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Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally (August 28, 2010)

This was truly ground-breaking, politically, even though it was actually a religious rally. It was all about reestablishing the truth about this country and where our founders got their assurance that it would work. After all, it was the first time in the history of the world (to our knowledge) that "the great experiment" was ever tried. The founders also said in concert that if Americans would simply keep God first and foremost in their lives, they would also keep their freedom. We have not done so, and true to their prediction, we are losing our freedom at the same rate we are losing our trust in God.

The anti-Christian establishment today accuses God of being harsh, hateful, unrelenting. Christ taught liberty, and it was Christ who was also the God of the Old Testament (JOH 1:1-5)! That is why the old Levitical Priesthood was hung on the cross with all its civil laws and their penalties-- all 613 of them! They criticize God for being so harsh, totally ignorant of the facts. If they would just READ the Whole Bible instead wagging their finger, they'd see that it was not God, but Israel in the wilderness who DEMANDED a priesthood Theocracy with all the fancy trapwork, Urim and Thummim, costumes, strict laws, and penalties like the other nations round-about them all had. They then demanded a king for the secular part, and a high priest for the religious part. They didn't want God's ten commandments to judge them, directly. They wanted a "buffer-zone!" They wanted a priest to tell them what to do. They wanted to be like the other nations! What was God to do? He could not force His will on them so He said, OK. (They still had the most fair system of government, thanks to the laws which Moses transcribed for them, from God, despite their choice of a government. It was those laws then which became the basis of ours, today.)

Only Christians could found America. Here's the proof: When Christ began His ministry, the only heir to the Levitical priesthood would have been John the Baptist (Aaron's final son), but he followed Christ and was therefore beheaded. That ENDED the Levitical priesthood! So what then happened? The Jews took it over! (JEWS?) Did that then become "the priesthood?" No! Read the Old Testament! God promised Moses and Aaron an heir to the priesthood deciding its legitimacy. That heir was to be a Levite only, and Levites ARE NOT JEWISH! Then when Christ began His ministry, John was murdered by Herods' wife (a Jewess). Heb 7:14 says from the beginning, Moses said nothing about a Jewish priesthood. Christ came to supplant it (COL 2:14-15). He was murdered by the Jews to keep power in Jewish hands, through their own "rabbinical priesthood." Christ taught that God's law was liberty, not bondage to a priesthood (JAM 1:25, 2:12, etc.). That's where our founders decided to begin. So they HAD to begin AS CHRISTIANS in order to write such a Declaration of Independence (Tom Jefferson) and later, the Constitution. The legal mind which initially drafted it belonged to James Madison, who took 2 more years of legal background based in the book of Judges, under Cotton Mather at Harvard, in order to prepare himself for that task. (That's Old Testament law) There was much to learn, and these men were not "know-it-alls" who couldn't be taught. Americans NEED TO KNOW these basic things so they cannot be tricked into giving up what they have!

Our nation was NEVER founded upon arbitrary, man-made rules of behavior and evolved as we went along! THAT is a lie. And the Constitution is a Bible document. It is NOT a "living document" (that gets old and has to be replaced). That's a lie. The Bill of Rights do not represent new Versions, but Editions. That means, the basic truths were never changed or modified, and the Amendments are NOT "corrections" but clarifications (codifications) added for the benefit of people who were losing the principles of freedom, and their good sense. While our founders didn't need them all spelled out, we do! The 27 amendments have not changed a single constitutional law. That, however, is NOT what the Obama administration has in mind for us, today! Much of our Constitution's principles originate from Old Testament Law. THAT'S WHY they want it destroyed and replaced.

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