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Below is a listing of the Many Links to Related Websites
that deal with Mechanical Music and/or Mechanical Musical Instruments
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Links To Related Sites
(Note: All Links are Off-Site or email)
All About Piano in the Theater
Allied Piano, Webb Phillips & Associates (Polyester Finishes/Refinishing/Rebuilding)
Amadeus Piano Co., Inc.- Tuners/Rebuilders - NY, NJ, CT
AmpicoRolls.com (Used Ampico Rolls for sale)
Automated Musical Inst. Collectors' Assoc. (AMICA)
BlueBook of Pianos
BluesTone Music Rolls
BrettunsVillage Arch Punches
Canadian Piano Mover Directory
Canadian Piano Mover Information
Columbia Organ Leathers
Country Piano Restoration, refinishing and rebuilding services of all vintage pianos
Cunningham Piano Co. Ph: 215-438-3200
Dancing Ivories - Phone: 631-242-0963, E-mail - Paul Keogler (Kimball Parts)
DeBence Antique Music World
Ed Gaida's Web Site
Fair Organ Preservation Society
France Pianos Web Domain
Gale Bullock @ P&G Investments/Vintage Pianos
Greg's Antique Piano Page!
Hear and Play - "Learn to play piano by ear"
"I Write The Music" Website
John Omiatek's 'Universal' Webpage
John Trefz (Piano Bridges & Pinblocks)
John Tuttle's Player Piano Repair Service
Kevin McElhone Mechanical Music
Keyboard Carriage (Corp.) - Piano & Organ Moving - (B-to-B Only) 270-737-5797
Mechanical Music Digest
Mechanical Music Press (books)
Meliora Music Rolls
Michael Waters.. Player Piano Rebuilding
Midnight Rain Productions
Modern Piano Moving
Morelocks (Wurlitzer 1202 & 1203 parts)click here
Museums with Mechanical Instruments
Music and You... On-line piano lessons, piano books and original music.
MUSICANIC...Restoration Supplies and Services in UK.
New Music Label - Your Ticket into the Music
Nickelodeon, Orchestrion and Band Organs
New Jersey Business Listings - Simple & Direct
O'Neill Brothers: two brothers on two pianos Over 700,000 CD's sold!
Orange Coast Piano's
PianoMart.com - Buying or Selling Pianos
Piano Roll Stuff ('Label Maker' by John W Miller)
Piano Ticklers Music Rolls (AMPICO Recuts)
Player-Care Domain
Player Piano Group
Player Piano & Mechanical Music Exchange
Play Piano (Lessons for Adults)
Play-Rite Music Rolls ("O" Rolls in stock!)
Pristini Reeds Reeds and Instrument Repair
Ragland Piano Co.
Ragtime Automated Music
Ragtime Press Midi Music
Reproducing Piano Roll Foundation (Albert Petrak-deceased Jan 2014)
Reed Organ Society
Robert Frank -Gulbransen Parts (865-984-2153)
Roberts Musical Restorations Custom made Nickelodeon and Band Organ parts.
Rochester Piano Key
SEO Services India (Musical Instruments Sales)
Short Mountain Music Works
Spencer's E-Rolls
Steve's Piano Service (piano parts)
Story & Clark Player Pianos
The Pianola Group
The Player Piano Group
The Player Piano Page by Frank Baxter
The Player Piano Page (In the UK)
Vintage and Rare: Antique and new pianos and effects
Werner Baus (Collector/Restorer)
Yesterday's Music

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