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Player Piano Training Videos

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Below is a listing of the Training DVDs that are available for purchase at Player-Care. Considering the numerous hours that have gone into their creation, I believe they are reasonably priced. The information in these DVD's is invaluable. Not only do they cover what must be done to properly rebuild a component or system, they also alert the user about the problems they will undoubtedly encounter during the rebuilding process. Also, they explain in great detail how to correct common mistakes and replace parts and materials that are no longer available with superior quality goods. Though the titles of each DVD are relatively self-explanatory, it's my intention to include a brief explanation or listing of the contents of each DVD. Unless otherwise noted, each DVD is approximately one hour in length.

....... Ampico/Amphion Installation and Regulation: $38.95

This DVD covers the early and somewhat troublesome Ampico-Amphion Reproducing System in a grand piano. Shows a number of necessary modifications to insure flawless operation as well as all of the steps required to successfully install and regulate the entire system. This 2-hour training reference leaves no stone unturned.

....... Ampico A Rotary Pump Rebuilding: $38.95
This DVD shows the comprehensive step-by-step process involved in restoring the often troublesome Ampico A Rotary Vacuum Pump. Known by many as 'The Pump That Thumps', this training DVD explains in great detail the many reasons why the pump often thumps after being restored, and it tells the user how to eliminate all of the possible problems that would create a thump. It also covers things like material selection, leather selection, and bearing replacement. For a detailed explanation of what you will get in the DVD set, Click Here

....... How The AMPICO Really Works: $27.95
Starting with the various coding techniques used in Ampico rolls, and going through the Ampico Reproducing System on a bench setup, this DVD explains how the Ampico system really works. It also debunks the claims concerning the poor musical quality of the "B" rolls when played on "A" systems, and visa versa. The information presented is relatively complex, and you'll learn something new every time you view this DVD. If you ever wanted to get a handle on the operating principles of the Ampico system, this is the DVD for you!

....... Orchestrion Builder's Manual and Pneumatics Handbook: $24.75 (CD Version-PDF Format)
The most comprehensive book about valves and pneumatics ever written. Unlike most books that tell you what 'To Do', this book also tells you what 'Not To Do', and then goes on to explain why! Written by Craig Brougher, noted author and master craftsman, this book is a must for anyone who is considering building or rebuilding a pneumatic operated device of any kind or type. This 238-page 3-ring binder version is loaded with well over a hundred illustrations and every topic is explained in great detail. No stone is left unturned. I highly recommend this reference, and have a copy that is quite worn!

....... Standard Double-Valve Action Service Manual: $17.95 (Only available on CD)
Produced in 1917, this 36-page reference has the finest gray-scale graphics I've ever had the pleasure to view. They are so good that I decided NOT to have the reference printed on paper. Instead, each page was scanned at a resolution of 150 DPI and a variety of electronic files were produced. This reference is ONLY available on a CD that I produced. It contains all of the original scanned files as well as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file and a huge Word Perfect (.wpd) file. The beauty of these program files is that each page can be magnified to over 200% without losing the clarity of the graphics, making it possible to easily see details that are often difficult to see with the naked eye in the original paper manual. Also, through the magic of 'image mapping', you can access super-high resolution images by clicking on any image inside a web page. These images were scanned at 300 DPI, and they are twice as clear as the images in the individual pages. All files can also be accessed individually in 'My Computer'. Or the pages can be viewed as web pages.The CD is designed to automatically open your default web browser when the CD is put into your CD Drive. Lastly, if the web browser is connected to the Internet, you can also access everything at Player-Care from the links on the main default web page. Shipping within the US is $10.40. (An excellent companion to this CD is the 'Standard Action Q & A' reference -just below.)

....... Knabe Ampico in Concert: $18.75
Musical selections played on a masterfully restored Knabe/Ampico Reproducing Grand piano include; Hungarian Gypsy Dances_Tausig, Etude De Concert Liszt, Ballade #1_Liszt, Minuet, Paderewski, My Wild Irish Rose, Carnival of Vienna_Rose, Star Spangled Banner, We'll Meet Again_Craig, Old Fashioned Girl_Craig, New World Symphony. As the music in this CD proves, the Ampico Reproducing System is as capable of playing classical music as it is playing popular tunes. Extremely enjoyable listening.

....... Steinway Duo-Art in Concert: $22.50
A program of variety created by Original Duo-Art Paper Piano Rolls of a beautifully restored 1927 Steinway Reproducing Player Grand piano. The instrument was restored by Craig Brougher, who chose the musical selections to highlight the performance capabilities of this glorious instrument. The tunes include; Annes De Pelerinage_5724, Goin to Heaven on a Mule_0968, Maiden's Wish_6594, Jealous_713010, Hungarian Rhapsody #12_6139, Tea For Two, Valencia_713244, Tico Tico, Henderson, Who_713194, Rondo Capriccioso_6119, Leggierezza_6157, Limehouse Blues_19855, Rhapsody In Blue_90033, and Prelude in C# minor 5804-5. Truly enjoyable listening. Highly recommended.

....... Anything Goes (Audio CD -12 songs): $14.95 (discount for multiple purchases apply)

Audio CD of the "Spirit of Independence" Orchestrion. Click on the CD Title (above) to view the list of songs on the CD and to hear a few snippets, recorded in the MP3 format.

....... SOFI's Debut (Audio CD -12 songs): $14.95 (discount for multiple purchases apply)
Audio CD of the "Spirit of Independence" Orchestrion. Click on the CD Title (above) to view the list of songs on the CD and to hear a few snippets, recorded in the MP3 format.

....... SOFI Strikes Up The Band (Audio CD -12 songs): $14.95 (discount for multiple purchases apply)
Audio CD of the "Spirit of Independence" Orchestrion. Click on the CD Title (above) to view the list of songs on the CD and to hear a few snippets, recorded in the MP3 format.

....... Who's Sorry Now? (Audio CD -12 songs): $14.95 (discount for multiple purchases apply)
Audio CD of the "Spirit of Independence" Orchestrion. Click on the CD Title (above) to view the list of songs on the CD and to hear a few snippets, recorded in the MP3 format.

....... That Certain Feeling (Audio CD -12 songs): $14.95 (discount for multiple purchases apply)
Audio CD of the "Spirit of Independence" Orchestrion. Click on the CD Title (above) to view the list of songs on the CD and to hear a few snippets, recorded in the MP3 format.
....... 5-CD Set (Audio CDs): $59.95
Audio CDs of the "Spirit of Independence" Orchestrion. The complete set of SofI CDs at a discount price.

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Disclaimer: Player-Care is not responsible for the printing of these references. If you find that a particular graphic is not good enough for your needs, we will attempt to find one that is more suitable.

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Below are links to short videos that are up at YouTube. They are there to serve as a short (albeit poor quality) example of the very detailed information that is on the above DVD's.
Recovering a Feeder bellows Pt 1
Recovering a Feeder bellows Pt 2
Recovering a Feeder bellows Pt 3
Regulating the Stack Fingers Pt 1
Regulating the Stack Fingers Pt 2
Burning Off Old Bellows Cloth
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