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All of Keystone's popular rolls will have the words printed right on the roll!! Even some of the rolls that never had words will become WORD ROLLS. We believe that the words have to be on the roll to really enjoy and identify with these early tunes. The song's 'Lyrics' are just as important as the 'Music'. Try some --SING!!!-- You will never buy those wordless rolls again.

2646International Rag (Berlin) -Artist: Malvin Franklin12.00
This is one of Irving Berlin's early (1913) hits. Originally produced without words and meant for the Stoodard Ampico. We have restored this roll to be better suited to the later Model "A" system and have added the WORDS !!!
2971April in Paris (Duke) -Artist: Edgar Fairchild12.00
One of the best ballad performances available -with words.
51734Poor Butterfly (Hubbell) -Artist: Andrei Kmita12.00
This is the un-issued extended version of this song. According to the notes written on the stencil. This roll was destined to be a word roll with two verses and multiple choruses. The song became a smash run-away hit in 1916, so Ampico believed everyone knew the words, and in a rush to capture sales, they issued the roll without words and without the repeats. We have restored the roll as intended.
52683Memories (van Alystne) -Artist: Andrei Kmita12.00
Another big hit from the 1915-16 era, restored and with words.
53794China We Owe A Lot to You (Ager) -Artist: Arden & Franklin12.00
Another lost roll from 1917. A perfect example of a roll that without the words would just be another pleasant fox trot BUT with the lyrics WOW !! This roll is certainly not for the politically correct.
71193Popular Hits No. 16 - 1933 -Artist: Bob Edgeworth17.00
We have added lyrics to one of the Outstanding Hits Rolls so you can learn the words of these "up to the minute" tunes !!!
216343Good Night Angel, Two Bouquets, There's a New Moon Over the Old Mill, A Serenade to the Stars -Artist: Bob Edgeworth17.00
A lovely 1938 Medley roll that we added WORDS to!!!
216183Hits From 'You Can't Have Everything' (Gordon-Revel) -Artist: Bob Edgeworth17.00
71853Dinner Music No. 17 All The Things You Are; Heaven in My Arms; All in Fun; That Lucky Fellow17.00
We found this original master stencil here at Keystone. According to the notes written on it, the original title was to be "Very Warm For May Selections". This show was Jerome Kern's & Oscar Hammerstein's grand return to Broadway in mid-1939. Upon opening, one critic wrote, "Very Warm for May, not so hot in June". The show closed after 59 performances. Aeolian decided to re-name the roll as a Dinner Music roll. The songs did catch on in spite of the dismal show. "All The Things You Are" becoming on of Kern's most remembered tunes. ALL the lyrics are wonderful.
202361Boo Hoo Hoo (Nelson-Aaronson) -Artist: Original Piano Trio12.00
Great word roll of snappy song.
204031Hi Lee Hi Lo (CHop Suey ala Fox-ee Trot-ee. -Artist: Vincent Lopez12.00
By the title need we say more??
204201Easy Melody (Conley-Rodemich) -Artist: Edgar Fairchild12.00
A little bit of '12th Street Rag' & 'The Third Man Theme' make up this fabulous roll.
206581Loud Speakin' Papa (Pollack) -Artist: Zez Confrey12.00
You'll have to turn on your Atwater Kent extra loud for this one.
208841Rosy Cheeks (Simons-Whiting) -Artist: J. Milton Delcamp12.00
211181Doin' the Raccoon (Klages-Coots) -Artist: Adam Carroll12.00
Who can forget the Raccoon Coat Rage of 1928 -Here is song form !!!!
213951Was That The Human Thing To Do? (Young- Fain) -Artist: Paul Rickenbach12.00
Jazzy, Bluesy song from 1931.
214331Willow Weep For Me (Ann Ronnell) -Artist: Phil Ohman12.00
Languid 1932 song hit.
214351Where Have We Met Before (Vernon Duke) -Artist: Clarence van Orden12.00
Lovely song from 'Walk a Little Faster' (1932).
214831One Minute to One (J. Fred Coots) -Artist: Victor Arden12.00
215051I Never Had a Chance (Irving Berlin) -Artist: Adam Carroll12.00
Irving Berlin at the top of his form (1934).
215301I've Got an Invitation to a Dance (Levinson) -Artist: Harry Shipman12.00
That swingy 1930's sound all on this one roll.
215311Where There's Smoke There's Fire (Levinson) -Artist: Victor Lane12.00
By the same writers as "Got an Invitation to a Dance".
215321I Believe in Miracles (Meyer-Wendling) -Artist: Victor Arden12.00
215531I Never Saw a Better Night (Gensler-Mercer) -Artist: Jaysnoff Sisters12.00
Johnny Mercer lyrics at their wittiest!!!
215781Lost (Gillis-Ohman) -Artist: Robert Farquhar12.00
Originally a wordless roll- NOW WITH WORDS !!!!!

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