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Two types of actions were made. Prior to 1913 the two wooden sections of the three valve chests were glued together with a cardboard divider, which included the valve seat as a clinched grommet, dividing the upper and lower chamber containing the rubber cloth pouches. The bleed hole in many of these was an ice-pick hole stabbed through the lifter disc. Later was changed to a perforation in the brass tube going through the hollow spool box shelf.The later type had the wooden block valves; first the upside-down type, which is most common, and later with valve facing up. Other parts of the player action remained the same, with the spool box and lower pumps, as in the earlier action with cardboard divider. Most of the later type were without primary valves, as were the early type.
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On January 13, 2019, I encountered an early Amphion system (circa 1906-1907) that is not referenced in any of the literature that was produced by Amphion. This system was found in a Troup Bros. player piano with a Seaverns piano action. To view information that I've collected about this system, click here.

Amphion Stack and Demountable Valve Block
Amphion Player Mechanism, Front View (Exposed)

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