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Steger & Sons

Other than the information and links on this webpage, there is no other information available about this system at this time. The five patents listed on the name tag in the spoolbox are shown below. We have also located other Steger & Sons patents. Click on each number to see the patent. Also, click on this link to read a description of the Steger system.

US980747 - Spring-loaded valve (1911)
US981363 - Spring-loaded valve (1911)
US984465 - Key Lock (1911)
US984466 - Expression & Tempo (1911)
US986621 - Sliding Panel (1911)
US998743 - Transmission (1911)
US1001923 - Pneumatic bellows (1911)
US1012316 - Exhauster Bellows (1911)
US1012317 - Primary/Secondary Valve (1911)
US1021502 - Player Mechanism (1912)
US1024174 - Tracking Device (1912)
US1037584 - Hammer Rail Lift (1912)
US1048486 - Hammer Rail Lift (1912)
US1065634 - Player Action (1913)
US1070637 - Manual Roll Tracking (1913)
US1074222 - Folding Pedal (1913)
US1074223 - Folding Pedal (1913)
US1082369 - Hammer Rail Lift (1913)

There is NO technical literature available for this player system.

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