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Block Valves for Player Pianos

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The six most common block valves were made for the following player pianos: Wurlitzer, Ampico, Amphion, Simplex, Aeolian, and Gulbransen. However, the only new ones we stock right now are for the modern Aeolian. However, we have a rebuilding kit for the Simplex (limited number available).

WurliTzer Block Valve Caps (#WBVC-1)
Wurlitzer Block Valve Caps

These WurliTzer block valve caps are made out of aluminum. When the original block valves are rebuilt, it's not uncommon for these caps to get bent, making them useless. Cost is $3.55 ea. (NOTE: These are NOT recycled or old stock. They are brand new parts.) While they last: 140 NOS Stainless steel caps @ $5.85 each. Part No.706)
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Aeolian (modern) Plastic Block Valves
Less Than 13 Of These Are Available (3/1/24)
Allow 2-3 days for testing before shipping
modern Aeolian Plastic Block Valves

These block valves are identical in size to the original Aeolian block valves that are found in ALL of the player pianos made by the Aeolian Corporation from 1960 through 1986. However, that is where the similarity ends. The quality of the materials and the construction techniques used to make these new valves is far better than those that were mass produced by Aeolian.

There are six major differences between the new blocks and the original blocks. First, the new ones are repairable! The adhesive used to glue the three sections together, while creating a perfectly air-tight seal, is not so strong that the unit is impossible to break apart without causing irreparable damage. Second, the pouches are better. Since the pouch is more air-tight, there is less vacuum loss. This increases the overall efficiency of the player system. Third, the valve stem is lighter. This makes the valve faster, increasing the repetition characteristic of the unit. Fourth, the valve clearance is set to 0.035". As compared to the original units, which were gapped anywhere from 0.040" to over 0.050", the narrower valve gap significantly decreases the transient losses that occur as the valve changes state (from "Off" to "On" and back to "Off"). Fifth, instead of a glued-in nipple that was pointed either left or right, the nipple is placed in middle of the block. Also, an 'adjustable' elbow is used instead of a straight nipple. This allows the user to point the nipple in any direction that is desired, making it 'universal'. Sixth, and perhaps the most important difference, the material used to make the valve facing. Unlike the original facings, which were made out of sponge neoprene that dried out over time, the new facings are made from a silicone material that's more air-tight and expected to last for at least 50 years.

Although the new block valves may seem a little pricey, they are worth every penny. Each valve is thoroughly tested before it is sold. Each valve block is unconditionally guaranteed for five years. So, if you are not 100% satisfied, send it back for a replacement or a refund. Upon request, we will also include the Mounting & Repairing Instructions, and there is now information on that web page about Testing a Block Valve.

The cost per block is $32.00. (Have a Question? Write to John A. Tuttle - Click Here to Send an Email)

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Simplex Block Valve Caps #SBVC
(Exhaust Valve Seat)

(April 24, 2023) 38 caps in stock
Simplex Block Valve Seats
Simplex Exhaust Valve Plates

These Simplex Block Valve Seats (or Caps) are custom made for Player-Care. They have never been available from any manufacturer since Simplex went out of business about 90 years ago. As a result, rebuilders have been forced to use flat pieces of Formica-type materials, which do not perform the same as the original seats. The main advantage of a seat like this is that a minimum amount of energy is needed to create a seal, which also improves the repetition rate. With a flat seat, the pouch has to push harder to seal the entire area of the valve facing. This can be difficult since it demands that the facing be perfectly flat, like the seat. Cost is $2.55 ea., $27.50/doz., or $210.00/100.

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Simplex Block Valve Caps #SXPC
(Exhaust Valve Seat)
Simplex Block Valve Seats

These Simplex Block Valve Seats (or Caps) are punched from XPC Phenolic material, which is extremely flat and smooth. They are 1" (one inch) in diameter and have a 7/16" hole. Although a higher quality part, they are basically the same as the caps that were sold by Player Piano Co.. Cost is $0.48 ea., $4.61/doz., or $38.40/100.

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Simplex Block Pneumatic Kit

While they last, Simplex parts are available as a kit for $24.95 plus USPS Priority Shipping. Each kit will contain one each of the following parts. With the exception of the block, all parts are new. (NOTE: Completed valves are NOT sold separately. It is only shown for demonstration purposes. Also, with the exception of the gasket, bellows cloth and the fluted valve stem material, none of the parts are sold separately.)

• Used Block
• Gasket (also sold separately-click here)
• Bellows Cloth (also sold separately-click here)
• Exhaust Valve Facing
• Intake Valve Facing
• Fluted Valve Stem (also sold separately-click here)
• Fiber Valve Disk
• Valve Lifter Disk
• Leather Pouch

The kit does not contain the striker finger or the mounting screws. However, a limited number of metal striker fingers are available for $1.00 each and a few screws are available for $0.50 each.

To view the method that I use for dismantling the Simplex block valves, click here

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