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Player Piano Training Videos

Recently, I started converting training videos from the VHS to the DVD format. In the process, and as a means of advertising the new DVDs, I posted a few segments of one DVD on YouTube. Not too surprisingly, people started watching them and sending me comments. It got me to thinking about other videos I could make to help people work on their own player piano. While I've been shooting videos of numerous rebuilding projects over the last couple of years, the file sizes are too large to post at Player-Care or YouTube. So, I'll be breaking them down into short videos of less than ten minutes. Then, once they're at YouTube, I'll embed them into the web pages listed below. And, if I end up making a complete DVD of a rebuilding project, that DVD will be available for purchase. These DVDs will not be mass produced. In fact, each one will be burned as required to fill an order. The DVD's that will be available are listed on the "Training DVD's Page" - Click Here.

Recovering a Feeder Bellow Pt 1
Recovering a Feeder Bellow Pt 2
Recovering a Feeder Bellow Pt 3
Regulating the Stack Fingers Pt 1
Regulating the Stack Fingers Pt 2
Burning Off Old Bellows Cloth
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