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Using Steam To Remove
Old Bellows Cloth

On 7/9/2010 9:28 PM, Don LANGHORN wrote:

What consistancy should I use when glueing small striker bellows © How thin is thin ?

Should I recover all of them or just the ones that leak ?

Is there an easier way to remove the old cloth ?

Thanks for your help

Hi Don,

About the best description is the consistency of hot fresh honey.

All of the bellows should be recovered.

Steam! See: https://www.player-care.com/simplex1.html

Start by leaving the pneumatics in the steam for one minute, and adjust the time until you can pull the cloth off in one swift movement. Lay the stripped pneumatics on their side while the moisture evaporates. I've never experienced any warpage unless I accidentally left them in the steam too long. If that happens, put them in the steam again, and upon removal open the pneumatic all the way and put a brick on it for ten minutes. I can strip all 88 bellows in about 30 minutes. One more thing. Cut the cloth in the center of the bellow, all the way around from one side of the hinge to the other. And when placing it on the grate open it like this so it's standing up sideways.



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