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Plastic Glue Product
Information Sheet

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Color: White
Freeze Thaw Stable: NO
Min Use Temperature: 45F
Solids (~): 53-57%
Specific Gravity (~): 1.1
Viscosity: 2500 - 4500 cps

This is a tacky glue that yields a soft and flexible glue line. It has a fast speed of set and dries clear. It has a lower viscosity for easy surface spreading. Fumes are non-toxic.

Bonds porous surfaces such as particleboard, MDF, SWL, corrugated and cloth, to non-porous surfaces such as melamine board and vinyl. The final glue line is more flexible than a conventional PVA glue. Also can be used as a high-speed general purpose packaging adhesive for bonding most paper and paper board stock.

Use freshly machined stock with moisture content of 6-8%. Other materials should be clean and free of dust and dirt.
Apply to one side of stock with brush, roller or spray system, 5-7 wet mil is typical. (see NOTE 1)
Two sided coverage provides longer working time, but also longer set time.
Assembly time is 6 to 8 minutes subject to temperature, moisture content, species and porosity of surfaces. (see NOTE 2)
Clamp 40 to 65 minutes

Clean Up and Storage:
Cleans up easily with warm soapy water while wet. After cure, excess adhesive can be removed by scraping or sanding. Cool temperatures- 55F to 80F. Avoid contact with iron.

While the manufacturer suggests applying the glue with a brush, roller, or spray system, Player-Care recommends using the tapered tip that comes with the glue. Once the glue is put on the wood, even out the layer with your finger to get a smooth even layer that's 5-7 thousandths of an inch thick. See video below:


While the manufacturer qualifies the assembly time and allows up to 8 minutes, Player-Care recommends that the two materials be joined as soon as the glue is evened out, and that all excess glue be squeezed out as soon as possible. Most simply put, a better bond is created if there is a thin even layer of glue. However, if you apply too thin of a layer, it might start drying before the surfaces are joined, and that decreases the strength of the bond. So, apply a little too much, but squeeze out the excess quickly. As with all adhesives, it's best to check the area of the glue joint after the pieces have been joined by pulling them back apart an examining the area to make sure there aren't any voids (see Recovering Bellows). You should only have to do this once when you start the project. It is NOT recommended that you do it for every bellows you make. As my mentor told me, "Test, Test, Test."

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