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Three-tier horizontal valves. The valves are not the normal type found in horizontal valve actions, which were usually the wire i pin variety. The Straube used a swinging valve which pivoted from between two "ears" that were an extension of the metal plate.

The valve was a wooden disc faced with leather on both sides; one facing had a center hole and a pocket in the wood, of a larger diameter, behind. The only thing that supported this valve was a lever between the valve plate pivot and the pouch lifter disc, with a right angle dowel extension which "plugged in" the center hole of the valve button. This pivoting lever could be quickly removed, since it was not glued to the valve, leaving the valve button loose in the valve well behind the valve plate, which was screwed onto the valve chest with some type of white sealing compound.

Straube 'Swinging' Valve
Straube Valve
Straube Air Motor
Roll Tracking Device & Linkage
Exhauster Assembly & Periferals
Bottom three pictures provided by Peter Danna.

There is No Service Manual or Technical Reprint for this mechanism!

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