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Things I've Worked on Recently

1914 Wurlitzer Coin-Op Player Piano

In terms of major restoration work, the replacement of a Pin Block in an upright piano is perhaps the most ambitious task a rebuilder will ever undertake. The photos below may give you some idea of the complexity of the job. Bear in mind that the new pin block is twice as thick as the original one, and instead of just three layers of laminations, there are seventeen layers in the new block.

removing the old block step two, removing the block
special jig to router the area new pin block and bass bridge
new strings installed key bed and keys installed
new action parts, rebuilt stack finished project, Wurlitzer Style 1 Coin-Op Player
Some very kind words from the owner:

"John Tuttle is a not only master rebuilder, but is one of the most conscientious and ethical individuals I have ever met. When he first "examined" my 1914 Wurlitzer Style I nickelodeon, I had already expended much energy -- and quite a bit of money -- in attempting to breathe life into "Charles" (as later Christened by John). After seeing the Player-Care website, I knew I had fortuitously found who I was looking for; someone with the skills and dedication to get the job done, who obviously loved what he did and happily shared his knowledge with others, as evidenced by his website. I waited until he had an opening, and when he did, John traveled many miles to my home to evaluate the piano, and shortly thereafter I shipped it to his workshop. What returned was nothing short of a miracle; an instrument playing so brightly and beautifully that it brought tears to my eyes (well, actually, I cried like a baby!) It was truly a rebirth, made possible by the dedication of John and Pandora Tuttle."

Signed: Cheryl Podolsky

Last Revised on January 24, 2008 by John A. Tuttle

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