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Pictures of the Roll Motor
in the early Welte-Mignon
reproducing player system

These are the only pictures I could find of the 'horizontal' Welte-Mignon Air Motor. I readily admit that I've never seen one in person and I don't know how it works. It certainly looks like an interesting motor, and judging by the gears in the transmission, the motor spins at a fairly rapid speed -as compared to most air motors. (That's just a guess...) I'm also relatively certain that this is the Welte T-100 player system, or the "Red Welte" with the 12-7/8" rolls. It obvious in the picture which shows the transmission and the spoolbox that the take-up spool is in the upper half of the box. That means that the rolls play bottom to top and not the other way around. (see picture) I have many more pictures of the various components in this 1911 Upright Steinway/Welte, but they will most likely be placed on another web page at a later date. For the time being, the concern is finding an air motor for the piano.

Also, the question has come up regarding the metal 'balloon-tire wheel' that is seen in two of these pictures. It's my guess that it is a sort of 'flywheel' that serves to 'smooth' any pulsations that might be present in the air motor. I have also heard from the owner today (3/6/13) and they say that there are holes in the platform that seem to correspond with the second motor in this series of photos.

These pictures show the transmission and surrounding components.

This picture shows the placement of the music roll in the spoolbox. Below that is a picture of a Mason & Hamlin from the mid-teens that appears to have a modified air motor and circuitry for controlling the tempo. It is presented only to show that the take-up spool is also in the upper half of the spoolbox.

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