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AEOLIAN 64 & 88 Note (MODERN)

Made for a period of some 26 years between 1960-1986, the Aeolian Company had eight basic models; Duo/Art, Pianola, Musette, Hardman, Cabaret, Sting, Sting II, and Keepsake. While the cabinet styles were all different, the internal workings of the player mechanism were virtually identical (except in the 64-note model). There are a few production changes over the years as Aeolian struggled to perfect the Automatic Rewind and Shut-Off sequences. However, there is one very unique feature about the Aeolian players that makes them extremely easy to identify, and that is the placement of the 5-bellows Wind Motor, which is ALWAYS to the left of the Spoolbox (in the upper half of the piano).

Since there were tens of thousands of Aeolian players produced, many of them are still in existence and a fair number of them still work. However, the mechanism was not made of very high quality materials and as a result there have been numerous problems with Aeolian players over their relatively short lifetime. Therefore, I have listed a number of links below which lead to various webpages that contain information about the instruments.

The Sting and Sting II Models
Aeolian Plastic Block Valves
Replacing Block Valves
Common Problems with Aeolian Players
More Common Problems
Accessing the Piano Action
How To operate a Player Piano

I have also written a number of articles about the modern Aeolian players for the Mechanical Music Digest. A listing of the articles can be accessed by clicking on this link - click here!

Top Action - Left Side
88-Note Aeolian Electric/Foot Pump Model
Click on the image to see a larger picture.

Pianola Top Action - Right Side - Front View Pianola Top Action - Left Side - Front View Pianola Top Action - Right Side - Top View Pianola Top Action - Left Side - Top View
Early 64-Note "Pianola" by Aeolian Corp. - Top Action Views
Click on thumbnail image to see a larger picture
Photos - Courtesy of Christopher Baldwin

The model pictured above has both Foot Pump and Electric Vacuum Pump operation. However, it does not have Bass and Treble Soft Controls. Equipped with Auto Rewind and Auto Shut-Off, it was considered Aeolian's first Fully Automatic player piano of the modern era.

For the Aeolian 64/88 Note Service Manual - CLICK HERE!

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