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Customer Profiles and Site Security Issues

Unlike many websites that employ fancy automated 'shopping cart' type order forms, PLAYER-CARE DOES NOT STORE ANY CUSTOMER DATA AT THE SERVER. The only way a hacker can steal your customer profile is to hack into the computer in our home while we are on-line. Since we only go on-line to collect our Email and to upload changes in our webpages, your private data is highly insulated from the rest of world. To frustrate a hacker even further, all of the programs we use to maintain the site are Stand-Alone programs. This means that all of your private data IS NOT in the same location in our computer.

As a closing note, the recent problems at Yahoo, EBay and many other sites have made us feel very good about the fact that we are not on the leading edge of technology. This is one of those situations in life where being 'behind the times' is a blessing in disguise.

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This page was last revised on May 10, 2017 by John A. Tuttle.

Although I prefer that you send E-Mail, if you have a non-order related question, you can reach me at 732-840-8787. If I'm in the Shop or at Home, I will answer the phone. Otherwise, please leave a message including your name, phone number, and reason for calling.

As per the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50.00 of fraudulent credit card charges. PLAYER-CARE will pay the $50.00 if the unauthorized use of your card resulted from a purchase made through our site. We are so confident of the security measures we've put in place, we'll also pay you an additional $25.00 just for the inconvenience!

Disclaimer: Player-Care assumes no liability with regards to the suitability of any product sold at this web site. In other words, how you use the product is up to you. Player-Care is only liable for the quality of the material, and any product that is found to be defective will gladly be replaced.

Since "Player-Care" is an internet business, I prefer that we correspond via E-Mail (click here to fill out the 'Request Form'). However, if I'm not in the middle of some other activity, you can reach me at 732-840-8787. But please understand that during the hours from 8AM-5PM EST (Mon-Sat), I'm generally quite busy. So, I probably won't answer the phone. If you get the answering machine, please leave a detailed message stating the reason for your call. Also, repeat your name and phone number clearly and distinctly. By necessity, I prioritize everything in my life. And, if you call and just leave your name and number, and ask me to call you back, it might be a day or two before I return your call. Why? Because I don't know why you want me to call and I might not be prepared to assist you in an effective and efficient manner. If you leave me an E-Mail address (which I prefer), spell it out phonetically. The more you do to help me, the more I can help you in return. Don't rush. You have four minutes to record your message.

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