by Michelle Spalding

Inspired by a restored 1912 Smith & Barnes baby grand player piano

This poem was sent to me by Shirley Spalding, who lives in New Mexico. It was written for her by her daughter, Michelle, in 1988. Michelle's parents restored a 1912 Smith and Barnes baby grand player and gave it to her as a gift. For her love of the player, and a thank you to her parents, she wrote the following poem....


While sleeping in a silent place
with broken heart and empty soul,
I'd hear the music faint and sweet
and dream of long ago.
For I was young and handsome once -
my voice was clear, my heart was strong,
when music was a joy to hear
and people sang along.

Before the clever phonograph
and then the novel radio,
I played the music - pure and sweet
but that was long ago.
For I was taken far away,
neglected and in disrepair,
left silent for a lifetime - until,
someone found me resting there.

They woke me from my quiet sleep
and jarred the stillness from my bones,
warmth soon surrounded me again
in someone else's home.
From old and yellowed paper rolls
the dust of time was brushed away
and songs I'd never heard before
were there for me to play.

I felt the strength of loving hands
revive my heart! my voice! and then
they pumped the life back into me
and made me whole again.
My soul restored, my heart now strong
I fill my home with joyful song,
and years of silence slip away
when people sing along.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Inscribed: To Mom, Happy Birthday 1998.

Now Playing: "Life: She's Love", composed October 10, 1967 by John A. Tuttle.

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