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John Tuttle's Player-Care

The Player-Care web domain is run entirely by me, John Tuttle. I don't have any employees. I don't have a store, and I don't have a FAX machine. I also don't have fancy interactive on-line ordering programs. WHY? All those things cost money that I would rather pass along to you as discounts or lower prices. I realize that to you, the customer, this means filling out order forms by hand, order verifications and email confirmations. However, on the other side of that coin is personalized service, absolute accuracy and greater savings. I hope you find my method of doing business acceptable.

John A Tuttle
407 19th Ave
Brick, NJ, 08724

John A Tuttle Send me a letter. I enjoy hearing from new people.

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This page was last revised on October 14, 2019 by John A. Tuttle (John A Tuttle).

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Since "Player-Care" is an internet business, I prefer that we correspond via E-Mail (click here to fill out the 'Request Form'). However, if I'm not in the middle of some other activity, you can reach me at 732-840-8787. But please understand that during the hours from 8AM-5PM EST (Mon-Sat), I'm generally quite busy. So, I probably won't answer the phone. If you get the answering machine, please leave a detailed message stating the reason for your call. Also, repeat your name and phone number clearly and distinctly. By necessity, I prioritize everything in my life. And, if you call and just leave your name and number, and ask me to call you back, it might be a day or two before I return your call. Why? Because I don't know why you want me to call and I might not be prepared to assist you in an effective and efficient manner. If you leave me an E-Mail address (which I prefer), spell it out phonetically. The more you do to help me, the more I can help you in return. Don't rush. You have four minutes to record your message.

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407 19th Ave, Brick, NJ, 08724
Phone Number 732-840-8787
(Voicemail Only, No Texts)
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