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6198 Etude en forme de Valse (Saint Saens) Artist: Antoinette Aussenac 18.00
This un-issued roll is full of Bravura and will shine on your AMPICO.
6412 Allegro (Scarlatti) Artist: Gertrude Huntley Green18.00
A stirring performance recorded in 1928 full of light passages and exacting fingering, a real treasure.
7247 Gypsy Valse Artist: Victor Arden12.00
A tender Waltz with that mysterious Eastern European flair.
7249 Chanson Artist: Adam Carroll12.00
An unknown song with a hauntingly beautiful melody.
7260 Eyes of Love (Tango) Artist; Wilbur Chenoweth12.00
The light touch of Mr Chenoweth makes this Tango superb.
71981 Butterfly Etude (Chopin) Artist: Ignace Paderewski11.00
Ignace Paderewski was featured in a movie in 1939. With this renewed exposure, Aeolian American decided to take several selections Paderewski had recorded 20 years earlier, for the Duo Art, and code the recordings for the AMPICO. Six selections were chosen. Five of them were issued. We have found the sixth, un-issued master Chopin's Butterfly Etude. For the first time, this selection has been issued.
6568-U Theatre Recording Arranged & Played by Adam Carroll17.00
Probably recorded to have an AMPICO play with an orchestra on the Vaudville Stage, this delightful recording contains excepts from 10 popular tunes of the 1927-28 Tin Pan Alley Season. Featured are: Here Am I Broken Hearted; Remember; Ain't She Sweet; Hallelujah; Just a Memory; Mama Loves Papa; Rhapsody in Blue; Me and My Shadow; What Does it Matter; Forgive Me; Please Forgive Me; Some of These Days..... A REAL WOW !!!

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