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All Pratt-Read actions were of the two-tier type. Early models used primary valves. In either case, secondary valves were horizontal. The first model, style A, had the pneumatics face forward with linkage to lever underneath the player stack. Primary valve was to the rear, under the row of pneumatics, as was the secondary valve in front. On the style B, the primaries were in a double row on top of the action, but took more of the form of models to follow in the single valve type, with valve over pneumatic. The later single valve actions had a dowel through a guide rail connected by wire linkage to pneumatic finger, and another style (32) had front of pneumatics slightly elevated and with extended finger on bottom row, to meet directly with a regulating button on abstract of piano action. The most positive identification of Pratt-Read actions may be the valves pictured below. When the cover plate on the atmosphere side of the valve is removed, the valves are seen as they loosely fit over the pouch push pin coming through the long centering guide behind the inside valve seat. Some player actions may be identified with a name plate bearing the trade mark a backward "P" in front of an "R".

It has also come to our attention that the Pratt-Read player system also came with a manual tracking mechanism that was built into the transmission. The picture and explanation below shows how it looks and works.

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Pratt-Read Valves

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