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Notice: As of October 2014, I am no longer doing restoration or service work. All of my time is now spent running Player-Care. However, if you're having a problem with your player piano, you can call me at 732-840-8787 or send me an email and I'll try to help you.

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Although I know a lot about fixing player pianos, nickelodeons, pump organs and reproducing instruments, doing business on the Internet is still interesting and challenging. I have discovered a world of knowledge and experience exists on the Internet and I have tapped into every source I've found. Even if I can't answer your question/s directly, I can usually find the answers in relatively short order. My E-Mail involvement with numerous professional rebuilders, collectors and enthusiasts has opened up 'databases' of information that twenty years ago would have taken decades to accumulate. Specific questions relating to repair and restoration processes, testing procedures, player mechanisms are always welcome. However, I am not a good source for information relating to values of music rolls or mechanical musical instruments because I do not buy or sell these items.

Presently, my Player Piano Repair & Tuning Service, located in Brick, NJ., still pays some the bills, and exposure on the Net/Web has vastly expanded my area of operation. How I got here is an interesting story. These days, I conduct most of my contract negotiations via e-mail. It's fast and accurate, and best of all there is a record of everything that is discussed. Using some of the information found on my Prices & Terms page, people are able to get a basic understanding of the costs involved before any work is ever started. My first major restoration project that was handled in this manner involved a customer in Boston, MA and his grand father's player piano. Check out the pictures of the 'Francis Bacon' which was completed around the middle of September, 1998.

I still travel quite a bit and often work out-of-state repairing and servicing player pianos, nickelodeons, pump organs and reproducing instruments. Unfortunately, due to the increasing demands on my time because of the Internet, I no longer get involved with refinishing. However, I do know people who are truly experts in the field, and I don't hesitate to recommend them when it's necessary.

Since I do not get involved with the buying and selling of instruments, I operate my business from my home in Brick, NJ (near Asbury Park, Point Pleasant and Toms River). Basically, half of my home is devoted to player piano rebuilding of one sort or another. Since my marriage to Susannah in October, 2005, the areas where we 'live' are beginning to take on a new and much needed change. Having a feminine influence around the house is very ewnjoyable.

I use to enjoy fishing and camping in New Jersey a lot more often, but I've had so little time these days that I'm no longer very good at catching fish, but I've become a pro at drowning worms. My hobbies are still composing music, poetry, and writing. I am still working on my first book which will be titled "I love a Player" (the preface). It is going to be the first children's guide to understanding the principles of operation that allow the player piano to work. My hope is that I can keep it simple enough for a child to understand and thereby entice youngsters to consider the trade as a livelihood. I am forever being asked about an apprentice. I've trained more than my share of young men AND women. If I can spirit one or more young people into the trade by capturing their imagination with my book before I retire, I will have achieved my goal. I hope to complete it by 2010. The chapter on the pouch and valve can be seen at "I love a Player"(the book). The "Preface", A World Wonder, can be selected from the Navigation Bar below this paragraph. It explains how I first became involved with player pianos and their relationship to my life. However, these days I spend much of my 'free' time creating new web pages to help people solve particular problems. Also, I continue to spend time writing Testing Procedures for some of the major components of the player system.

Occasionally, I get noticed for the work I've done over the years. Here are a few links to the pages that explain things in detail: Roger Waring Award, Best in Business Award, and Customers' Testimonials

John A Tuttle
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I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for visiting.

The MIDI file Now Playing is called "Love Is All That Matters" written for Susannah, my lovely wife.

This is the 1st advertisement used by John Tuttle in 1976

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Since "Player-Care" is an internet business, I prefer that we correspond via E-Mail (click here to fill out the 'Request Form'). However, if I'm not in the middle of some other activity, you can reach me at 732-840-8787. But please understand that during the hours from 8AM-5PM EST (Mon-Sat), I'm generally quite busy. So, I probably won't answer the phone. If you get the answering machine, please leave a detailed message stating the reason for your call. Also, repeat your name and phone number clearly and distinctly. By necessity, I prioritize everything in my life. And, if you call and just leave your name and number, and ask me to call you back, it might be a day or two before I return your call. Why? Because I don't know why you want me to call and I might not be prepared to assist you in an effective and efficient manner. If you leave me an E-Mail address (which I prefer), spell it out phonetically. The more you do to help me, the more I can help you in return. Don't rush. You have four minutes to record your message.

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