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The total production run, spanning twenty years, was made without any major changes in the player unit. Some of the later ones did eliminate the primary valves; in this case, there was a different type of bottom pump assembly having one reservoir across the two pumps instead of one at either side. An "S" monogram was displayed on the pump pedal mats. The patented "double-hole" tracking system is an easy identification (see below). It was also used by Autopiano and Kimball, but with the vertical, spaced tracking pneumatics {see 8 and 9). For purpose of identification, see illustration of tracking pneumatic below, which was used only on Standard actions. Another component that is common to all Standard actions is the five-point air motor with the sliding valves pointing forward.

The Standard action was by far the most common player action ever produced. Nearly 50% of all player piano makers installed the Standard action at some time during their production run. For more information about the Standard Player Action Company, the Autopiano Co, and the Auto Pneumatic Action Co., click here.

Standard Tracker
The Tracker Device is always positioned on the left side of the Spool Box.
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At Player-Care.com, I'm always looking for ways to help people by presenting information about player pianos. Sometimes I need a little help, and every so often I need a lot of help. Now, I need a lot of help. I'm creating a database of information about the Standard Player Action. Basically, the database will help people determine the age of "no-name" player pianos and player pianos about which very little is known. All I need is some simple, easy to find information. If you'd like to participate -click here! Thank you!!

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