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Electrification Kit Quality

The system I sell is far superior to the QRS system for a number of reasons. The primary reason involves the sensing device (a specially designed microswitch) and the dual pump speed controller. Together, they work to reduce the level of the vacuum during the Rewind cycle. And, being adjustable, allows the user to set the speed of Rewind to a reasonable speed. Without such a capability, the full amount of vacuum used to operate the entire player system is applied to the air motor during Rewind, and as a result, the air motor spins at a terrifically fast speed. This is dangerous to the air motor and more especially could easily damage (rip or tear) the music roll.

The second reason that I believe the kit I sell is superior involves the pump motor. Unlike the QRS motor, which is a single impeller, 110VAC motor, the motor in my kit is has dual impeller and the motor is wound for 220 VAC. Operating such a motor at the same voltages as the QRS motor produces a much higher vacuum level, and because of that fact, the motor in my system can be operated at a much lower voltage. The benefits of this are; (a) less motor noise, (b) increased longevity, and (c) less current flow through the controller (the diac and triac used to regulate the voltage).

The third reason involves the electronic components in the controller. Most simply put, they are purposely tougher than they need to be by about 100%. Here again, this increases longevity because the components don't have to work so hard.

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