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Comprehensive List of Roll Manufactures and Suppliers

Updated on September 22, 2020
Might not be totally accurate

Thanks to these original contributors: Robbie Rhodes , Larry Fisher, Bill Jelen, Mike Ames, Robin Pratt, Richard Tonnesen, and John Grant, who posed the project.

Originally compiled by Robbie Rhodes and Larry Fisher. Further edited and appended by Paul Johnson. This information may be freely copied and distributed.


Sorted alphabetically by vendor name or proprietor's last name



    Sales/Perforation - Music Rolls 
    Vendor ARTCRAFT Music Rolls 
    Owner Doug Henderson 
    Addr PO Box 295, Wiscasset Maine 04578 USA. 
    Phone (207) 882 7420 
    Fax (207) 882-8077 (Call ahead first) 
    Email artcraft@wiscasset.net 
    WebPage www.wiscasset.net/artcraft 
    Desc Arranger/publisher of new 88-Note and 'reproducing' expression rolls [Ampico/Duo-Art], 
    most being virtuoso arrangements for the Pianola medium. 
    Since 1982 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Visa, Master Card, Check, Money-Order. 
    Vendor Artists' Choice 
    Contact Robin Pratt 
    Addr 516 Pierce Street, Sandusky OH 44870-4725 USA. 
    Phone (419) 626-1903 
    Email pianola@aol.com 
    Desc Ampico (Keystone Licensee) and Welte-Mignon reproducing music rolls as well as some 88-note. 
    First-class recuts of music rolls of artistic, musical and historical importance. 
    Since 1994 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Visa/MasterCard/cash/check 
    Vendor Atelier Musical 
    Principal Albert Roulive 
    Addr 63, Chaus?e de Waterloo, B-5002 St ,Servais Belgium 
    Phone 0032 (0) 497 487 450(Good English) 
    WebPage http://www.atelier-musical.com/ 
    Desc Manufacturer of new ArMaN 88-note rolls, mostly European popular tunes. Also street organ. 
    Vendor Clark Music Rolls 
    Owner Don Rand 
    Addr 277 Main street, Thomaston ME 04861 USA 
    Phone (207) 354-0001 
    Fax (207) 354-0002 
    Desc Recuts of LINK rolls under the Clark label. Also 6 ch./inch copy services. 
    Vendor Cambridge Pianola Company 
    Contact Thomas Poole 
    Addr F T Poole M.B.E., M.A., LL.B. (Cantab), The Limes, Landbeach, Cambridge CD4 4DR U.K. 
    Phone 0 (44) 1223 861348, 0 (44) 1223 861408, 0 (44) 1223 861507  
    Fax 01223 441276 
    Email ftpoole@talk21.com 
    WebPage http://www.cambridgepianolacompany.co.uk/ 
    Desc Rolls of all kinds. 
    Note Mr. Pool is blind, and converses using audio email or phone. Receiving emails from him 
    means having the capacity to receive a short .wav file containing his spoken message to you. 
    Your email inquiries are spoken to him via computer speech. This works very well and have 
    never had problems communicating with Mr. Poole. 
    Vendor Cooling-Miller Player Pianos 
    Owner Herb Miller 
    Addr 275 Monbulk Road, Silvan, Victoria Austrialia 
    Phone +61 3 9737 9937 (10am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday) 
    Fax +61 3 9737 9405 
    WebPage http://www.penscape.com.au./coolmill 
    Desc Restorations, "World Piano Roll Club". Email -is temporarily in flux. 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Check, Money-Order. 
    Vendor David Ramey Jr. 
    Addr 2878 Glenwood Dyer Rd, Lynwood, IL 60411 USA 
    Phone (708) 418-2045 
    Fax (708) 418-2046 
    Desc "A" Rolls 
    Vendor Hack Mechanical Music 
    Owner Dick Hack 
    Addr 2051 Chesapeake Road Annapolis MD 21401 USA 
    Phone (410)279-5859 Most times during the day 
    Fax (410) 757-2965 
    Email rhack1@verizon.net 
    Desc Mills Violano rolls always in stock, Aeolian-Skinner (Hammond) 
    Since 1990. 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment check, cash, paypal. 
    Vendor John McClelland 
    Addr 6116 Elsa St, Lakewood, CA. 90713 USA 
    Phone (562) 731-0131 
    Email redwelte@pavenent.net 
    Desc Offering Welte Licensee recuts, classical & popular, generally by subscription. 
    Copies are from Licensee, Green & T-100 originals. 50 titles currently available, 
    one & two copies of each; the remainder of perforator runs. Recuts for T-100 pianos 
    available in 2001 
    Since 1988 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Check, Money-Order 
    Vendor Kevin McElhone Mechanical Music 
    Email kevin_mcelhone@hotmail.com 
    WebPage http://www.mechanical-music.co.uk/ 
    Desc Last remaining NEW stock of Laguna 'Playtime' piano rolls in Duo-Art and 88 
    note formats, also new books, recordings, original music for Organettes & disc 
    musical boxes. Located Northants - UK. Will deal in any currency. 
    Vendor Keystone Music 
    Owner Richard Groman 
    Addr PO Box 650, Bethlehem PA 18016 USA. 
    Phone (800) 367-8259 (outside of PA), else, (610) 434-5611 (9-5 Eastern time) 
    Fax (610) 434-2993 
    Desc Manufacturer of new Ampico (many directly from the original factory masters) 
    and Duo-Art rolls on original Ampico equipment. Klavier 88 note rolls. Periodic 
    lists with different selections from their substantial collection. Custom cutting 
    Since 1986 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Visa/MC/ Cash, Checks, Money-Order 
    Vendor Meliora Music Rolls 
    Owner Tim Baxter 
    Addr c/o Tim Baxter, 939 Briarcliff Road NE, Atlanta GA 30306-4664 USA. 
    Email meliorarol@aol.com 
    WebPage http://members.aol.com/meliorarol 
    Desc Catalog of new 88 note and Duo-Art rolls, including recent compositions 
    by Robin Frost and performances by the late John Roache. Also recuts of 
    classic Ampico, Duo-Art, Welte-Mignon Licensee performances. Rolls perforated 
    by Custom Music Rolls & Precision Music Rolls. 
    Since 1997 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Check or Credit Card (US$ only) 
    Vendor MMM GMBH 
    Owner Siegfried Wendel 
    Addr Rheinalle 7 u. D-65385 Ruedesheim am Rhein, Germany 
    Phone +49 (0)6722 47994 or +49 (0)6722 49217 
    Fax +49 (0)6722 47994 or +49 (0)6722 4587 
    Desc Recut rolls for Red Welte & Green Welte systems. Also will recut for 
    Seybold, Losche, Poppers, Hupfeld, Helios, Hupfeld Phonoliszt, Violina. 
    Vendor Philip Jamison 
    Addr 17 Sharon Alley, West Chester PA 19382 USA 
    Phone (610) 696-8449 
    Email mortier@netreach.net 
    Desc TEST ROLLS - 65-Note (including Themodist) and an Aeolian Grand (Orchestrelle) 
    test rolls for sale. Both are sold without spools. 
    Since 1997 
    Catalog? NO 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Cash, Check, Money-Orders  
    Vendor Play-Rite Music Rolls, Inc. 
    Owner John Malone 
    Addr P.O. Box 1025, Turlock, CA 95380 USA 
    Phone 209-632-5784  
    Fax 209-667-8241  
    Desc We are custom manufacturers of Music Rolls up to 16" wide any spacing. 
    We carry style "O" orchestrian rolls in stock. 
    Vendor Precision Music Rolls 
    Owner Dave Saul 
    Addr 1043 Eastside Road, El Cajon CA 92020 USA. 
    Phone {Not available by phone} 
    Email davesaul@pacbell.net 
    WebPage http://www.mmdigest.com/PMR/index.html 
    Desc Manufacturer of punch-for-punch replica Ampico Rolls. Owns their own perforator. 
    Since 1998 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Pay-Pal, Cash, Checks, Money-Orders in US$ only. 
    Vendor QRS Music 
    Addr 1026 Niagara Street, Buffalo NY 14213 USA 
    Phone 1-800-24ROLLS 
    Email QRSSupport@qrsinc.com 
    WebPage www.qrsmusic.com 
    Desc Huge Catalog of standard popular items, from ragtime to the latest hits. 
    Obtainable directly or through dealers. 
    Since 1900 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment See Website 
    Vendor David Ramey Jr. 
    Addr 2878 Glenwood Dyer Rd, Lynwood,IL 60411 USA 
    Phone (708) 418-2045 
    Fax (708) 418-2046 
    Desc Offers recut A and G rolls cut by a supplier in Wisconsin. Have been in 
    business for over forty years serving the collector of coin operated pianos. 
    Vendor Robert W. Taylor 
    Addr 2508 Cimarron Drive, Columbia, MO 65203 USA 
    Phone (573) 875-6111 
    Email rtaylor@sockets.net 
    Desc Brand-new roll for testing the Welte-Mignon Licensee. That roll is still 
    available in limited numbers at $25 plus $5 shipping. 
    Quote If you want to include me in your list, please indicate that my operation 
    is very limited. I can do custom coding of Ampico rolls on a limited basis. 
    Since 1984 
    Catalog? NO 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Check in US dollars. 
    Vendor Reblitz Restorations Inc. 
    Owner Art Reblitz 
    Addr P.O. Box 7392, Colorado Springs CO 80933-7392 USA 
    Phone {Not available by phone} 
    Email orchestrion@comcast.net 
    Desc Custom roll arrangements for orchestrions and band organs. Can supply 
    MIDI files or hand-drawn masters ready for punching. No rolls kept in stock. 
    Since 1964. 
    Catalog? NO 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Checks. 
    Vendor Roller Tunes 
    Owner Larry Norman 
    Addr 340 Tracy Drive, Moneta VA 24121-3416 USA 
    Phone (540) 721-7188 
    Email rollertunes@earthlink.net 
    WebPage http://www.home.earthlink.net/~rollertunes 
    Desc Occasionally produces some recuts of unusual, avant-garde, classical, 
    popular, blues and other types of 88 note and reproducing rolls. Visit 
    website for current listing of rolls available and some that may be recut. 
    Since 1987 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Cash, Checks, Money Orders, also accept foreign checks. 
    Vendor Spencer's E-Rolls 
    Owner Spencer Chase 
    Addr 67550 Bell Springs Rd., Garberville CA 95542 USA 
    Phone (707) 984 8356 
    Email spencer@spencerserolls.com 
    WebPage http://www.spencerserolls.com 
    Desc Reproducing piano rolls (currently only Duo-Art are available) on 
    compact disk in MIDI and BAR/ANN formats for use on PowerRoll equipped 
    pianos and MIDI driven solenoid and electronic pianos and sound modules. 
    Tune list by mail or on-line. 
    Since 1999. 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment MC/Visa (via www.paypal.com), Cash, Checks. 
    Vendor Southport Roll Company 
    Owner Frances Broadway 
    Addr 39 Sydner Road Stoke Newington, London N16 7UF U.K. 
    Phone +44 (0)207254 6145 
    Fax +44 (0)20 7249 0130 
    Email fm.broadway@virgin.net 
    Desc Maker of new hand-played popular medley rolls, and arranged classical 
    and popular titles. Recuts of selected classical rolls, including Aeolian's 
    special series of titles composed for the Pianola. 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment UK Cash and check 
    Vendor The Pianola Shop 
    Owner Dave Dibley 
    Addr 134 Islingword Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 2SH U.K. 
    Phone +44 (0)1273 608999 / (London) +44 (0)20 8467 4567 
    Fax +44 (0)1273 607197 Mobile: +44 (0)7860 850733 
    Email david@pianolashop.co.uk 
    WebPage http://www.pianolashop.co.uk 
    Desc We buy/sell instruments and rolls. 
    Catalog? 'On Line' 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Cash, Sterling Check, Credit Card 
    Vendor Player Piano and Mechanical Music Exchange (Joyce Bright) 
    WebPage http://www.mmdigest.com/Exchange/rollpage.htm 
    Desc Sells recuts and original rolls. A limited supply of used rolls is 
    also available. 
    Vendor Universal Music Roll Company 
    Owner Michael Boyd 
    Addr 18 Cinque Ports Street, Rye, East Sussex TN31 7AD U.K. 
    Phone +44 (0)1797 223688 
    Desc Maker of new rolls ranging from classical to jazz, on Universal accurate 
    copies of UK 1909-1955 Universal/ Metrostyle/Themodist etc plus some new titles); 
    and Perforetur labels. Licensed recuts from original masters of some QRS titles. 
    Recut Duo-Art, including some never issued by Aeolian. Uses original Aeolian roll 
    perforating equipment. Large secondhand stock in shop. 
    Mail Auctions - Music Rolls 
    Vendor Dan's Piano Roll Auctions 
    Owner Dan Inglima 
    Addr P.O. Box 769 Hayesville, SC 28904 USA 
    Phone (828) 389-3744 (9am-9pm Eastern time) 
    Email dan@pumachemical.com 
    Desc 88-Note and some reproducing roll auctions, 2-4 times/year. They are 
    announced on the MMD two weeks before publication. 
    Since 1988 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Check, Money-Order 
    Vendor Don Barton
    2715 - 4th Street S.E. Suite #40
    Minneapolis, MN, 55414 
    (612) 378-1102
    Call for Information about Dtaes and Times
    Vendor Jan Myers
    619 Willow Hill Street
    San Antonio, TX
    (303) 885-5570
    Replacement roll boxes and new recuts
    We have been doing roll auctions under the same name, continuously, 
    longer than anyone else who is still in business!
    We put out lists of 300 or more rolls, several times a year, allowing 
    people to bid on just the rolls they want. People can get on our list 
    by calling, mailing, or emailing their information.  We can send 
    printed copies in the mail, or by email.
    Vendor Mike Montgomery 
    Addr 17601 Cornell, Southfield, MI 48075 USA 
    Phone (248) 559-8885 
    Desc Periodic auctions of quality-verified piano rolls. Write to be on 
    the auction list. 
    Quote P.S. The first and probably last auction for the year 2000 is 
    deadline May 20, 2000. 
    Vendor Larry's Music Roll Auction 
    Owner Larry Norman 
    Addr 340 Tracy Drive, Moneta VA 24121-3416 USA 
    Phone (540) 721-7188 
    Email rollertunes@earthlink.net 
    WebPage http://www.home.earthlink.net/~rollertunes 
    Desc Music roll auctions and recuts of all types. Generally have three 
    or four auctions per year. They are mailed or may be accessed at the website. 
    There are always rolls available on the website. The types of rolls offered 
    are; Reproducing rolls: Ampico, Duo Art, Welte, Art Echo, and others. 88 & 65 
    note rolls. Player Reed Organ and Pipe Organ rolls all types. Also, Nickelodeon 
    and Orchestrion rolls, records, book, disc's and cylinders, and other related 
    mechanical music items. Occasionally we do produce some recuts. 
    Since 1987 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Cash, Checks, Money Orders, also accept foreign checks. 
    Vendor Post-Bid Enterprise 
    Addr 39 Sydner Road, London N16 7UF U.K. 
    Phone +44 020 7254 6145 
    Fax +44 020 7241 0130 
    Email fm.broadway@virgin.net 
    Desc Auction held 3 or 4 times a year. There are always many hundreds of 
    rolls to choose from, and usually there is a large 65n roll section. The 
    usual mail auction rules apply. In this auction, the winner pays 10% more 
    than the next highest bid. There is a yearly subscription fee of 5 pounds 
    sterling. Auctions regularly include large numbers of 65note; 88 note; 
    Ampico & DuoArt Rolls plus many interesting miscellaneous items. 
    Since 1987 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Cheque, Money-order 
    Vendor Paul Morris' Music 
    Addr 27 Blackall Road, Exeter, Devon EX4 4HE U.K. 
    Phone +44 (0)1392 681810 
    Vendor The Music Roll Shop 
    Owner Elizabeth Rettig 
    Addr P.O. Box 510 131-1/2 Gaw Street Rawson OH 45881 USA 
    Phone (419) 963-3075 
    Desc Regular auctions of 88 note, reproducing, organ, Aeolian Pipe Organ and `unusual' 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Cash, Checks 
    Vendor Postbid Plus [Mail Auction] 
    Owner David Perry 
    Addr Saville House, Church Street, Guilden Morden, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 0JD U.K. 
    Phone +44 (0) 1763 852 326 ... answered (0900 - 2200 GMT) 
    Email postbid.plus@lineone.net 
    WebPage www.playerpianogroup.org.uk 
    Desc Regular auctions of quality secondhand music rolls, books and related material, 
    managed by the Player Piano Group of Great Britain on a non-profit basis. Organized 
    by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Always over 500 Lots on offer. The UK's longest-established 
    auction service for player enthusiasts. Catalogs FREE to PPG Members, as published. 
    Non-members may subscribe for ?2.00 per year (UK), ?3.00 per year (Europe), ?4.00 per 
    year (USA and Rest of World) 
    Since 1980 
    Catalog? YES 
    International Shipping? YES 
    Payment Sterling cash or cheques only. 

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