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QRS Collector Rolls!
No longer produced by QRS.

(Updated 10-12-21)

The rolls shown in the following pictures are no longer available from QRS. According to QRS, these rolls will not be produced again. So, they are now collectibles. These are all brand new rolls that are in their original packaging. The cost for each regular (includes Q) roll is $22.50. The cost for each long playing (XP or C) roll is $37.00. Illustrated Collectors rolls are $49.00. When ordering any these rolls, jot down the name and number of the roll/s, then use this Order Form -Click Here. As these rolls are sold, I will try to update the pictures and the listing. If you order a roll that has already been sold, you will be notified by email. If you'd like to check on the availability of any of the rolls before placing an order, send me an email via this link: Click Here. Rolls will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail using USPS Regional A or B boxes. This is the least expensive Priority service that USPS offers. Cost is determined by weight and destination. Regular rolls weigh about a pound. Long Playing rolls can weigh up to two pounds. You can determine the shipping cost by using the USPS Rate Calculator -Click Here. Our Zip Code is 08724.

Click on each image to read titles clearly

If rolls are listed two or more times, it's because there are two or more copies available.
4601. Minnesota Hats Off To Thee 2. Hail! Minnesota!
1160The Japanese Sandman
1731Merry Widow Waltz (Franz Lehar)
3029Over The Waves
3847When Day Is Done
4568My Mother's Eyes
4568My Mother's Eyes
4961Anchors Aweigh (Navy March Song)
5075When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver I Will Love You Just The Same
5688Don't Blame Me
5704The Last Round Up
6287The Music Goes 'Round and Round
6625An Evening Prayer
6923Change Partners
7268I'll Never Smile Again
7538Tonight We Love (From "Concerto in B-Flat Minor")
7703Be Careful It's My Heart
7982Body And Soul
8070I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
8104They Say It's Wonderful
8996From Here To Eternity
9007That's Amore (That's Love)
9222Back In Your Own Backyard
9455Around The World
9525Autumn Leaves
9950Stouthearted Men
10-137Eternally (Terry's Theme from "Limelight")
10-226By The Time I Get To Phoenix
10-235Strike Up The Band
10-594Gonna Fly Now (Theme from "Rocky")
10-639(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
10-644A Little More Love
10-658She Believes In Me
10-692The Rose
10-750(There's) No Gettin' Over Me
10-874Baby Grand (Billy Joel's Greatest Hit!)
10-876I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You!
10-956Christmas Eve In My Home Town
10-969The Twelve Pains Of Christmas (Parody on "The Twelve Days Of Christmas")
11-011Angel Eyes (Jim Brickman)
11-059Seasons Of Love (from "Rent")
11-060Spring Is Here
11-060Spring Is Here
C-106-APrelude C-Sharp Minor (Rachmaninoff)
C-119-ASea Songs (seven song medley)
Q-137Laughin' Cryin' Blues (Formerly QRS 2213) From The Celebrity Vault
Q-137Laughin' Cryin' Blues (Formerly QRS 2213) From The Celebrity Vault
Q-145Say It With Music
Q-145Say It With Music
Q-146Oh" By Jingo
Q-146Oh" By Jingo
Q-147I'm Coming Virginia (Original QRS 4073) Celebrity Vault
Q-207Animal Crackers In My Soup (Original Imperial 08848)
Q-223Christopher Columbus
Q-223Christopher Columbus
Q-229Honeymoon Hotel (From "Footlight Parade")
Q-251Lambeth Walk (Original QRS 6922)
Q-251Lambeth Walk (Original QRS 6922)
Q-252Darn That Dream (From "Swingin' The Dream" Original QRS No. 7165)
Q-252Darn That Dream (From "Swingin' The Dream" Original QRS No. 7165)
Q-263Sunday Monday Or Always (Original QRS 7867)
Q-263Sunday Monday Or Always (Original QRS 7867)
Q-271I Won't Dance
Q-271I Won't Dance
Q-290I Want To Go Back To Michigan
Q-295Remember (You Forgot To)
Q-295Remember (You Forgot To)
Q-295Remember (You Forgot To)
Q-296With You
Q-297When My Dreams Come True
Q-298Let Me Sing And I'm Happy
Q-299Reaching For The Moon
Q-300I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
Q-341On The Boardwalk
Q-355On A Little Street In Singapore (Original QRS 7126)
Q-360Pump That Player Piano (Original Artempo 70507)
Q-360Pump That Player Piano (Original Artempo 70507)
Q-362Barnacle Bill The Sailor (Original Challenge 9276)
Q-364Don't Stop Now (Original QRS 7852)
Q-364Don't Stop Now (Original QRS 7852)
XMAS-2009Illustrated Collector's Roll (A Sinatra Christmas) Limited Edition
XP-206Sophisticated Ladies
XP-304-C"Fats" Waller Medley No. 4 1. There's A Man In My Life; 2. Crosstown; 3. The Jumpin Jive (Hop, Hop)
XP-312-C"Fats" Waller Medley No.5 1. After You've Gone; 2. Mr. Five By Five; 3. Big Apple
XP-314-C"Fats" Waller Medley No.7 1. Ain't Got Nobody; 2. Rosetta; 3. She's Tall, She's Tan, She's Terrific
XP-334-CGuys And Dolls
XP-356-C"Fats" Waller Medley No.8 1. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter; 2. Java; 3. Sophisticated Swing
XP-362-C"Fats" Waller Medley No. 9 1. Canteen Bounce; 2. See See Ride; 3. Fuddy Duddy Watchmaker
XP-362-C"Fats" Waller Medley No. 9 1. Canteen Bounce; 2. See See Ride; 3. Fuddy Duddy Watchmaker
XP-433-CForties Masterpieces No. 2
XP-450-CPinocchio & Friends 1. Turn On The Old Music Box; 2. Love Is A Song; 3. Lavender Blue.
XP-450-CPinocchio & Friends 1. Turn On The Old Music Box; 2. Love Is A Song; 3. Lavender Blue.
XP-458-CItalian Song Medley No. 2
XP-523-C"Fats" Waller Medley No. 14
XP-524-CNat King Cole Hits No. 3

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