausters The Reservoir - Stores the vacuum created by the Exhausters The Exhauster - Creates the vacuum for the player system The Exhauster - Creates the vacuum for the player system The Wind Truck - Channels the vacuum to the various components in the system The Air Motor Governor - Regulates the speed of the air-motor The Reservoir - Stores the vacuum created by the Exhausters The Play/ReRoll Lever - Shifts various components into either the Play or the ReRoll mode The Tempo Lever - Allows the user to vary the Tempo of the music from 0-120 The Trackerbar - Senses the perforations on the music roll; one hole per note The Take-Up Spool - Pulls the paper across the trackerbar; connected to the transmission The Spool Box - This is where the music roll goes Auto-Sustain 'On-Off' Switch - Turns the Auto-Sustain 'On' or 'Off'
map of Standard Tubing

The blue lines are vacuum supply tubing. One for the stack, one for the air motor, one for the tracking device, and three for peripheral devices (auto-sustain, bass soft, and treble soft). In all cases, locate the flanges (or air fittings) that are the same diameter and connect a tube between them. In 98% of all cases, the manufacturer placed each fitting (flange or nipple) so that its 'mate' was as close as possible to the component to which it was connected.

The red lines are control tubes (or signal tubes). They are used for turning the various devices 'on & off'. Control tubes are typically all the same diameter. To prevent confusion, the control tubes for the tracking device are not shown. (They are usually made of lead, and normally don't need to be replaced.)

The purple lines represent the mechanical linkage for the Play/Rewind Lever, which simultaneously controls the operation of the Cut-Out Box ('On' or 'Off'), the Tempo Control Box (Fast 'Rewind' or Normal 'Play'), and the Transmission ('Play' or 'Rewind').

The green line represent the mechanical linkage for the Tempo Control Lever. It controls the position of the sliding valve inside of the Tempo Control Box, which is used to vary the speed of the Air Motor while the system is in the 'Play' mode.

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