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Player Piano Bellows Cloth
Pneumatic Cloth - Rubberized Cloth
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Bellows Cloth

+++ Colors of the cloth may change but the quality will not +++
All cloth is sold by the RUNNING YARD (or Foot) -Width of each type varies
Minimum "Length" we'll cut for ALL Cloth is six inch increments!!
ALL cloth is shipped "FOLDED". not rolled.

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Item No. HBC - Heavy Bellows Cloth
$128.60/yd.(36" x 60") or $49.29/ft.(12" x 60")

(Outside color varies from time to time.)

The thickness of this heavy cloth is 0.040"-0.044" and the width is 60". An excellent cloth for feeders, exhausters, and reservoirs. Cotton inside and acrylic outside with a high quality inner layer of butyl rubber. Color is normally tan on the inside (cotton side) and a darker color (tan, brown, black, or blue) on the outside (acrylic side). The minimum length is 60 in. regardless of the width. Available in lengths up to TWO YARDS. Also available in 6" wide x 60" long strips for $27.00. Will also sell strips of less than 6" wide for $12.25/sq ft. Example: 3" wide and 60" long strip for $15.31. For tacking the cloth at the corners, ends, and overlaps, we recommend these small tacks. This cloth is also good for making a 'Mandolin Rail' or 'Honky-Tonk' device. We also sell the 'Mandolin Rail Tabs' -click here. To help you identify the 'cotton side' of the cloth -click here. The only recommended glue for gluing this cloth to wood is animal hide glue. To place an order, Click Here. (If ordering strips, specify the required width.)

Item No. PDCC - Peripheral Devices Cloth (cotton/cotton)....$179.50/yd. Or $62.85/ft.
Also available in 6" x 27" strips for $21.00

Current color is black/black

This imported general purpose cotton/cotton cloth, with a layer of rubber between, is superb for Air Motors, Tracking Devices, Air Motor Governors, Auto-Sustain, and any other application where a medium weight cloth is required. Thickness is 0.016" and width is 58". Colors vary but quality is consistent. Can be glued to wood with hide glue, plastic glue, or woodworkers glue. Also sold in strips that measure 6" x 27" for $21.00 (specify 'Type-A' when ordering strips). To place an order, Click Here.

Item No. PDCN - Peripheral Devices Cloth (nylon)....$49.00/yd. or $18.75/ft.

This general purpose nylon cloth is superb for Air Motors, Tracking Devices, Air Motor Governors, Auto-Sustain, and any other application where a medium weight cloth is required. Black nylon with synthetic rubber on one side. Thickness is 0.007". Width is 60". To place an order, Click Here.

NOTE: The outside of the cloth is the textured nylon side. The inside is the 'rubber' side. The rubber side gets glued to the wood. The recommended glue for gluing the material to wood is plastic glue.

Item No. CBSPC - Cotton-backed Striker Pneumatic Cloth.... $165.00/yd. Or $60.50/ft.
Also available in 6" x 28" strips for $16.65

This is excellent quality rubberized cotton-backed cloth. It is 0.007" thick and 57" wide. This cloth is very supple. The estimated lifespan of the cloth is 35-40 years. The recommended glue for gluing the material to wood is hot hide glue. Some wrinkling and/or creasing may occur as a result of folding for shipping. This does not adversely effect performance. For detailed information about the cloth, click here. To place an order, Click Here. For information about the amount of cloth that will most likely be needed per stack, see: How Much Cloth

Item No. NSPC - Nylon Striker Pneumatic Cloth.... $60.00/yd. or $23.00/ft.
Color of the cloth is now Black/Black

This is high quality nylon bellows cloth. It is 0.004" thick and 58" wide. This cloth is very flexible. The estimated lifespan of the cloth is 35-40 years. The recommended glue for gluing the material to wood is plastic glue. To place an order, Click Here. For information about the amount of cloth that will most likely be needed per stack, see: How Much Cloth

Reed Organ Bellows Cloth....
It's our understanding that reed organ cloth
is now available at Organ Supply Industries.

We only have some various sized pieces that are being sold 'as is'.... click here!


Plastic glue is the only glue that is recommended for gluing nylon cloth to wood. The cost for 8 fluid ounces of the glue is $12.00. Comes in a plastic squeeze bottle and a tapered tip for easy glue application.

Using this glue is much easier than using animal hide glue. Besides the fact that there's no preparation needed, you have about a minute to make slight adjustments in the positioning of the cloth. Also, trimming is much easier because the glue doesn't get 'rock hard' like other types of wood glues.

To place an order, Click Here. Specify "Plastic glue". Only sold in 8 oz. bottles.

Rubberized cotton-backed striker pneumatic cloth hasn't been available from any supplier in America since October 2017. And, while there is a supplier in Germany who claimed to have a suitable replacement cloth, it turned out to be synthetic cloth. Early in 2020, we heard about a supplier in England who was selling cotton-backed cloth. So, we sent for a sample, and it was, in fact, cotton-backed cloth. So, we made arrangements with the supplier to import 25 meters of the cloth. Come to find out that the supplier wasn't 100% satisfied with the cloth he had been getting from the manufacturer. He thought that the cotton cloth was a little too thick and stiff. This new cloth, which took about two months to get manufactured, is 0.001" thinner and extremely supple.

Upon receiving the cloth on April 28, 2020, we began running a series of tests. Obviously, the most important test was to determine if the cloth was air-tight. It is most definitely 99.9% air-tight. To see the results of that test, watch our YouTube video -click here. Also, for comparison sake, watch our YouTube videos of the other three cloths that were available years ago -click here, here, or here.

We were also very pleasantly surprised to find that this new cloth created a striker pneumatic that was more responsive than the thinner nylon cloth or the best of the three other striker cloths that were previously available. The new cloth required a full inch less vacuum to collapse the bellows than the nylon cloth. On April 21, 2022, Paul Rumpf wrote a very interesting article for the Mechanical Music Digest in which he compared the characteristics of various types of striker cloth. It's now available at Player-Care: click here.

In closing, we decided to import this cloth primarily for the purists who want to use hot hide glue instead of plastic glue, which creates a weaker bond than hide glue and makes rebuilding more difficult for the next rebuilder. What we didn't expect is that the cloth makes a bellows that is more responsive than the nylon cloth, which is 0.003" thinner.


Regarding shipping, items are combined into one order whenever possible to save on the cost of shipping. By default, all goods are shipped via USPS Priority Mail in Flat Rate boxes or envelopes with Delivery Confirmation. To read our 'Returned Goods' policy, please click here. To read our Privacy Policy, please click here.

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