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Information from the
"O" Roll Man
Bill Masterman

From: Spoolframe@aol.com
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:48:18 EDT
Subject: O roll sources
CC: John A Tuttle
X-Mailer: AOL 4.0 for Windows 95 sub 246

Hello MMDers,

O roll man Bill Masterman here.  John Tuttle asks of current O roll sources.  

1.  John Malone, The O roll perforator survived the Play Rite fire.  John 
still does occasional O roll runs, and has a limited selection that he sells 
from his home.  Contact him at 209-632-5784.

2.  Gottschalk Music Co.  Paul Gottschalk still has by far the best selection 
of O rolls, and has a nice catalog.  Contact Paul at 217-351-1099

3.  As previously mentioned, RAM piano has a lot of rolls listed on their web 
sight, with some of those still available.  You pay more from them, however, 
as the rolls are in a longer box that leaves room for the pair of plastic 
roll flanges that are included with each roll so they can be used on the 
wonderful RAM spoolframe.  These flanges are not needed if you do not intend 
on using them in a RAM piano.  RAM's phone is 209-667-5525.

I would personally recommend Paul Gottschalk, of all these sources.  Best 
selection and you do not pay for those plastic flanges that increases the 
roll price by 20.00.  10 tune re-cuts are in the area of 50.00 in price, from 
Malone or Gottschalk.

For what it's worth, anyone looking for A and G rolls should contact the 
Miner Manufacturing Co. at 319-837-6486.  A great selection, and check this 
out!  30.00 a piece with free freight!  the best deal I have found.

Bill Masterman
Tacoma, WA
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