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Stuyvesant Piano with Unknown Player Action

The primary goal here is to figure out where all the hose get connected. Knowing the maker of the player mechanism might be very helpful, if they produced a reference manual. I've never seen a 10-point air motor like the one in the picture. Also, the trackerbar is very narrow. And, the system uses mechanical tracking. It also appears that the Play/Rewind Lever is in the Spoolbox, and that linkage goes both right and left from the lever. Not included in the pictures is the fact that there are three pushbuttons in front of the keys for Sustain, Bass Soft, and Treble Soft.

It would seem logical that the small valve boxes on the front of the exhauster assembly have something to do with the Bass and Treble Soft devices. I'd also like to see those devices to find out what size nipples are connected to the bellow.

What I really need are a few good pictures of the back of the pumper assembly and a good picture of the small bellow on top of the assembly -preferably one that shows what's connected to the bellow or what it activates when it collapses. Also, since there is a pushbutton for Sustain, I'd like to see a picture of the Auto-Sustain device -which should be in the lower left hand corner in the bottom of the piano. It's also not apparent, from the photos, where the action cut-out block is located or how it gets activated. I sort of think that the small bellow on top of the pumper assembly is involved with the action cut-out. If that's the case, then it's a pneumatic cut-out as opposed to a mechanical type.

It also becomes apparent that I need to know where the linkage from the Play/Rewind lever goes. Looking very closely at the lever, it's hard to tell of the 'rod looking piece' is actually connected to the lever. I played with the contrast and brightness of the picture, and it looks like there's a piece of linkage that connects to a lever in the transmission. The question then becomes, 'where does the trigger signal come from that operates the pneumatic cut-out device?'

If and when I get more pictures, they will be placed here. In the meantime, if you have any information about this system, please write to me at:

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