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Shipping Charges
for most supplies and references orders

To view the latest USPS Rate Information - Click Here

Shipping Charges for most supplies and references Orders

We use USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping for most orders. The charges are readily available for viewing at the USPS web site or at the link above (USPS Postage Price Calculator). We use the smallest box or envelope that will accommodate your order. Naturally, if your order will not fit in a Flat Rate box, the shipping charge will be whatever we are charged by the post office. If you're concerned about the shipping cost, please note that in the Comments Box on the order form. We will do our best to determine the cost. Then we'll notify you and wait for your approval before processing the order.

Since we print all shipping labels online, Delivery Confirmation is included at no extra charge. Orders valued at more than $200.00 are insured. The fees for insurance are available for viewing here. NOTE: If what you actually get charged is less than the Flat Rate, please don't question or complain. We try to keep the costs down.

To determine the costs for parcels going overseas, you will first need to find out your Country Price Group on pages 48-51. Then go to the Priority Mail International listing on pages 40-43. For Express Mail International, go to pages 34-37. FYI, this publication also covers all classes of Domestic Retail Pricing. At Player-Care, I typically use Priority Flat Rate unless it's less expensive to use regular Priority, which isn't that uncommon when shipping to states that are within 300 miles of New Jersey -where I live. The cost for Insurance, both foreign and domestic, is contained in the publication. So, you can figure out exactly how much an order will cost to ship once you know the weight of the parcel, which I will be happy to provide in almost every case. (Sometimes it's just not practical if the order contains multiple items that have to be cut to size before they can be weighed. In such cases, I will do my best to provide an estimated weight -within 2-4 pounds.)

As of March 21, 2017, Player-Care will no longer assume any financial liability for parcels shipped to foreign countries unless they are shipped via USPS Express Mail International with Insurance or Global Express Guaranteed with Insurance. Also, if the postal service limits the amount of insurance that can be purchased, Player-Care is only liable for the amount of insurance purchased. So, if you order $800.00 worth of merchandise but the maximum amoutn of insurance that can be purchased is $650.00, you will be liable for the difference ($150.00) if the parcel gets lost or stolen.

If you have any further questions, please contact me at 1-732-840-8787 or send me an email.


John A Tuttle

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