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Mail Auctions - Music Rolls
Vendor Dan's Piano Roll Auctions
Owner Dan Inglima
Addr P.O. Box 769 Hayesville, SC 28904 USA
Phone (828) 389-3744 (9am-9pm Eastern time)
Email dan@pumachemical.com
Desc 88-Note and some reproducing roll auctions, 2-4 times/year. They are announced on the MMD two weeks before publication.
Since 1988
Catalog? YES
International Shipping? YES
Payment Check, Money-Order

Vendor Mike Montgomery
Addr 17601 Cornell, Southfield, MI 48075 USA
Phone (248) 559-8885
Desc Periodic auctions of quality-verified piano rolls. Write to be on the auction list.
Quote P.S. The first and probably last auction for the year 2000 is deadline May 20, 2000.

Vendor Larry's Music Roll Auction
Owner Larry Norman
Addr 340 Tracy Drive, Moneta VA 24121-3416 USA
Phone (540) 721-7188
Email rollertunes@earthlink.net
Desc Music roll auctions and recuts of all types. Generally have three or four auctions per year. They are mailed or may be accessed at the website. There are always rolls available on the website. The types of rolls offered are; Reproducing rolls: Ampico, Duo Art, Welte, Art Echo, and others. 88 & 65 note rolls. Player Reed Organ and Pipe Organ rolls all types. Also, Nickelodeon and Orchestrion rolls, records, book, disc's and cylinders, and other related mechanical music items. Occasionally we do produce some recuts.
Since 1987
Catalog? YES
International Shipping? YES
Payment Cash, Checks, Money Orders, also accept foreign checks.

Vendor Post-Bid Enterprise
Addr 39 Sydner Road, London N16 7UF U.K.
Phone +44 020 7254 6145
Fax +44 020 7241 0130
Email fm.broadway@virgin.net
Desc Auction held 3 or 4 times a year. There are always many hundreds of rolls to choose from, and usually there is a large 65n roll section. The usual mail auction rules apply. In this auction, the winner pays 10% more than the next highest bid. There is a yearly subscription fee of 5 pounds sterling. Auctions regularly include large numbers of 65note; 88 note; Ampico & DuoArt Rolls plus many interesting miscellaneous items.
Since 1987
Catalog? YES
International Shipping? YES
Payment Cheque, Money-order

Vendor Paul Morris' Music
Addr 27 Blackall Road, Exeter, Devon EX4 4HE U.K.
Phone +44 (0)1392 681810

Vendor The Music Roll Shop
Owner Elizabeth Rettig
Addr P.O. Box 510 131-1/2 Gaw Street Rawson OH 45881 USA
Phone (419) 963-3075
Desc Regular auctions of 88 note, reproducing, organ, Aeolian Pipe Organ and `unusual' rolls.
Catalog? YES
International Shipping? YES
Payment Cash, Checks

Vendor Postbid Plus [Mail Auction]
Owner David Perry
Addr Saville House, Church Street, Guilden Morden, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 0JD U.K.
Phone +44 (0) 1763 852 326 ... answered (0900 - 2200 GMT)
Email postbid.plus@lineone.net
WebPage http://www.playerpianogroup.org.uk/
Desc Regular auctions of quality secondhand music rolls, books and related material, managed by the Player Piano Group of Great Britain on a non-profit basis. Organized by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Always over 500 Lots on offer. The UK's longest-established auction service for player enthusiasts. Catalogs FREE to PPG Members, as published. Non-members may subscribe for A32.00 per year (UK), A33.00 per year (Europe), A34.00 per year (USA and Rest of World)
Since 1980
Catalog? YES
International Shipping? YES
Payment Sterling cash or cheques only.

Vendor Bennet Leedy Rolls - The Piano Roll Center
Addr 4660 Hagar Shore Road, Coloma MI 49038 USA
Phone (616) 468-5986
Fax (616) 468-3844
Email leedyrolls@ameritech.net
WebPage http://www.leedyrolls.com/
Desc Used piano roll auction (5-6x/year).
Since 1970
Catalog? YES
International Shipping? YES
Payment Check, Money-Order

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