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Karl Brajenovich Hi Karl, Researching the patent numbers at: I found a lot of interesting information. It appears the system was designed primarily by THEODORE PARKER BROWN for the SIMPLEX CO. The most recent patent is June 25, 1912. I have downloaded all of the patent information and will put it in a directory at one of my web sites. It's really quite informative. The Simplex player system was installed in numerous makes of player pianos. I haven't counted them all, but there are at least 150. The system was the second or third most popular mechanism ever built. Unfortunately, with so many possibilities, it's nearly impossible to find out which make of piano you have. The research would take hours, maybe days. As for determining if it's "worth it" to restore, I refer you the the treatise I wrote concerning "Values" at: In a nutshell, from an economic viewpoint, nothing common is ever "worth" restoring. And what you have is not uncommon. Musically, John A Tuttle On 3/11/2010 1:11 AM, Karl Brajenovich wrote: > Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by > Karl Brajenovich ( on Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 01:11:19 > --------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > realname: Karl Brajenovich > > email: > > email2: > > address: 5719 Begonia Dr > > city: San Jose > > state: CA > > zip: 95124 > > country: USA > > phone: 408-280-1154 > > comments: Serial 53021 > list of patent pending #'s listed on inside: > 677059 PUPPET-VALVE FOR AUTOMATICALLY-OPERATED MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS THEODORE PARKER BROWN > 701535 DOUBLE-BELLOWS ACTION FOR PNEUMATIC PIANO-PLAYERS THEODORE PARKER BROWN > 748126 AUTOMATIC PLAYING ATTACHMENT FOR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PETER WELIN > 865994 SETTS THEODORE P. BROWN > 939386 > 939387 > 941491 > 942956 > 978355 > 1006461 > 1011567 > 1011568 > 1030715 > tHIS IS THE ONLY INFORMATION i CAN FIND ON THE UNIT. > The upright player is in poor shape, we are considering restoration but want to know if it is worth it? > Can you tell me the manufacturer, model, age, anything?
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