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Two-tier, single-valve, with horizontal valves on a two inch valve pin, threaded at one end for the pouch button. The valves are secured with force-fit collars. The significant feature of the Lester action is that the pouch wells are oval instead of round and each of the two rows of valves has its own separate chamber and pouch board, which screws on from the front. The pouches are laid in one continuous strip of zephyr skin. Illustrated below is the Lester tracking pneumatic. Lead tubing was used going to the tracker bar.

There are three variations of the Lester player action. The common points that all three have is: Two rows of pneumatics, lead tubing, 5 point motor, horizontal valve action with valve leather and metal backing plates secured on a 2" to 2-1/4" valve wire with force-fit collars.

Type I & II had vertical tracking pneumatic like the one pictured below; type III had none.

Type 1. Tracking regulator has two pouches, each tubed to edge tracker bar hole. Separate pouch boards with oval pouch wells, covered by one continuous strip of zephyr skin.

Type II. Same tracking regulator, except tubed to tracking ears. The pouch board is in one piece instead of split. Although pouch wells are oval, the pouches may be either leather or zephyr skin, but are individually laid. Usually has a smaller diameter wood button, 3/8" dia, threaded on end of valve pin to meet pouches. The valve plates are round washers clamped to the leather covered floor of the valve well compartment by a wooden cross bar which is the valve guide. The valve washer is 1" 0.D. x 1/2" I.D. The two valves are spaced one inch apart on the valve stem and are 5/8" dia. The outside valve is fibre-leather construction. The vacuum valve is secured with two metal plates: 5/8" dia. and 7/16" dia.

Type III. No tracking regulator. No stop rail above flanged fingers. Two separate valve chests, but spanned by one common pouch board with round pouch wells and individual zephyr skin pouches. The valve plates were one inch square, with a 7/16" hole, recessed 5/32" below the plate flange, which was secured with four wood screws, sealer under and fibre valve guide over. The valve pin was 2-1/4" long x .080" dia. and used 9/16" dia. leather on both valves. Both valves were secured with force-fit collars and 9/16" backing plates; both valves had a 3/8" dia. metal plate on the seat side. Packing washers were made from scraps of bellows cloth and were used on both valves. The atmosphere valve was 1/16" gray calf skin with the rough side turned out.

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Lester Tracking Pneumatic
Lester Stack/Open
Lester Upper Section/from backside

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