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Melville Clark Solo Apollo
Player Piano System

Regarding the under-keyboard stacks for the Solo Apollo.  The keys
for these 55 notes are actually about a half inch longer than the other
keys, with a tab on the very back end.  This tab sticks out beyond the
back of the keybed.  The stack is mounted directly under the keybed
and the pneumatics look just like an inverted stack from above the
keyboard.  The wires with little wooden felt-tipped buttons just push
up on the back end of the key, just like in a regular player grand.

I have piano #14101 which is complete and intact.  Piano #14075 has
the keys with the tabs, and the bellows nipples the wide tracker bar
and the spool box, etc., for the Solo system, but it was long ago

Piano #15239 is exactly the same thing, set up for the under-keyboard
Solo stack.  All the Solo components there, but the actual system is

Jere DeBacker
Denver, Colorado
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