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Wurlitzer 1203
Removing the
piano action

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To remove the action, what you need most is a light weight but rigid piece of metal. What I use is a 1/4" steel rod that's the length of the keyboard (at the back) plus 2". After all of the stickers (yes, we call them many things) have been disconnected from their respective keys, the rod is placed in front of them such that pushing the rod towards the back of the piano draws them close to the action. Then, the rod is secured to the action with pieces of wire or string at each of the piano action posts. Next, open the bottom of the piano, locate the sustain pedal rod and the soft pedal rod -which are both on the left side- lift them up and out of their holes in the pedal trap work, and pull them down and out of their bushings in the piano action. You do not need to remove the rods from the piano. Then the action posts are loosened from the plate and the action pulled slightly forward so the the dampers are moved away from the strings. Then the action can be carefully taken out of the piano.

Locating the problem/s in the action is often as easy as comparing a note that works with one that doesn't. So, mark the ones that have problems before removing the action. (I use a piece of chalk and mark the appropriate hammer head.) Solving the myriad or possible problems, which could fill a book,is a totally different matter.

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