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Player Piano Tubing
(Updated May 17, 2024)
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The complete list of available Player Piano Tubing. Sizes from 5/32" I.D. to 1/2" I.D. can be purchased in lengths as short as Two Feet (2 ft.). Sizes from 5/8" I.D. to 1-1/2" I.D. can be purchased in lengths as short as One Foot (1 ft.) or as long as Eight Feet (8 ft.) in six-inch increments.

Special Note: As of November 13, 2012, All tubing from 3/4" I.D. to 1-1/2" I.D. has been replaced with Twill Covered Tubing, which is markedly superior.

1) The minimum length we'll cut on any size tubing is One Foot (1 ft.).
2) All of the tubing is made from natural rubber or neoprene, and some is twill
3) All orders must be paid in full before the goods will be shipped.
4) The I.D. (inside diameter) of all tubing is specifically made slightly undersized,
     so it will fit properly. You need not order the next smaller size.
5) Twill covered tubing is now available. Prices listed below.
6) Shipping: Generally speaking, tubing will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail
     (Minimum shipping cost $10.40)
7) All incomplete requests or orders will be discarded.
8) Once the tubing is cut, it cannot be returned for credit or refund.

Tubing Sizes and Pricing
How much tubing for the trackerbar? - Click Here!
Removing lead trackerbar tubing. - Click Here!
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#10 and #11 tubing are only available in maximum lengths of 10 ft. and 13 ft. respectively. However, you can order as many feet as you want.

Selecting the right size tubing: click here

Price per ft.
01-10 ft.
Price per ft.
11-100 ft.
No. 3black5/32"5/128"$0.85$0.75Regular See NOTE
No. 3Ablack5/32"1/32"$1.10$0.94Thin See NOTE
No. 3Bblack5/32"3/64"$0.94$0.78Thick See NOTE
No. 5black3/16"3/64"$1.01$0.95
No. 6black7/32"1/16"$1.10$1.01
No. 8black1/4"1/16"$1.87$1.45See NOTE 1
No. 10black5/16"1/16"$3.25$2.92See NOTE 4 & 5
No. 11black3/8"3/32"$3.85$3.47See NOTE 4
No. 14black1/2"1/16"$3.95$3.60See NOTE 2
No. 17Ttwill5/8"1/8"$42.25same
No. 19Ttwill3/4"1/8"$44.96same
No. 205Ttwill7/8"5/32"$49.46same
No. 206Ttwill1"5/32"$56.93same
No. 207Ttwill1-1/16"5/32"$57.15same
No. 208Ttwill1-1/8"5/32"$58.46same
No. 210Ttwill1-1/4"17/128"$61.65same
No. 551flex1-1/4"1/8"$11.54sameSee NOTE 3
No. 212Ttwill1-1/2"3/16"$64.76same

NOTE: This tubing is also commonly referred to as 9/64" tubing because the inside diameter is slightly less than 9/64". It is primarily used as trackerbar tubing. GO BACK

NOTE 1: Only 0.0005" under 1/4". May require glue for an air-tight fit. GO BACK

NOTE 2: Durometer: 60, Neoprene tubing, I.D. 0.489", slightly stiffer than
1/2" rubber tubing, but not nearly as stiff as 1/2" twill tubing. GO BACK

NOTE 3: This tubing is typically used when adding an electric vacuum pump to the player system. While the tubing itself is 100% air-tight, a sealant might be needed at the connector to achieve an air-tight fit.GO BACK

NOTE 4: The maximum length of a single piece of the #10 and #11 tubing is 10 ft. and 13 ft. respectively. You can order as much as you require. Example: If you order 25 ft of #10 tubing, you will get two 10 ft pieces and one 5 ft. piece. If you order 15 ft of #13 tubing, you will get one 13 ft piece and one 2 ft piece. NOTE 5: Temporarily out of stock. GO BACK

To place a Credit Card Order order, use the Secure Order Form - Click Here. Or, place your list in an envelope with your check and shipping address. Make check or money order payable and remit to:

John A. Tuttle
407 19th Ave.
Brick, NJ

Upon receipt of your check, the order will be processed. Orders normally arrive within 7-10 days. Don't Like To Order Online?.... Call 1-732-840-8787.

To determine how much tubing is required to tube the trackerbar, use the formula: (S + L) x 44 = T, where S is the shortest length (from the trackerbar to the stack), L is the longest length (from the trackerbar to the stack) and T equals the total length of tubing you will require to tube the trackerbar. The formula below was contributed to Player-Care by Jack Breen.

The result, "X", is the same as the result "T" in the first formula if you have an 88-note stack. However, if you have anything less than 88 notes, the first formula will not work correctly. In the second formula "a" equals the shortest tube, and "b" equals the longest tube. "N" equals the number of notes in the stack, and "X" equals the total amount of tubing required to tube the trackerbar. Finally, be advised that having a little extra trackerbar tubing is a good thing because there are usually other devices in the system that use the same size tubing.

All of the player piano tubing we sell is specifically manufactured to be slightly smaller than the rated size. In other words, tubing that is rated at 1" inside diameter (ID) has a slightly smaller ID than 1". This is done so that the tubing will fit snugly on the fitting without the need for a hose clamp or glue. To determine which size tubing you need, always measure the fitting to which the tubing gets connected, not the tubing itself. If by chance the fitting measures slightly more than the rated size but less than the next bigger size, DO NOT get the bigger size. The durometer (or hardness) of the rubber is such that it will stretch to fit. Go back -click here

Questions? Write to Me! ( John A Tuttle)

This page was last revised on May 17, 2024 by John A Tuttle.

Although I prefer that you send E-Mail, if you have a question, you can reach me at 732-840-8787.
If I'm in the Shop or at Home, I will answer the phone.
Otherwise, please leave a message.

As per the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50.00 of fraudulent credit card charges. PLAYER-CARE will pay the $50.00 if the unauthorized use of your card resulted from a purchase made through our site. We are so confident of the security measures we've put in place, we'll also pay you an additional $25 just for the inconvenience!

Disclaimer: Player-Care assumes no liability with regards to the suitability of any product sold at this web site. In other words, how you use the product is up to you. Player-Care is only liable for the quality of the material, and any product that is found to be defective will gladly be replaced.

Since "Player-Care" is an internet business, I prefer that we correspond via E-Mail (click here to fill out the 'Request Form'). However, if I'm not in the middle of some other activity, you can reach me at 732-840-8787. But please understand that during the hours from 8AM-5PM EST (Mon-Sat), I'm generally quite busy. So, I probably won't answer the phone. If you get the answering machine, please leave a detailed message stating the reason for your call. Also, repeat your name and phone number clearly and distinctly. By necessity, I prioritize everything in my life. And, if you call and just leave your name and number, and ask me to call you back, it might be a day or two before I return your call. Why? Because I don't know why you want me to call and I might not be prepared to assist you in an effective and efficient manner. If you leave me an E-Mail address (which I prefer), spell it out phonetically. The more you do to help me, the more I can help you in return. Don't rush. You have four minutes to record your message.

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