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Steve's Initial Emails
"And My Responses"

Steve writes:

I own an Aeolian Player piano which needs servicing. My technician has apparently moved on. Since I can't locate anyone who will service my piano I thought I'd ask you for advice on the following issues: (1) Rolls rewind but do not release without manually lifting the tab end of the roll off of the hook. Then the roll continues to spin (rewind) until you shove the play switch are hard left - usually more than once. Is this an easy fix I could do? (2) Rolls seem to "slip" slightly when played causing music to be off tempo.

If you could offer suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve

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Hi Steve,

What model Aeolian do you have? If you don't know, send me some pictures.


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Hi John,

Thank you for helping me. I have attached several photos of my Aeolian Player Piano. It was purchased in 1981 from a Dealer named, "Sherman Clay". They acquired the pianos from Aeolian and placed their name on them. The closest I can come to a model number is a style number P985 and a stock number (theirs presumably) of G24068. I believe the photos will tell all.

If you are able to help me in any way I would expect to be billed for your services. I think it simply needs an adjustment (which may be simple once one knows how) and perhaps some lubrication.


Here are some pictures:

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Hi Steve,

Although your explanation about when and where the instrument was purchased was all I really needed to make an educated guess concerning the player mechanism, the pictures confirmed my suspicion.

The unit was indeed made by the Aeolian Corporation. It is one of their later models, being produced about five years before the company closed. The earmark is the two stained glass windows, which, I believe, were only found in three models; the Sting, Sting II, and Keepsake.

The Aeolian Service Manual, which is the only manual that Aeolian produced for their line of players, is available at the following link:

Aeolian Service Manual - CLICK HERE

Also, I have written quite a bit of information about the modern Aeolian players because they have a number of 'weak' points that aren't necessarily easy to figure out. (Even if you're a trained technician.) In a nutshell, the problems that arise are almost never the result of wear or breakage, but rather they have to do with the materials that were used to construct various parts.

As I have been meaning to create a web page that has links to all of the articles I've written, now seems like a perfect time to get that project completed. That page is located at:

Tips & Tricks - CLICK HERE

From there you can access a host of other pages with data about the modern Aeolian player piano.


John A Tuttle

Player Piano Reference Materials - Click Here

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