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Used Player Piano Parts
from Piano World Enterprises

NOTE: In our continuing effort to help the player piano trade, Player-Care is offering this information about the above named business. The information just below came from one of the web pages at the Piano World Enterprises web site, and has been reproduced here with their permission. It is our understanding that the company has thousands of used parts for player and reproducing pianos. See NOTE below.

List of Mint Unrestored

Player Pianos

Available for dealers or hobbyists

All plain case uprights are priced $300

Art case, semi Art case, Oak, Walnut uprights are $500.

Reproducing uprights start at $1,200.00

The fifth 88-note plain case player piano you buy is free.

We will help you put yours on your truck or we can set up professional piano moving.

Prices are reasonable. I have WAY more invested in them saving them from the dump than I could ever get out of them.

Complete inventory is coming soon.

We recently had to dumpster too many of our players. I had over two hundred and some were just not in good enough condition to warrant the extra costs of restoration in this messed up economy. It is better to restore players that are in good shape to begin with. As much as I hated to do this, and it goes against everything I believe in, the economy must be dealt with and they had to go.

On the plus side, my doing that just made all our remaining players worth more someday once they are restored.

Also, I kept most of the player parts and other things that we use in restorations. And, if we didn't have the largest collection of spare parts before, we do now.

Signed: Doug L. Bullock
Email: doug.l.bullock@gmail.com
Phone: 314-772-6676
Website: Piano World Enterprises

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